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Kaori Hinata's "Morris - The Cat with Antlers" in new "Royal" Edition!

For those unfamiliar with Kaori Hinata (aka Hinatique), she is a Japanese artist whose overarching theme, as she describes it, is "The Cuteness of antiques and Nostalgia". And while she's worked in designer toys before, her first piece having been the Max Toy Company produced "Kaiju Kinora" in 2015, she received great attention for last year's "Morris - The Cat with Antlers" debut, a feline boy who has big antlers on his head! With each version of the 5-inch tall "Morris" being cast in resin and hand-painted by the artist herself, the design was shrunk and included in Medicom's "Vinyl Artist Gatcha, Series 12" gashapon collection. And now she's made a very limited edition of "Morris" exclusively for the Clutter Gallery, in a rendition titled the "Royal Edition" that features the buttonless "Vintage Coat" style body of the figure that we haven't seen since the AKO 50th Anniversary version! Limited to a mere 5 pieces, each adorned with a glittery crown upon their chest, these will be available today (Tuesday, May 1st, 2018) at 9am Pacific time exclusively from HERE for $180 apiece.

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