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It's our 10th year anniversary... sort of!

WOW... life is crazy, and it was brought to my attention today that I totally missed the 10 year anniversary of this blog, the first designer toy post was back in April 14th of 2008 (check out the screenshot above, hahaha, a year or so before I developed our mascot, the STROLL) - it's hard to believe it's been that long. What started out as a hobby for me as I wanted a place to showcase my collection of amazing new figures that I was just learning about, a fun new world filled with fantastic art and designers, it snowballed into what it is today... a multi-award winning news site that tries on a daily basis to share the good word of designer toys to the outside world.

SDCC 2008 with Matt and George of October Toys/Toy Break
It's been so much fun traveling around the USA to cover conventions and art shows, meeting up with artists who at one point I was starstruck about and have now become great friends, making connections with people from around the globe - some who I have never met in person, but they feel like family - and having the support of so many amazing writers and contributors over the years. I have seen stores open and stores close, blogs start and just vanish away... artists rise up to the top and then disappear into thin air, people I have met and have become close with through this scene have passed away - life changes, but one thing is certain, SpankyStokes.com isn't going anywhere anytime soon. 32,404 posts later and a whopping 23,238,906 page visits... we are still going strong! So, I hope you all have enjoyed the ride the past 10 years and please join me in looking towards the future for another 10+ to come :-) Thanks to everyone for your patronage and support, I really mean it... you are all awesome... and always remember, the STROLL loves you!

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