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“Name Me, Win Me” Luchadork naming contest!!!!

The guys over at Blockhead Brigade have been super busy since we first met at Vinyl Toy Network, and have made huge improvements to their initial sculpt. In the coming few weeks these guys are going to be jetset for New York Comic Con, showing off their prototypes to all people in the designer toy industry, and hoping to get some feedback, but before then they need your help! Now that they are happy with where they are at with their figure it is up to the loyal readers of SpankyStokes.com to help them out with a name for their figure, and if your entry is picked you will win a custom 5”MAD*l designed by the guys over at Blockhead Brigade.

The contest is simple, just leave a comment at the bottom of this post with the name you feel is most suitable for the “Purple Nameless Luchadork”, and the guys over at Blockhead Brigade will pick the winner. Please make sure to leave a valid e-mail address, so you can be contacted if you are the lucky winner.

This contest will run until the last day of NYCC, February 8, so act fast because going to the con without a name for their toy could be disastrous, you my loyal viewers are their only hope! Also please CLICK THROUGH for an interview with the guys from Blockhead Brigade for some insight to what they are all about!
1. Hey guys, tell us a little about who you are and where you are from.
We are just four Northern Californian kids in our 20s that decided to venture out to try our hand at delivering some kick ass toys to the masses.

2. So who came up with the name Blockhead Brigade and is the name symbolic in any way?
Actually, we had a different name before finally deciding on Blockhead Brigade. What are the chances that Kidrobot.com was already taken?!?! The truth is really attributed to our affinity for “old-timey” insults. There’s something timeless about being called a blockhead, potatohead, or macaroni ears. Macaroni Ears Brigade just didn’t have that ring to it, so we decided to go with Blockhead Brigade instead.

3. Is there anyone who really inspires you in the vinyl toy and/or art world, and do you have any of their pieces in your personal collection?
There are a lot of people doing incredible things in the vinyl scene and we are constantly amazed at how far the creative envelop is being pushed. We enjoy designers/artists such as UNKL, Kathie Olivias, MAD, Julie West, House of Liu, Joe Ledbetter, and Bunka's Chaos Monkey to name a few. We own at least one piece from their collections.

4. Why Luchadores and what is up with the name Luchadorks?
If this doesn’t inspire you, nothing will!

We all consider ourselves to be big dorks, so Luchadorks is really just an extension of our personalities. It also rolls off the tongue pretty easily.

5. What do you guys do in your spare time?
We haven't had any spare time as of late because of our schedule with the NYCC coming up and with all of our prepping for it. So any spare time nowadays means rest and relaxation. Drinking is a favorite past time, but I think our livers have officially given up on us, so now we eat yogurt and watch Perfect Strangers.

6. What is next for you guys, and how close are you to getting these toys produced?
The next coming months will be interesting. The direction that we take to produce these toys may be dictated by how much interest we can generate with our designs. We know that we want these things made, but we really haven't thought about the direction to take as of yet. If things go well, hopefully the Luchadorks will eventually make their way to your home and into your hearts.

7. What do we have to look forward to from Blockhead Brigade in the future?
We always are kicking ideas around. We are continuously creating new characters for the Luchadorks line. We also have a second line called Yokaira being developed. Some of you may have seen it on SpankyStokes.com’s live feed of the VTN this past December. Hopefully we can get some solid prototypes to unveil in the next coming months. So this year is going to be a busy one for us.

Seven Quickfire Questions:
1. What is your fullname and/or nickname?
Peter Vu. Peet for short.
2. Where were you born?
San Jose, California
3. Who taught you the most in life? Everyone you meet teaches you something along the way, but I'd have to say my Mom and my Pops.
4. Who is your current favorite band? I’d have to say The Smiths. Johnny Marr kicks ass and Morrissey cannot be beat.
5. What's your favorite movie?
Gymkata. Say what you will, but a gymnast turned top secret American weapon?!?! Only in America.
6. What's your favorite food? Vietnamese food. Super flavorful and smelly as all hell.
7. Who would win in a fight, pirates or ninjas? Man. Although pirates have such a cool get up - parrots on the shoulder, peglegs, hooks, eyepatches, I'd have to go with Ninjas though. Pirates are too busy drinking and gettin' busy with their wenches. Not to mention they are preoccupied with the false hopes of buried treasure. Ninjas would win because they are always focused and have objectives to complete - like killing people. Now if you said Ninjas vs. Luchadorks, now that would be interesting . . .

Thanks for reading everyone and GOOD LUCK!
- [o_o] BRIGADE

Blockhead Brigade reserves the right to the chosen name of the contest, once chosen it is no longer intellectual property of the winner but that of Blockhead Brigade. Any information, ideas, concepts, know-how or techniques provided by, or obtained from, the contestant on this web-site shall be deemed to be non-confidential and shall be free to reproduce, use, disclose and distribute the information to others without limitation.


Unknown said...

Bruno seems fitting!

Tony Bui said...

The Purple Nurple Punisher

Good work, guys!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for setting this up Spanky!!! You are one awesome dude. Hey everybody. Don't be shy to throw your suggestions. We are looking forward to hearing some great names. This should be pretty fun! Good luck everyone!!!

Anonymous said...

Mono de la Uva!!!!!

Connor said...

Hmm.. I think...


Yeaahhh :D

amongthetall said...

"Volcano Torrida!"

Just sound's right.....

Unknown said...

pinchi chino

sou;ohn said...

El Chupa Madre

Anonymous said...

Felipe Flex

Unknown said...

Felipe Flex

Grape Smash

Unknown said...

Lil' Pito

Gnarfdeath said...


Mark said...

The Grape Grappler!

The Purple Pummeller

Purple Rain

The Prince of Pain

Raisin Brawn

The Big Bruiser

...sorry...I couldn't contain myself to one name!

SpankyStokes said...

WOW...these are are really great keep them coming!!!

Anonymous said...

la muerte púrpura

Anonymous said...

amenaza púrpura! (The Purple Menace!)

Anonymous said...

El Whiner (get it? Likes his wine but whines a lot about it?)......he he he

JP said...

Doctor Chingón

Capitán Vigor

Rogelio "El Ojo" Morado


PoPoJiJo said...

The Great Raymundo A.K.A. Hank

Killer Napkins said...

Victor Tamale Juice

Unknown said...


The Grape Ape

nerviswr3k said...

el bruiser.
messenger of pain
purple reign

SecurityGeek said...

How about Plum Loco?

Unknown said...

The Great Grapito

The Blot said...

el dragón púrpura

mario said...

Furia Morada

El Moreton

Anonymous said...


How many names can we suggest? I have a few others.

Anonymous said...

Some of these names are fantastic! We are going to have a super hard time deciding on a winner. I don't mind if people post more than one name. We would rather have the problem of having more names to choose from. Keep it up though everybody, I'm sure there is more craziness coming!!!

Ron L said...

Comedor De La Gente (Eater of the People)

Anonymous said...

"El Morado Mojado"

JP said...

Mr. Chido

mr_thye said...

After witnessing the destructive fight between the incredible hulk and wolverine little Pepito new those shreds of the Hulk's purple pants would be good for something. He was quick to gather all the tatters he could find and fashion them into a luchadore costume of epic proportions. When he puts on his outfit he is filled with the hulks residual rage and transforms into "El Hulkito"

The WZA said...

Nacho Dorito!

The Bearded Pickle said...

Guerrero Morado (Purple Warrior)

JJordan said...

Mucho Macho

Clyde DeGlide

Raz Barry

Plum Smuggler

El Squish

Sad Belly

David Zai said...

I think you should name him

"Mr. Bully" or
"Brutal Head" or
"Smash Head"


Unknown said...

Captain Nefarious!

Senor Sinister!

De Loco Luca!!

Purple Papi!!!!

uhhh.. LOL

Unknown said...

true story.

Anonymous said...

Senor Tombstone

Gramaticamente incorrecto said...

I have a good one!!!!
hear me out!!!


SpankyStokes said...

Hahaha...these are all so awesome, make sure we can track you by your name, and please don't just put "Anonymous", if you win it might be tough to send you your prize ;-)

Unknown said...

Il Uva Ultimo

Joe...That Cool Guy said...

Purple Nurple (but somebody already said that)
Sen'or Undertooth

undertooth is my favorite one!

Phu! said...

Purple Killer

with his signature ultimate death from above killer move...Shooting star legdrop.

PoPoJiJo said...



El Oso Morado (the purple bear)

El Jeffe

El Torro

The Fister

Dirty Sanchez

El Monodor (the monkeydor)

thisisnotabloggerblog3 said...

Asesino Simpático

Sergio Vengador

Nico Metralla

Zope Jr

Vertigo Violeta (Violet Vertigo)

Asesino Patético

Fantastic Spastic

thisisnotabloggerblog3 said...

Dr. Tiniebla


Señor Cosmo

Benito Royal

thisisnotabloggerblog3 said...

Dr. Tiniebla


Señor Cosmo

Benito Royal

SecurityGeek said...

Here's one for you fans of The Phantom:

El Fantasma Que Lucha

(the ghost who wrestles)

Der Smove said...

Hector VanCrush

Unknown said...

El Rey

Unknown said...

EL Mono Morado

Unknown said...

El Roxo Loco
Señor Roxo
Luta Roxo

krakit said...

There are some great suggestions
for the luchador. Good luck everyone!

Here are my entries to the contest :



Anonymous said...

Wrestler Giga
Chumpa Luca
Camino Ruca
Pero Lolo
Puro Guwapito

PoPoJiJo said...



DangerDave said...

wUnder Bite

Or El wUnder Bite

Unknown said...

"Uva Ultimo"

roughly translates to Ultimate Grape, but more literally translates to Last Grape

Anonymous said...

El nino grande

EL loco


El crapone

Big Head

Master of WIne

Purple Rain

Anonymous said...

How about "PURPLE REIGN" !!!!!!!
or "P" REIGN for short... wait, that sounds a little bit
too R-Kelley-ish.
Let's stick with "PURPLE REIGN".

Anonymous said...

Purple Piper or

scied said...

Magrilla that sounds just like him!

Gimptasticgimp said...


Perilous Pablito (or Perilous Pablo)

Purple Pendejo

Perilous Pendejo

Pablo Esteban Rivera Gonzalez III

Anonymous said...

da PurMan

VFlorez13 said...

El Mucho Macho Morado

VFlorez13 said...

El Violeta Vick Venenoso

Anonymous said...

poo poo champ !!!

Mad said...

The Perp
or The Purp


PoPoJiJo said...

Toro Tako

Ami Ebinito

The Heartless

The Masseuse

The Back Scratcher

Purple Pajaminator

Puto Bandito

Bento Bandito

The Parse Nip Kid

Mad said...

El Tipo Morado

El Perro Morado

La Púrpura Piñata

I'm out of ideas hah!

SpankyStokes said...

Alright folks...this contest is over...I will announce the winner soon!

Thank you all so much for playing, and keep checking back for future contests on SpankyStokes.com

SpankyStokes said...


After many long hours of deliberation the BlockHead Brigade decided on a variation of dangerdave's suggestion!

It was sooo tough deciding on a name, but I think we are going to go with a variation on dangerdave's suggestion of El Underbite. We are going to call him El Underbito. :D

So Congrats to DangerDave, and please Dave if you would send me an e-mail to spankystokes@cox.net to confirm your information!

Thank you all for playing, and keep checking back for more contests!

Anonymous said...

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