Huck Gee -Colonial Life Cpl. E.E. Lensman

Colonial Life - Cpl. E.E. Lensman
Colonial Life - UTCMC - ZOR Dread Squad

Coming this Friday, January 30th, 2009 at Noon PST, we're releasing the 3rd figure in the Colonial Life series, Corporal E. E. Lensman. The long range, planetary orbit assisted, head shot specialist of the UTCMC "ZOR" Dread Squad. Each is signed and numbered and comes with shown accessories. Due to the nature of the materials, some differences should be expected in each figure. 10 custom hand painted E.E. Lensman Munnys in this set, $750 per figure.

Limit one figure per customer.
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(Noon PST, Friday 01/30)

UTCMC Dread Squad
More pics of CPL Lensman and the rest of the UTCMC Dread Squad available here: Huck's Flickr

Sgt. Vasquez Print Coming Soon!
Possibly, maybe, more than likely... not.

Also this Friday, we may or may not be releasing the first print from the Colonial Life series. It possibly, maybe, more than likely features Sgt. Vasquez, pretty girls, and a giant mech. It may or may not also be released at Noon PST this Friday, and possibly may or may not be a limited run printed on archival quality 225gms cotton rag fine watercolor paper. Indeed, we may or may not have attached a photo of the finished print below. But more than likely we haven't... probably.

Just to point out you can view all of Huck's old releases HERE...pretty cool to see them all in one area!

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