KUSO Toys at NYCC and Scapegoat signing!

It is really a bummer to find out about this, but it just gives us all something to look forward to in the future, and hopefully in the near future like SDCC? It is always tough to deal with things when they are completely out of your own control and that is what Kuso has to deal with this year at NYCC!

Info from The Kuso team:
"Kuso Designer Toys LLC is regretably to announce that due to unexpected factory production delay caused by the vast economic downturn, its figures are unable to be released on time at the NYCC show. Instead, these figures are going to be released at a later time on Kuso's website (kusovinyl.com). Kuso will offer coupons of pre-order for these figures at its show booth for those that already planned the purchases. News and updates of these figures will be released at the Kuso booth during NYCC. Kuso sincerely offer its apologies to its valued customers. At the Show booth, however, we are going to still host the drawing for the figures to give away. When we have the figures ready, the winners would get them in mail. Also as a token of apology, Kuso is going to give away freebies at the show booth."

But...on a lighter note, Kuso is pleased to announce a special raffle event of the very much sought after "Criminal Billy Scapegoat" figure by Jure Gavran. This is going to be the first ever release of this version and there is only 1 figure available for the free raffle. So please get in line early. The drawing is going to be held at 3PM on Friday, Feb. 7th. The tickets will be handed out from 11:30AM to 2:30PM on Friday.

After the raffle, Jure is going to host a signing event from 3PM to 4PM on Friday. Please bring your own "Immigrant Billy Scapegoat's" ready for signing.

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