twelveDot's New Form is Filled with… DESIRE!

The wonderfully talented twelveDot studio certainly made their name with the stylish "APO Frog" design. But this sleek anthropomorphized amphibian is far from the only thing creator Hyunseung Rim has done under his artistic alias, including fantastic human-like renditions of Michael Jackson with the 2014 piece "PERFORMANCE" and even a Playboy Bunny interpretation from 2015. And while the artist has seemed quiet of late, perhaps it was because he was crafting a gorgeous new form, the above-pictured rendition of a short-haired woman in high heels. With the teasers for this new work declaring that "Everything starts with DESIRE", we can't help but assume that this new piece will be titled, of course, "DESIRE". While we can't wait for a full and proper reveal of this new sculpture, there also remains no word on the material it will be presented in or how widely available they will be.

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