Meet the Beauty: Han Ning's Adorable "Space Dog" for Beijing Toy Show!

Joining his previously announced "Space Dog - Super Dimension Portraits" set in making their debut at the upcoming 2018 Beijing Toy Show, Chinese artist Han Ning is releasing one of his 'new' enlarged renditions of his canine companion character. Standing roughly 5⅞ × 3⅗ × 5½ inches, "Space Dog" originally debuted as part of the "Space Boy" sets but has since found a loving life of its own. With this massive version properly titled the "Classic Edition" but informally called "Meet the Beauty", its simple but stellar appearance mirrors a truth of our 'real' world: one doesn't need bells and whistles to be beautiful, just let your inner radiance shine through expressive eyes and a welcoming smile. For those interested in reserving one or more copies of these absolutely adorable works, please send an email to hanning0564 [at] sina [dot] com with your shipping information and other pertinent details, the associated PayPal payment of $54 apiece being sent to liyan0564_rao [at] sina [dot] com, with delivery of these lovely works estimated to happen near the end of the year.