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The Toy Bunker - Resin Toy Release!

The Toy Bunker - Resin Toy Release - Kakugon - Yamagon
The guys at The Toy Bunker are getting a real fan base for their work now, and it's easy to see why. While their monsters are undoubtedly weird and fierce, they are clever, funny and unique as well. Unfortunately this blogger completely forgot to post this over the weekend, I have no excuses... my tiny brain took in to much. Having spoken to the guys I know they are making more pieces right now, so you still have a chance to own one of their amazing monsters! The second and third releases of 2018 from the Toy Bunker sees Yamagon phase 2 mountain monster and the brand new Kakugon Nuke monster.

The Toy Bunker - Resin Toy Release - Kakugon - Yamagon
Kakugon (12cm tall with an arm span of 13cm - $45) is the explosive result of nuclear fallout .The mutated remnants of a future war. Kakugon brings misery an destruction in his wake and shows no mercy when unleashed on an unsuspecting populous. Civilisation stands little too no chance of survival when he unleashes his immense power. Intent of wreckage on a global scale! Can anyone stop him?

The Toy Bunker - Resin Toy Release - Kakugon - Yamagon
Yamagon (stands 14cm high with and arm span of 10cm - $45) is an mystic elemental behemoth. A relic of the ancient earth. Formed deep beneath the earth's crust emerges this mountainous form seeking to protect the natural balance of the earths ecosystems! Legend has it that a temple resides high within the peaks revealing enlightenment to all that enter. The new releases consist of two one offs of each monster, hand painted in traditional inspired style paint schemes using airbrush and hand brushed detailing and finished with a high gloss varnish. each figure comes bagged with custom header art. Both figures are multi part with detachable bases and magnetic articulated arms. Yamagon also comes with detachable magnetic head. Snag them up HERE right now... oh, and a special discount will be given to all who purchases all three 2018 monsters: Yamagon, Kakugon, and Kojogon together!