High Proof Toys's "New Friends! Birb Type" in glowing "Nuke City" Edition!

High Proof Toys's "New Friends!" line of figures began with an anthropomorphized chunk of stone "Rock Type", but — for me — the relatively recent addition of "Birb Type" is the standout design, the adorable avian standing proud on its human-like legs with big ol' galoshes on! Cast in a swirling mix of black and glow-in-the-dark green resins, this new "Nuke City" edition of the 2½-inch tall pieces looks stunning.
Limited to an edition of only 10 pieces ($35 apiece), these will be simultaneously issued alongside a very special combo pack featuring a "Nuke City" rendition of the "Birb Type" alongside a similarly cast version of their "Rock Type" creation. But watch out, there are only 2 combo packs available, both priced at $55 each! All available today (July 19th, 2017) at 8am Pacific time, you can find them in High Proof Toys's online shop then.

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