Remembering Most Wanted 3 with Igor Ventura's "Pyromaniac Puppet" Custom Dunny!

I recall the excitement of first seeing the "Most Wanted" custom blind box series, the handmade Dunny pieces within done in a way to mimic a Kidrobot production series like had never been done before; multiple artists who almost all were tasked with creating small editions of their custom designs. And, through their three very successful series releases, one of my favorite pieces remains Igor Ventura's "Pyromaniac Puppet", the marionette rendition hanging by a thread (or two) while holding a lit torch in its hand! Was it suicidal? Just plain stupid? Or trying to sever its strings? I had the opportunity to discuss this design, as well as the couple of special edition versions that followed, on CoART Magazine with my newest article, which can be read HERE.

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