Candie Bolton x Toy Art Gallery's "Marbled Bake-Kujira" from Medicom Toy!

Inspired by classic kaiju, like Godzilla himself, artist Candie Bolton's "Bake-Kujira" design has attracted a legion of fans since it debuted, the beast depicting a type of phantom creature that comes into existence whenever a whale dies a tragic death at the hands of a human, which may explain why its name roughly translates to "The God Whale". Sculpted by Mac Sorro and produced in soft vinyl by Toy Art Gallery, it appears that Medicom Toy have taken note of the 11-inch tall piece, getting their own exclusive black-and-white marbled edition made! Becoming available for pre-order from their site on July 24th, 2017 at an unspecified time, these 23220 (approx. $207) beasts are sure disappear quickly.

[Images and information from Sofvi.tokyo]

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