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'KRUSH the KAN' DIY vinyl figure by Mr Mars & Tenacious Toys... release announced!

Tenacious Toys & Mr Mars are stoked to reveal Krush the Kan, their new DIY vinyl figure which is going to KRUSH your shelves! Krush is a character that CO-based artist Mr. Mars has been painting and illustrating for years. Mars teamed up with NYC-based Tenacious Toys to produce Krush in a highly customizable 5” size. Featuring dynamic and expressive sculpting and a TON of paintable surface, Krush is sure to inspire artists to KRUSH their own custom paint jobs with brushes, markers and airbrushes, and of course, KANS!
Edition size of Krush has been kept very limited, with only 500 pieces made: 100 in black, 100 in glow in the dark, and the rest in easily painted DIY white. A third of the black Krushes have been set aside for Mr. Mars’ famous Striker customs, so Black will be the most scarce. MARCH 29 RELEASE: the Krush Kapsule Collection drops at both the Tenacious Toys AND the Mr Mars websites on March 29th at 5pm Mountain Time / 7pm EST.
The Krush release will include the following items:
▪ Krush the Kan 5” vinyl DIY figures in White ($60), Black ($70) and Glow in the Dark ($80)
▪ Custom Strikers by Mr Mars on the black Krush platform (35 available at $160 each)
▪ Krush the Kan t-shirt ($25)
▪ Krush sticker pack ($10)
▪ The Krush Kapsule Collection: includes all three colors of Krush the Kan, plus a t-shirt, an exclusive 9x9” print & a sticker pack ($200 each)

Extremely limited quantities of each item will be available, and the Kapsule Collection will only be sold for 1 week. After that, the package deal will end, so get ready to KRUSH the F5 button on March 29th!
But wait, there’s more! Krush is a DIY figure so of course there will be custom shows! APRIL 11 CUSTOM SHOW: The first Krush custom show will take place live on Whatnot during Whatnotcon on April 11th at 1PM EST. Bookmark the show on the Tenacioustoys profile on Whatnot - many of the artists will be co-hosting and popping in the talk about their works. The artist roster for the Whatnotcon Krush Show draws from the most active and talented custom toy artists on Whatnot:

▪ Rock Ink Toys - @rockinktoys on IG
▪ GlassINK - @glass.ink on IG
▪ GrimlyToys - @grimlytoys on IG
▪ Sketch (J Colon) - @sketchcc_customs on IG
▪ Bethany Saldaña - @bsaldana316 on IG
▪ Inktuce - @inktuce on IG
▪ EVILGHOSTY - @evilghosty on IG
▪ Sneak - @sneak_ecloud on IG
▪ DXE - @dxestudios on IG
▪ Cardiartist - @cardiartist on IG
▪ Ando - @prettygoodposters on IG

EVEN MORE CUSTOM KRUSHES: Later in April, more customs by additional artists will begin popping up online on IG, and on the Tenacious and Mr Mars websites. Mars is pulling in a group of Denver artists and Tenacious will be working with various toy & graff artists to show off their amazing Krush customs. Stay tuned to the Tenacious Toys and Mr Mars IG accounts to see all the amazing work on the Krush platform.

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