Klav's "Pinhead" Creeping Death Robot on Huck Gee's The Blank!

After getting insights recently into the future plans of Kevin "Klav" Derken (see full article HERE), I'm not surprised to see him launch a shop titled Creeping Robot Death Club. Nor to find out that it's big debut piece is a one-of-a-kind modification of Huck Gee's "The Blank" form, Derken having transformed the 4-inch tall resin figure with its skullhead into a rusty, robotic creature oozing coils from its jawline. With more 'custom' works forthcoming, including the previously announced "Skunny D" and "Skunny M" pieces, it really feels like Derken is blossoming fully into his own artist… And make sure you browse around creepingdeathrobotclub.com, which is already stocked with amazing pieces from Derken's past as well as the stunning new "Pinhead" piece.

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