CabbitQ & Dominic Qwek's Creepy Hill Returns and "Roger" the Bunny Beast hops forth!

If you look quickly at the above-pictured image of the newest Creepy Hill resident, "Roger," then you might mistake him for a simple cartoonish bunny. Coming from the minds of illustrator CabbitQ & sculptor Dominic Qwek, "Roger" is as pudgy and cute as other Creepy Hill inhabitants but he is also as wonderfully strange… More noticeable below, you can spot how "Roger" has six eyes, one larger eyeball crested by two smaller ones on either side of its head, as well as claw-topped insectoid upper legs. Having debuted as DesignerCon, remaining pieces of the 4½-inch tall "Roger" resin sculpture will be available on CreepyHill.com this week… perhaps even today! Give the duo a follow on Instagram under the username creepy.hill to be alerted to the release day and time when announced.

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