T9G × InstincToy’s “RE-RET” vinyl figure debuts with "Leopard" colorway!

It's been nearly a year since we revealed the collaboration between Takuji Honda (aka T9G) and vinyl production powerhouse InstincToy, but "RE-RET" is finally on track! Modeled after a character created to promote T9G's "atelier" exhibition at the And A Shibuya store, it is a composite of many notable elements from the artist becoming the perfect embodiment of T9G's aesthetic. Depicting a four-eyed, bear-like beast with tongue-esque tendril arm, there will be two not-so-secret chase colorways of the "Leopard" version which both employ multiple eye colors (as opposed to the regular's singular color), but it is really the clawed arm that separates them: these painted in differing colors from the regular versions, one in pink and one in purple. Available now by lottery, you can enter HERE until 6:59am Pacific time on Sunday, November 27th, 2016. Those selected to buy one, will be notified and invoiced for the ¥14500 (approx. $131) apiece.

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