Doktor A. × Luke Chueh × Munky King's "Target: Mechanics of Life (Black)" Limited Release!

Holy crap! As a surprise for this year's DesignerCon, Munky King brought back their stunning "Target: Mechanics of Life" edition from last year's DCon. Reimagined by UK-based artist Doktor A., who brings his whimsical, steampunkish imaginings to the parody-laden creations of Luke Chueh, this piece cuts open the bear's vinyl chest to reveal mechanical inner workings that are cold-cast resin. Nestled amongst the gears is the sad heart of the bear, one that he must wind daily with the key in his hand. Including resin cast wall display, gear-shaped base, and chest cover plate, this new black edition is most likely limited to 50 pieces (like the original) and — we hope — half were set aside for online release. Make sure you follow the brand on Instagram to get updates!

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