Creeping your way soon… Retroband Kids's "Creepy Kevin," inspired by Night of the Creeps!

Being prepared for casting in resin is the fourth release in Aaron Moreno's Retroband Kids line, "Creepy Kevin!" This roughly 2-inch tall figure was sculpted by Moreno and, after being hand-cast in resin by him, will also be hand-painted. With a bit of zombie glare and hordes of creepy crawlies under his formal attire, I suspect this is meant to be a character from… Night of the Creeps. If this Garbage Pail Kids inspired release mimics the others in the line, then the figure will be limited to only 50 pieces worldwide and come on a 2½×3½ in. backing card featuring art by frequent collaborator Gabriel Hernandez (Worthy Enemies). The characters in Night of the Creeps were named after famous horror directors, so — assuming that is the film this is derived from — who is the Kevin that the title refers to? Any guesses?

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