Lou Pimentel's "Lake Madison" painting for Earth Movement group show!

We previously announced the upcoming Earth Movement group art show, wherein artists are teamed up with a child they are related to. Lou Pimentel has graced us with a picture of his finished piece, done in collaboration with his 2-year-old daughter Madison (who painted the backgrounds). This watercolor, entitled "Lake Madison," almost seems to show a Loch Ness styled monster — vague in it's outline — swimming away from an empty boat. One could assume titling the piece "Lake Madison" refers to his daughter's name and the intended content of the painting… but it could also imply the cryptid known as the Lake Madison Monster, a massive serpent that supposedly dwells in the lakes adjacent to Madison, WI. I love how the abandoned boat is the sole manmade creation on the page… and there are no men in it. Perhaps nature (and the beasts that dwell in it) will outlive us all…

"Earth Movement" has a preview showing on March 1st & an opening reception on March 3rd and runs through March 22nd at Kokoro Studio, 682 Geary St., San Francisco, CA 94102. http://www.kokorostudio.us

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