"The Forest Warlord" new vinyl figure from Bigfoot

Well here ya go... a little something for you late nighters, and boy did this come outta left field! It appears that Bigfoot has come outta hibernation once again to release yet another new figure. Titled "The Forest Warlord", this figure harkens back to his original figure debut with StrangeCo in terms of the upright rigid nature. This figure is being produced by the great folks over at Kuso Vinyl... who are doing just that, the production... the rest is all Bigfoot! If you wanna see it in person, the production sample will debut at the Kuso booth #287 during WonderCon.... now, let's read that gripping backstory!

"In the realm of the darkest dimension of magic and power of the earth's soil dwells The Forest Warlord. Since the dawn of prehistoric times a select few of the Bigfoot race were chosen by Mother Nature to become Forest Warlords, The ultimate guardians of the forest! Meditating for 20 million years in a secret forest fortress, a Warlord waits to emerge until humans encroach in the Warlord's sacred redwood territory. The Forest Warlords use nature magic from which they were born to teleport, time travel, control vegetation, communicate telepathically with plants and animals, and unleash thunder and lightning of fury against perpetrators.The Forest Warlord is the master of misanthropy and is here to right all wrongs. All construction companies, bulldozers, loggers, and their CEO's and puppets shall feel the wrath of The Forest Warlord." Unlike the previously mentioned StrangeCo version that stood 13" tall, this fella stands 11" tall, and he has articulated arms. The design itself is a little bit more rough and rugged... and seems a little dated to me, but it really does fit the "Forest Warlord" persona! It will be produced in vinyl, similar to Dragatomi's "Fujisan" figure by Bigfoot that will debut later on this year! "The Forest Warlord" will be 1,000 pieces, spanning 7 different colorways... so after a long Bigfoot dry spell, we get 2 new figure in 2012... AWESOME!!!

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