Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Lunartik Classic Cup Collection | Series 1

It's about time that you can have your Lunartik and drink it too as Matt "Lunartik" JOnes just announced the classic collection of Lunartik cups/mugs for you to enjoy your own special blend of teas! There are 5 to choose from; White, Ice, Rosie Lee, the Earl and Green Tea... all of which can be picked up HERE for around $12 a pop, or you can grab the full set of 5 HERE and save a lil scratch, and in any case this is a great new way to enjoy your hot steamy beverage in style!

Tuttz Glyos figure series... teasers continue!!!!

You may remember our post last month HERE about the awesome collab that is Onell Design and Argonaut Resin... well more information has just surfaced and all you folks who are fans of both these companies have got to be getting stoked for this release!!! Pictured above is the second half of the Glyos Tuttz project which will feature the return of the "Kings Of Atlantis" skull head from END in Glyos action figure form... and according to END he will also finally reveal all of the Kings powers with this release finally. As with the Tuttz Glyos teased earlier the talented Victor Durango will be handling the paint work. There is no word on an exact release date, run number or pricing... but we are assured that this will all come to a head very soon!

The story...
"The Tuttz are looking for a ancient relic that was taken from their home world a very long time ago. They have finally found the location of a world they believe to hold their relic but it is inhabited by a race of beings older and more powerful than them. The Kings of Atlantis have settled on this hidden planet for thousands of years after plundering many galaxies of their riches. Everyone who has come the Kings of Atlantis's planet in search of the Universes greatest treasures have all perished. The Tuttz Bad Luck Squadron will have their might tested trying to recover their ancient relic on this hostile world hidden deep within the outer regions of space.... On a alien world - there will be war!"

NYCC 2011 release: Custom Leroy C. "Toxic" and "Lava" editions by Brent Nolasco

Another NYCC 2011 release... yes please, as myplasticheart continues to unveil one release at a time... and this go around it's a series of rad customized Leroy C. figures (originally created by Invisible Creature & Super7) but now taken to a whole new level by artist/customizer Brent Nolasco. Each figure is uniquely different, and features the awesome paint signature that you have all come to expect from Brent! There are only 9 in the run, so you know these will go fast... don't miss them at the myplasticheart booth #879 for $80. Oh, and Brent will be signing at the myplasticheart booth during NYCC... details to follow shortly!

MAD BentWorld Beats "2 Turntables & A Microphone" (3 Pack) AP's up for grabs!!!

Just posted up to his online store, MAD announced the release of his artist proof sets of his BentWorld Beats "2 Turntables & A Microphone" 3-packs! These are in very limited quantity and each pack comes signed and numbered on the box... and this set features two vinyl "Mr. Spins" and a "Mr. MC" in an exclusive red and gold colorway. Don't sleep folks, for only $30... these won't last long!

3A WWRp MK3 Berties coming soon

3A showed off their latest in WWRp (World War Robot portable)MK3 berties, recently. MK3 Berties were sold in 1:6 scale late last year and many of them have made their way over to the 1:12 scale including both mode A and B variations. Mode A versions carry a shotgun while Mode B versions sport the dual cannon's. So far we've seen both Mode A and B of Sand Devil colorway, Mode B of Night Watch, Mode A of DW, Mode A and B of Deep Powder and Mode A of Dutch Merc. 3A already offered up the popular JEA MK3 Bertie in WWRp previously as a resident sale, though we'd love to see a Mode B (dual Cannon) version as well someday. No information as of yet on pricing or as to when these new versions will go on sale or if there will be any other versions offered, but we'll keep a eye out for that information soon.

"Cookie Dream" Babo release @ Yoyamart 10/13/11

Looking to do something in New York other than go to NYCC, well the folks over at Yoyamart are proud to be hosting an awesome event that will feature the release and signing of their exclusive Uglydolls "Cookie Dream" Babo plush figure from David Horvath! The man himself will be on hand that Thursday, October 13th 2011 from 6pm-8pm during NYCC to sign this cute creation!

15 Gansevoort Street (@ Hudson)
New York, NY 10014

Femke Hiemstra x Cherry Vinyl - Interview with Femke

Sent out via Twitter last night... this little tidbit most definitively caught my attention as Cherry Vinyl just posted up a sweet little interview by Giorgia Mannucci of Femke Hiemstra... as they talk about her project with Cherry Vinyl... and as you can see in the above photo Femke is holding up her beautiful prototype of her upcoming "Le Chat" vinyl figure! There are many more photos and a great interview to be read... so head on over HERE now and enjoy!

Blythecon UK "Scout" Cavey

Will you be attending Blythecon UK on Saturday, October 1st 2011 this year??? Well, Cavey is going to see you there as Holly has geared up her fluffy lumps of plush goodness to release a special exclusive Cavey designed for Blythecon! In keeping with the "Scout" themed logo for the con, Holly created "Scout Cavey" – made of bottle green ‘hoodie’ fabric with a hand-cut yellow scarf finished with a plastic woggle. Limited to just 50 numbered pieces, they will retail at the special price of £15 at the event, each comes with a Cavey carry bag and purple enamel badge. As an added bonus she also created a special super-limited yellow version of Scout Cavey as raffle prize at Blythecon UK... so don't miss out! Any remaining Scout Caveys after Blythecon will go into the Cavey online shop Sunday October 2nd at 8pm GMT for the regular price of £16.

NYCC 2011 release: Sketchbot V5 by Steve Talkowski

WOW! NYCC is only a few weeks away and the folks over at MPH are pulling out all the stops, like they do every year, and along with their other exclusive releases they have teamed up with Steve Talkowski to release "RED" Sketchbot Variant 5 at NYCC 2011 that comes along with a cool looking Sharpie accessory! V5 will be available for $35 at the myplasticheart booth #879... Oh, and Steve will be joining the MPH booth #879 during NYCC for a signing... stay tuned for details on that!

artist XIII latest 1:6 headsculpt

Artist XIII has been sculpting for a few years now and it's always great to see him do new works, his latest sculpt of a 1:6 skull is in his classic style. These will come in 4 colors as shown above. Bone White, Silver color, Wood color, and Black. These are made in Taiwan with a cost of $23 each and shipping of $3 to US. If interested be sure to email XIII at xiii013@gmail.com.
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