3A Custom Show 1AM Gallery Artist Spotlight: WWWetworks

With the 3A custom show "I Am Legion" coming up Nov. 4 we've been taking time to speak with many of the artists that are participating in the show, today's artist interview will be with 3A customizer and artist extraordinaire Carlos aka WWWetworks. For those that aren't familiar with Carlos work he's one of the top customizers in the world of 3A. His works in both 1:6 and 1:12 always show the highest degree of finish as well as a unique approach that makes his customs some of the top pieces around. Carlos also is a great sculpture working on his own projects that we look forward to seeing one day perhaps as his own stand alone line of toys. So let's chat with WWWetworks and learn a bit more about what makes him tick.... hit the jump!

What brought you into toy customizing?
I'd been wanting to do this for a long time but I can't find a good way to start until I found 3A and all the awesome customizers like muffinman who drove me into customizing.

Yeah muffinman has been a tremendous influence on my own art as well, along with Makadi and artists like Kenn Munk and Drilone. Where do you see the future of designer toys heading?
Designer toys has and will always continue to evolve, its been a part of our culture and modern art.

What brought you to the world of 3A?
I love everything about art and 3A showed me that in a whole new level, works of art that's been transformed into a 3 dimesional masterpiece.

Yeah I think the same way when I look at many objects, toys included, I see great artwork in the form of great solid design and clean lines, I can't really distinguish between art in any form, if it moves me then that's all I care about. What are your top 3 favorite customizers out there today?
Muffinman, Bhead, and KidAkira

I agree those guys are all very strong, great list there. What’s your favorite toy to customize and why?
Tomorrow Kings! man you can't go wrong with them, you can kitbash, add some goofy parts, some weathering and will still look great.

Yes, I've found they are quite a bit of fun to work with, I think working with 1:6 is a bit more challenging as the clothing is something that can be a hurdle but I think that it is fun as it leads to something new to learn and man the 1:6 detailing found in toys today is just amazing.

Well Carlos thanks for the interview and I know I can't wait to check out your customs at the 3A custom show "I Am Legion" at the 1AM Gallery in San Francisco Nov 4 - Dec. 4.

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