Clogtwo x Wetworks x Flabslab - SHINIGAMI custom group show launches this week!!!

Carlo Cacho aka Wetworks has been super busy planning an awesome custom show set to go off this coming Friday, March 23rd... and it all revolves around the vinyl Shinigami figure (spotted for the fist time HERE in 2016) released last year as a collaboration between Wetworks(sculpt) and Clogtwo(character design) which was produced by Pobber Toys! "The Shinigami is as old as the moon. Inhabiting the woods, feeds on every living souls of plants, animals and man, this extra-dimensional being is covered in a smoke of souls and shoulders a heavy scythe." - and check out a handful of the customs below... really amazing work!

What's really cool about the figure as a platform is not only the unique shape, but that massive Scythe... and as you can see, each artist interpreted it differently. Some used it as an accessory, some as a canvas, others converted it into an all new shape/structure... so awesome, and what a nice contrast they all share with the figure.

Standing 6.5" tall, along with a the massive 8" tall Scythe, this vinyl figure was first released at STGCC in 2017, and the Shinigami Custom Art Toy Show will kick off at Flabslab Gallery! This will be the first custom show... and along with the cast of artists involved, there will be a side by side release of the new "midnight" colorway. Carlo mentions that he wanted a mix of the well known and upcoming artists... and these guys are the best in their field, so he invited the best local graffiti artists, illustrators, customizers, tattoo artist, sofubi masters, and more to take to task this already bad ass figure! Don't miss this show at Flabslab (1 Commonwealth Lane, #06-11 One Commonwealth, Singapore 149544).

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