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Dawn, Dusk & Twilight custom Coarse Omens from Tomodachi Island... release info announced!

When you slip into bed, almost asleep... that noise you hear just outside your window, it's an owl. Not just any owl though, and specifically, in this case, they are the Dawn, Dusk & Twilight custom Coarse Omens from Tomodachi Island!!! Emelie Jensen of Tomodachi Island tells us that she has finally taken the opportunity to customize one of her most favorite designer toys, and not only one, but SEVEN Omens! She goes on to say "These are the most favorite platform I've worked on and they're also the customs I am the most proud of ever. I rarely value my work very high, I guess that's just part of me being very critical when it comes to my own creations, but these I value very high. My best work to date! And I'm not afraid to say so." honestly... we couldn't agree more!

Inspired by the different stages of day and night, she searched the internet for color palettes that would suit her mysterious little bird creatures, and these were the ones she chose in the end... Dawn, Dusk & Twilight! She also wanted to add a complementary precious metal to each one of them and ended up using gold for dawn, bronze for dusk, and silver for twilight. As you can see there are 4" versions (£150) as well as 7" versions (£450 - £500), and we can see these being very sought after. These darlings will be on sale HERE this coming Friday the 23rd of March at 9pm BST - don't miss out on these fantastic customs!

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