New Michael Lau "Crazy Children King"

Looks like 1:6 artist and vinyl toy maker Michael Lau is at it again, this time with a new take on the 1:6 figure. His latest release "Crazy children King" will be on sale Sept. 29 - Oct. 9. This release will feature: CHILD.F figure, a crown, the throne sculpted to look as though it's made of boxes, a cloak, slippers, and a miniature crazymichael figure.

"Crazy Children King" is described as living in his own palace built with the many parcel's he ordered from around the world. Each parcel from a Michael Lau figure he holds deep in his heart. It's said that the one eye open, one eye shut expression represents the king's attitude towards his spending behavior on Michael Lau collectible figures. Feeling Guilty on one hand and yet happy and content on the other, hence the miniature crazy Michael Lau figure in his hand. "Crazy Children King" is priced at aprox $424 plus shipping. and can be ordered at crazysmiles.com.

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