Kidrobot goes mascot crazy with "Bots" & "Fly Guys"

Kidrobot just announced the release of a few new collectible lines of figures... and this go around they are sticking to their Kidrobot mascot figure... and first up is a brand new mini-series they called Kidrobot ‘Bots! These 3" tall 'Bots articulate at the head and arms and in this first series there are 11 characters that you can get... that is if you are lucky enough to pull em seeing as they are blind boxed! They are set to go on sale October 6th for $9.95 a piece. I do like em, and for those who collect the larger mascot figures... these are a must!

Now, onto a much smaller less 3D Kidrobot mascot as they are also releasing a series of enamel zipper pulls! This set features 25 character versions of Kidrobot’s classic icon, and standing at 1" tall, each comes packed with attitude! These are also sold blind, and are much easier on the pocket book seeing as they are only $2.95 a pop... look for these in store on October 6th as well.

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