MAD x Kidrobot "Bentworld Cans" Artist Series

From one piece of MAD new right onto another... but this time around it's a project that snuck up on everyone! MAD recently sent out a few tweets via his account stating “Well look what just showed up... ” and along with that cryptic message were the pictures that you see above. A new mini-series from Kidrobot called "Bentworld Cans - Artist Series" which features 'Spray Cans' as figures (very similar to the cans in the Bentworld Vandals series) and each color can comes "Racked" (new) & "Spent" (used) where the "Spent" version has been tagged up by the different artists which includes: Jesse Hernandez, SketOne, Pon, kaNO, Scribe, MAD, J.Brunson, and Marka27... a star studded line-up to say the least! This is an awesome spin on a really cool already established figure line, the questions is... when are we going to see these released? More info soon'ish :-)

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