Clear "Light Blue" Zagoran, "Charcoal Flame" Honoo, and "Skulletor" Milton from Super7

Super7 continues to impress me with their constant onslaught of vinyl releases that seem to drop each and every week... and this week holds a few surprises for you all to enjoy! First up is a special Thursday, September 29th release that features Gargamel's iconic cycloptic Zagoran creature in a beautiful clear "Light Blue" vinyl release! These will set you back $95 a pop, and can be found online and in store at Noon PST!

Up next is a seriously cool - or hot - release as Leecifer's Honoo figure smoulders around this fall season in a stunning "Charcoal Flame" edition! This gray flame is cast in Pearl Gray vinyl with Black and Orange sprays... and for $35 a pop... you best stock up! Last but not least is the ever so adorable Milton figure in the always popular "Skulletor" colorway as he is cast in blue vinyl accented by Dark Blue, Yellow and Red sprays! You can pick him up for just $25 each. Look for these dashing fellas to drop at Noon PST via the Super7 Store and online as well!

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