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Atom Toys Studios presents: JOY BOY 'Mini' (Subatomic) toy line!

Small and intricate, each piece is meticulously crafted and exudes a fresh pop of personality and life. These fun sized designs, from Atom Toys Studios (smaller than the OG we announced HERE) are jammed packed with attitude for collectors to personalise their space. After all, life is more fun with toys. "Weary and tired, JOY BOY is on the edge of despair. The Emptiness of his heart grows with impunity and threatens to destroy JOY BOY's very existence. He breaks into six hues - unravelling a sea of colors reflecting the complex interplay of emotions within." Available now as 3 seperate colorways, MOODY(blue), BRAVE(green), and BLISS(pink)... these stand just over 2.5" tall and come blister/backer packaged and are up for grabs HERE right now for $38(single) or $105(3-pack)!

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