Atom Toys Studios presents: EXPLORATION OF VOID - JOYBOY resin in 'The OG' Colorway!

Founded by a close-knit group of artists looking to explore the joy and vulnerability of life through the medium of Art Toys, Atom Toys Studios presents their first Toy - JOY BOY! JOY BOY is the first in a series titled [EXPLORATION OF VOID] - an introspective look into the Self and the feelings of Emptiness that we sometimes feel inside. Through this Series, they explore ways that the Self finds Meaning to sustain its Journey through Life. JOY BOY signifies our endless pursuit for comfort through the Material, as a means to fill the Emptiness we feel deep within our Hearts. We toil tirelessly to gain the power to purchase the Objects of our Desires, yet it is this very effort that adds a strain to the Self.
Currently available in 'The OG' colorway, JOY BOY stands just over 6" tall, is crafted out of resin, and has a limited release of 100 pieces (74 pieces remaining at time of writing), so visit their website to cop a piece while stocks last! These guys are also very active on their socials, so if you're interested, check them out on instagram (@atom_toys_) and see what they'll be up to!

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