Klav for Nu(De) Toy Salon – Taipei!

Klav will be at Nu(de) Toy Salon in Taipei this coming weekend for a new sofubi show organized by some Hong Kong Sofubi designers. The show is small, 18 tables total, but a good combination of Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japanese, and a few United States artists... and Klav is the only one from the USA to travel for the show.
He will be sharing and showcasing the soft vinyl toys of Planet X. He painted over 40 of their toys in a follow up to their exhibition / collaboration from the summer of 2021 in Hong Kong. All the works from this show are new and ONE OFF. Hand painted, distressed, and weathered as usual... and Klav will also have a small bunch of new ONE OFF Creeping Death Skull Tanks for the show. A cool aspect of the NU(DE) Toy Salon is the “custom gift” section of the show. Artist’s traded blanks with the organizers to be customed by other attending artists. These will be sold via Lottery on Sunday.

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