Toys and Beer... YES PLEASE!!!!

It wasn't too long ago we showed off a coffee shop in South Philly called "Strange Brew Coffee" where the owner incorporated his love for designer toys into the motif of his shop... well by total coincidence artist Marka27 just informed us of a special bar in Dallas, Texas called "Strangeways" that carries over the same love for designer toys as most of us... except they have it all on display for everyone to see! Marka also tells us that they have an impressive 40 beers on tap, excellent mexican dishes, and the coup de gras... an art collection from some of today's hottest artists like Barry Mcgee, Tim Biskup, PussHead, Kaws, Bounty Hunter, and many more! I can tell you one thing for sure... if I am ever in Texas, I know where I am going for a beer and a bite! Oh, and if you are around the area, swing by and let us know what you think!

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