NYCC 2011 release: Custom text_r series from Ryan The Wheelbarrow @ MyPlasticHeart

You would think working full time for Kidrobot would keep you crazy busy, but it sure does not stop Ryan The Wheelbarrow from his passion for customizing vinyl toys as he teamed up with myplasticheart for NYCC 2011 to release a whole slew of his inventive text_r customized 10″ Labbit, a 4″ Bub, and an 8 piece blind box series of 1.5″ Labbits. All of this goodness will be available at booth #879 all days of the convention. Oh, and as an added bonus, Ryan the Wheelbarrow will be conducting a 1 hour screenprinting demo on Sunday at the myplasticheart booth #879 from 1-2pm - just like he did HERE at SDCC - where he will be creating and giving out free custom screenprints, a cool demo for sure!!!!

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