Skelecore Apparel... is rad!

Have you been looking for some fresh new gear to wear, well you are in luck because just launched is a brand new company called Skelecore apparel and accessories! This entire line of work includes original art by owner and artist Sara Antoinette Martin who has been a part of the designer toy and pop culture scene for over half a decade. Her list of conquests are far-reaching, and include photographer and toy artist at Kidrobot, Producing El Chupacabra in 2008, and being credited in “I am Plastic” and “I am Plastic, Too”. Sara was also Tara Mcpherson’s assistant for 3 years, and is establishing her name as a tattoo artist at Brooklyn Tattoo. As if that wasn’t enough she has even been a guest designer for the apparel brand Mishka.

You would think with all that she would be satisfied but Miss Antoinette Martin has been working behind the scenes for too long. Her recognizable style brings a new direction to apparel and allows you to show your support for Skelecore. You can support her by buying directly from her store at Store.Skelecore.com or by visiting her at one of her upcoming shows; Nov 18th at the Cotton Candy Machine or Dec 2nd at Mishka NYC.

Source[Press Release]

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