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B-va Fink PLUSH "Pink Bubble Gum" colorway from Gabo Zeta!

We have seen resin from Ecuadorian artist, Gabo Zeta, but now he has taken to a much softer material... plush! Introducing the B-va Fink plush, a new addition to the B-va Fink family now in a huge plush format, ready for adoption... and is it such an ugly cute giant fella?!?! Releasing in what is being called the B-va Fink "Pink Bubble Gum" colorway, this is limited to just 6 pieces and each one stands a whopping 17" tall, features a resin cast face, and comes with stickers! These are going up for sale HERE on September 8th for just $90 a pop... don't miss out! Oh... and be sure to follow him on Instagram for up to daate drop info and other rad art projects!

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