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'B-va Fink' resin art multiple from Gabo Zeta!

New from Ecuadorian artist, Gabo Zeta, comes a a figure that is near and dear to this artists heart. This figure draws from deep nostalgia... from the neighbor's store and his uncle's drawer, he presents to us, "B-va Fink" a monstrous and sweet being that comes to take you on a trip. "Quito, Ecuador the year 1998, that magical moment where everything was simpler. A time when it was the best to go to the store and get the change (in sucres) for that candy you wanted so much, then visit the room of a rocker uncle and find that Ed Roth-style art, garbage pail kids along with posters and magazines at an early age would mark the style that I manage today, where monsters, color, the unconventional and play are accomplices." A rainbow of colors and choices, B-va Fink is limited to 5 pieces per color and each package includes the following: 1 x HQ resin figure 5.5" tall (14 cm), 1 x mask, Secure foam packaging, and stickers... and these are up for sale HERE right now for just $60 a pop!

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