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Mujuworld's Impressive "Forest Temple" Resin Architecture Sculpture!

Nestled on the coast of England's Cornwall county, one can find the small town of St Ives, known for its seaside surf and vibrant art scene. And based out of a studio by the beach are Miss Muju and her partner, who both explore their imaginary dimension: Mujuworld. While Mr Muju produces drawings, paintings, and prints detailing this fantastic realm, Miss Muju has spent the past seven years producing limited edition resin figures and sculptures inspired by this imaginative place. Having progressed her work through four previous Kickstarter campaigns, she returns to this system that's been so hopeful in the past so that she can breathe life into the buildings and landscapes that are as alive as the Muju characters which inhabit Mujuworld. After creating five adorable "Muju Spirit House" sculptures, she decided to undertake her most ambitious and complex sculpture to date, the "Forest Temple". Filled with details like temple guardian cat and a tiny cosmic owl perched on the temple treetop, she now needs collectors to invest in her project so she can do an in-house production run of these sculptures, each offering cast in bio-resin, a non-toxic and more sustainable material than traditional synthetic resin, as well as hand-painted by the artist herself. With a wonderful assortment of tier options able to accommodate any budget with a stunning reward, won't you help Miss Muju make the architecture of Mujuworld a sculptural reality?

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