A New Version of AngelOnce's "Charlie the Angry Pink Elephant" Coming Soon!

AngelOnce has been creating his angry elephant for years, this pink beast named Charlie having adorned everything from mural walls to Dunny forms. In fact, back in 2014, we were lucky enough to host him and his "Angryelephant Dunnyphant" release at DesignerCon! But now he's partnered with UVD Toys to take "Charlie the Angry Pink Elephant" to another level, featuring a gorgeously Hulk-like stance executed by digital sculpting guru Oasim Karmieh. As you can see below, several colors are being considered for this perfect pachyderm creation, regardless of how the word "Pink" might be in the title. We understand a preorder for these beautiful pieces will begin shortly, so expect an official announcement here as soon as we have one to share!

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