If Captain America died, how would you honor him?

Would you hang his shield on a White House wall? Would you display his suit in a National Museum? Would you place his skull on a shelf? While a bit of a morbid musing, this seems to be the thought behind Italian brand Toys Anarchy's initial art toy outing, "The Fame of the Eternal Hero". Transforming the spirit of Captain America into an immortal, infinite legacy represented by this superheroic fossil, this roughly 6⅘-inch tall by 6-inch wide and 5-inch deep Art Skull comes with a white display stand, which adds roughly 7-inches to its height. Ready to be cast in eco-friendly vinyl, this design will be limited to 1000 pieces, all available now through a Kickstarter campaign, with the first 200 people to support the project getting this wonderful work at the discounted price of €100 (approx. $123) apiece.

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