Emilio Subirá's "Blah Blah Tongue & Battle Mouth" Debuts!

Opening on February 22nd, 2018 at the Montana Shop in Sevilla, Spain is the "Smells like Toy Spirit" exhibition, featuring Better Days Toys, Emilio Subirá, Ghettoplastic Toys, Javier Jiménez, and WuzOne. And for the event, Subirá is debuting his newest art toy creation, the above-pictured "Blah Blah Tongue & Battle Mouth"! This rendition is a uniquely painted version to introduce the form to the world but, after the show, he will be releasing more of them, though the plan is for them all to be uniquely decorated, no editions! I love how the wide-open mouth creature has two different foot adornments, a sneaker on one side and a sandal on the other; it's a touch of relatable strangeness in an otherwise surreally outrageous beast!

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