Mighty Jaxx presents: Super Kaiju Corps "Amefuri Kozou" & Clogtwo "Toshi Neko"!!!

Another weekend... another awesome release slated from the folks over at Mighty Jaxx. This go around they have 2 rad drops, one from a veteran Mighty Jaxx artist and another from a newcomer... both are really cool looking and both can be yours this coming weekend. So let's get into the details!
First up, "AMEFURI KOZOU" from Super Kaiju Corps! Amefuri Kozou is one of many Yokai that originated from Japanese folklore. The name translates to rainfall priest boy and they often appear in the form of adolescent boys donned in kimonos and wooden clogs, with umbrellas on their heads. Don’t be fooled by their childlike appearance! Armed with the ability to conjure rain, they are notorious for thieving umbrellas from unsuspecting passersby and causing rain to fall upon their victims. Super Kaiju Corps’ Amefuri Kozou adds to the peculiarity of the original creature by taking away any semblance of a human being and replacing it with one single eye and albinism characteristics. This sofubi figure stands 6" tall and is set to retail for $80 a pop!
Up next, the "TOSHI NEKO: ALLEY KAT" from CLOGTWO! This one knows every corner and alley of the streets like the back of his hands. The most cunning of the lot, Alley Kat is definitely a survivor! A glutton by nature, he cons his way through every shop in town just to satisfy his insatiable appetite! A cute little kitty with some serious attitude. He stands 4" tall, is made of vinyl and is set to retail for $40 a pop! Both figures can be picked up HERE starting at 7am PST this coming Saturday, July 8th!

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