Corner12 x AngelOnce - "Charlie the Angry Elephant" Goes Dunny!!!

Another rad Dunny series from the folks over at Corner12 as they have teamed up with AngelOnce... and he went to town on a series of 12 "Charlie the Angry Elephant" figures! We are huge fans of Angel's, in fact, we hosted his figures when he was first starting out at our Dcon booth years ago, so it's rad to see him get even more opportunities! No word on a price, C12 likes to kep that secret until the drop day... which is actually going to be HERE this Friday, July 7 at 12:12pm PST. What will be available... well, here is the rundown: Melting Charlie's (6 of the 12 will be blind box) 7. Nickel dime Charlie 8. Spray can Charlie 9. Roller Charlie 10. Charlie and Bam the snail 11. Over trunk Charlie 12. Right side trunk Charlie. All look like alot of fun and will be a great addition to any collection! Be sure to snag one up HERE starting tomorrow!

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