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*REVIEW* "MELANZASCA" resin art multiple by Silvano Beggio (aka DUCA)!!!

There is work exploding out from Europe at the moment as a wave of incredibly talented and diverse artists start the journey from traditional illustration across to the world of art toys. This art toy is by artist Silvano Beggio (aka DUCA) and the piece is called "Melanzasca." Just before Christmas 2016, I was lucky enough to get hold of one of these pieces, and now I have the pleasure and the opportunity of telling you all about him.

The figure is a handmade resin toy and is roughly 17cm x 11cm and came shipped in a beautiful wooden box. Melanzasca is described by his creator as a “Working class bandito”, but this is not just a thug - this is a thug with a heart. This character represents many memories and ideas from the artists past and from research which the artist has undertaken over the years.

With references taken directly from diverse sources which include the Milanese underworld from the 1950’s and from family memories, Melanzasca reflects many things. This is an emotional journey for the artist back to earlier, simpler times when life was dictated and shaped by principals and ethics. I am not the right person to say if Melanzasca is a good guy or a bad guy, I can only tell you Melanzasca has a story to tell and I look forward to seeing the rest of the story of this working class bandito unfold.

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