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Another UK based Toy Convention?!?! Yes... Toy Art UK - August 25th 2018!!!

Nick Andrews here... and I have some exciting news to share. On the 25th of August 2018 In the United Kingdom, a group of leading toy artists are gathering for an exhibition and sale of work at Toy Art U.K.. This is an opportunity to showcase the work of toy artists from around the world and also to put the spotlight on a group of artists from the UK. The response to Toy Art UK has been tremendous, with artists and collectors alike being incredibly supportive and encouraging.The remit for Toy Art UK has always been to spread the word to existing and new collectors and find other markets for the amazing work that toy art collectors see everyday.
From the start Toy Art UK is to be artist focused and artist led, to that end they have created a roster of artists who create original work to a high standard. While the submissions for this event have been open to any artist, the actual artists included have been chosen specifically because their work reflects varied approaches to toy art creation. Work is also being sent from artists from all over the world and the Toy Art team will curate and sell this work on the day. Further announcements about this work will be made as it arrives in the U.K.

We have many people to thank for making this happen, including our events partners Retro Events - who have stepped in and overseen all the event management for us and made it possible for us to spend more time with the artists and dealing with promotion. I personally want to thank John Stokes and Benny Kline for their constant support and advice, and for putting up with my stunning array of incredibly pointless questions over time hehehe - thanks so much chaps. And I definitely have to thank ALL the artists and the toy art community in the UK and beyond for getting behind Toy Art UK and supporting what we are doing totally unconditionally and with infectious enthusiasm.

Last but by no means least, I want to thank the amazing Pete Fowler who created an insanely cool event poster for us and will be with us on the day signing art print versions of the event poster alongside his iconic toy work. Exhibitors attending on the day include the following with more being added: Doktor A • Squink • Haus Of Boz • Robotic Industries • Angry Hedgehog • Pete Fowler • Collect and Display • David Stevenson Art • I Am Board • UME Toys • The Many Faces of Laura Penn • Fugi.me • Taylored Curiosities • Toy Think Tank • Toy Bunker • Map Map • Chaingun! • Secret Demon Services • Concrete and Bone • Onorio D’Epiro • Green Chimera • Mike Strick • Grum Reaper. Further information can be found online at the event HERE and you can get tickets for the event HERE.

Toy Art UK
25th August 2018 10am - 4pm
Riley Smith Theatre, Leeds University Union
Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS2 9JZ

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