Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Toy Art Gallery x Ron English - "Peace, Love, and Understanding" sofubi figure!!!

Toy Art Gallery is proud to present the next collaboration between TAG and pop art visionary Ron English; the "Peace, Love and Understanding" figure! Peace, Love and Understanding is a new limited edition conceptual art figure by Ron English that brings together the three pillars of enlightenment in a single toy. The heart, the brain and the peace sign form together to create a unique human figure.
The debut of Peace, Love and Understanding arrives just in time for Valentine’s Day and is available in white and red blanks and special limited “Valentine’s” painted edition. The painted edition and the white blank are being released by Toy Art Gallery HERE and and the red blank will be available at HERE through Ron's shop. Both the white and red blank releases will retail for $35 each and the “Valentine’s” edition will retail for $45. All releases will be available on Friday, February 12th at 12Noon PST. Peace, Love and Understanding stands 5" tall and is made in Japan!

"Arseface" resin action figure from Credenda Studios... yup, you read it right!!!

Beau Greener of Credenda Studios shares with us today his latest resin bootleg action figure which were made for Clutter's "InAction Figures 4" show going down this weekend. Based off of the anti-hero "Arseface" from the popular PREACHER comic series by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon and soon to be a television series on AMC later this year, "Arseface" is the newest figure to be released from Credenda Studios. "Once a lazy and unmotivated teenager who idolized Kurt Cobain. But upon hearing about the suicide of Cobain, he decided to follow in Cobain's footsteps and attempt suicide himself... Only it didn't work, and all it did was give him the name of Arseface!"... a riveting story :-) This figure was cast, painted, and illustrated by Beau with a digital head sculpt by Tyler Ham, these are very limited and a must have for every Preacher fan! Head on out to the show to secure your very own!

"Strawberry Cream" Pie Guy & "Blue Magic" Pumpkin Boy from Super7!!!

Super7 just announced a few new figure colorways set to release the coming week, and the first... well, he's just delicious!!! Treat somebody special to something sweet this Valentine's Day with the "Strawberry Cream" Pie Guy! The adorably un-edible animated dessert is cast in marbled pink and glow-in-the-dark vinyl with a tan vinyl crust with a white whipped cream moustache. This dude will be available HERE on February 14th, at 12noon PST, for just $25! Pie not your thing... well, following on the heels of the Valentine's Day Pie Guy is Pumpkin Boy in the all new "Blue Magic" edition! He comes cast in blue and glow-in-the-dark marbled vinyl with dark blue, red, and silver sprays. He will be available HERE on February 17th, at 12noon PST, for $50 a pop!

Frazetta x Kozik x Kidrobot - "Death Dealer" get's the Munny and Labbit treatment!!!

Even more goodness from Frank Kozik and Kidrobot as he shares his rendition of Frank Frazetta's "Death Dealer"... a massive Munny place on top his mighty steed, an armor clad Labbit! While the Labbit is pretty cool, that figure atop the Labbit is INSANE! So much detail and sculpting... the chain mail, the etching on the helmet, the boots, the axe and the shield... it's so rad, and a great crossover! We love the interpretation from the original painting (posted to the left). This will be on display at Toy Fair 2016, and will most likely be on sale later this year!

"Capt QUINT" Evolved - an urban vinyl, designer toy on Kickstarter now!

From the shadowy waters of the deepest abyss rises a new breed of apex predator, perfected by evolution and honed by technology: "Capt QUINT"!!! This is the first in a new series of collectible 8" toys, nautically-themed and retro-styled, by Savannah-based Thomas Troisch, aka Troublefish. Crediting his name to the ill-fated shark hunter of Steven Spielberg's 1975 JAWS, "Capt QUINT" is inspired by the distinct lines of legendary comic book artist Hergé, the iconic designs and vivid markings from the golden age of aviation, and mankind's inherent fascination with sharks... and it' up to you all to help make this project a reality on Kickstarter!

Featuring the classic lines from the dawn of jet aviation, "Capt QUINT" is finished in the distinct colors and markings of mid-century fighters. To stay true to the urban vinyl culture, a limited number of collectible pieces are scheduled for public release... and as you can see, there are a ton of rad tier levels you can pledge! If funded, these will be produced by Pobber Toys, so you know the quality is there! Head on over HERE right now to check out the entire campaign. It's fun, it's different, and if you are into sharks... this is perfect!

Frazetta x Kozik - Kidrobot does Conan... with a Labbit and Dunny!!!

Just teased, Frank Kozik shared the above photo withe the caption "Wait...what....Frazetta x Kozik x Kidrobot see it at Toy Fair"... wait, what... indeed!!! It looks like Frank teamed up with the Frazetta estate to release a limited edition vinyl Labbit/Dunny set that is based off one of Frazetta's most famous paintings, "Conan the Barbarian"!!! As you can see from the OG art (left) the figure set also includes a Dunny concubine... oh, and what's more interesting, the picture above is cropped out... but looks like this set includes a base... color us intrigued as we are fans of both FRANK Frazetta and FRANK Kozik. More soon, and if you all are attending Toy Fair 2016, you get to see this in person!!!

Special Ed Toys presents: Alien vs Predator "Close To Midnight" Edition!!!

"It's close to midnight and something evil's lurking in the dark..." Alien vs Predator "Close To Midnight" Edition from Special Ed Toys is ready for it's super limited release of only 13 hand signed and numbered pieces for the "(In)action Figures 4" show at the Clutter Gallery! Each set comes with a dying E.T. that's close to reuniting with his buddy Michael in the great beyond and a Zombie M.J. that isn't quite ready to give up the evil of the thriller! Plus, as an extra ghoulish surprise, 3 of the 13 sets have a glow in the dark Zombie M.J. variant in place of the regular version! So if you're heading down to the opening this Saturday the 13th and want to nab one, we would suggest getting there early before they pull the plug on E.T. and before Michael moonwalks his way back into the crypt!!!

BLAMO Toys wants you to get in the "Pink" mood this Valentines Day!!!

With an assortment of clothing, jewelry, collectibles, and customs, the folks over at BLAMO Toys want to give you the most well rounded offering of PINK for this Valentines Day season! An adorable "Baby Bunny Suit" Onesie, limited edition "Pink" Rice Babies(only 2 left!!!), "Antique Pink" resin art toy HUG's, and a beautiful one-of-a-kind custom 7" Billy figure entitled "The Optimist" by artist Rudy Fig... all are up for grabs HERE right now!

Martian Toys x Absurd Toys - "Flying Saucer" resin art toy teaser!!!

Nico Meunier of Absurd Toys just posted a very intriguing photo... what appears to be the bottom of a flying saucer, an obvious teaser/wip photo of something releasing very soon. Oh, and seeing as Martian Toys is involved... we wonder if this is their mascot/logo. In any case, it's going to be rad because Nico is sculpting it... and that dude is pure talent! More on this resin art toy very soon!

Luke Chueh’s next vinyl bear designer toy from Munky King!

As you may recall, we spotted a new bear sculpture using Luke Chueh’s iconic form at Munky King’s San Diego Comic-Con booth. Pictured above in a clearer form, this newly surfaced shot probably indicates that the project is progressing and it looks to be perfectly in scale with the bear from the “Target” release! Digitally sculpted by Colus, we still suspect that this is based on Chueh's 2011 painting “Prisoner” (below), which — if correct — means we can't wait to see the massive pill container that this figure will be displayed in!

'Broke Piggy' launches their online shop!!!

This past weekend, the folks over at Broke Piggy just launched their online shop, and up for grabs... their remaining inventory of resin robots created by Leecifer, MAD, and Scott Tolleson, the "Lo-Tech Constructs". Available in both GID and Tarnished editions, these are just $18 a pop! Also up for grabs is the awesome "Winner Takes All" print by artist Jared Yamahata! All this awesome was first launched at Dcon 2015, and now, for those who were unable to attend, you can load up! Head on over HERE right now!

Squink!’s “Surfacing — Smoke Pool” version available Friday!

When super clean sculptor & painter Squink’s retired his “My Final Breath” resin pieces in 2014, it gave him a chance to reimagine the piece as the 'Happy Face'-based “Surfacing,” as you might recall. Bearing a passing resemblance to a perfectly fried egg, these 2-inch tall figures will be available in the pictured “Smoke Pool” monotone edition but in a very limited quantity! Available on Friday, February 12th, 2016 at 12pm Pacific time in the Squink! online store for £35 (approx. $50) apiece.

Wetworks × Ian Hancox’s “Bearded Villain” Resin Release for Charity!

Though their name might sound ominous, the Bearded Villains organization is actually a global brotherhood of follically blessed men who gather to do charitable work. Artist Ian Hancox created the 2¼-inch tall “Bearded Villain” resin figure to support this group, and now it would appear that Carlo "Wetworks" Cacho has hand-painted a micro edition of them! This five piece run will probably be available to order shortly, most likely to generate money for the Bearded Villains UK London Marathon Charity Fund, which will see six members of the Bearded Villains group run in the upcoming Virgin Money London Marathon on behalf of the children’s charity Barnardo’s. Please follow Wetworks and Ian Hancox on Instagram for updates on this fantastic looking release!

Are you ready to get rowdy? Duca’s “Melanzasca — Purple Bloc” Available Now!

Italian artist Silvano Beggio, who also uses the moniker duca, has been self-producing his “Melanzasca” resin figure to sell-out success. Mingling aesthetics from his local '80s hardcore punk scene and the famous bandit Renato Vallanzasca, “Melanzasca” is a cartoonish creation that appears akin to a mascot for A Clockwork Orange or The Warriors, a punk-laden post-apocalyptic spokesman who lets his nail-riddled bat do the talking! Pictured in the brand new “Purple Bloc” colorway, which is limited to a mere 6 pieces worldwide, these over 6½-inch tall pieces are available now in the duca online shop for €80 (approx. $90) apiece!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Who shot first?!?! "Non Solo" bootleg resin figure from Junk Fed!

For the upcoming (In)Action Figures 4 group exhibition at The Clutter Gallery, opening on February 13th and running until March 4, Junk Fed took on the age old question of "who shot first"... and created the "Non Solo" bootleg resin figure in hopes to really set the record straight. Half "Greedo" and half "Han Solo"... or is it 1/4 of each mashed up... we can't really tell, but what we do know is that this figure will be limited to just 5 pieces at the gallery opening, so if you can make it out, be sure to snag it up, as it might not be produced ever again!