Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Toy Art Gallery x Doubleparlour - "Seafoam Pearl" sofubi MERRYNERS announced!!!

Toy Art Gallery is proud to present this week’s special release of Doubleparlour’s incredible MERRYNERS set! Sculpted by Doubleparlour and produced by Toy Art Gallery, the "Seafoam Pearl" Merryners are articulated at the arms and waist, and come bagged with a header card. Each Merryner (Chap, Finn, Kipp, and Uwie) stand 7" tall and will be available as a set of 4 for $150 or $45 each. These are up for grabs HERE starting this Wednesday, March 4th at 12Noon PST!

"Earth", "Mars", and "Jupiter" Astro-Mu sofubi figures from Super7 revealed!!!

For years collecting "Astro-Mu 5" figures was nearly impossible, as the soft vinyl figures featured removable helmets, armor, gloves, and boots, meaning a complete piece was quite rare. And forget finding the missile-firing body versions with those little rockets still present! Originally made by Nakajima, these figures were known as nodders, featuring a button on their back nods that caused the head to move up and down while a button on the front moved the head left to right. While Paul Kaiju's brilliantly similar "Mr. Ree" brought some satisfaction for fans of these lovely works, a proper reissue of the six figures was long overdue. Announced in 2007, a reissue was in the works but finally — now — Super7 appears to have the go ahead... and above is the very first release of 3 figures in what they are calling the "Unpainted Black" vinyl first shot edition. Releasing this coming Thursday, March 6th will be the "Earth" edition, and then following each consecutive week will be "Mars" on March 12th, and then "Jupiter" on March 19th! All of these will be just $45 a pop... and for all you sofubi purists out there... these are for you!

Tru Slithers puts his own twist on horror!!!

Utilizing the 3" Dunny as his base, William O. aka Tru Slithers put his artists spin on two classics... 'Friday the 13th' and 'Clockwork Orange'. First up is "A Bit of the Old Ultra-Violence,"... a battle damaged Alex with stitches holding his split face together, pretty gruesome! The next is a battle damaged Jason from "Friday the 13th."... his mask his torn revealing part of his ugly deformed face... GROSS!!! Although these pieces are a little rough around the edges, William continues to push his artists abilities with each and every custom he creates. That being said, these are up for grabs in his online store HERE right now!

KAWS, Sucklord, Godzilla, Healeymade, and so many others... online art auction!!!

Looking to score some new and old works from artists like KAWS, Daft Punk x Medicom, Lifesize Chucky, Batmobile, Sucklord, Godzilla, Healeymade, and Green Hornet Ring Display... well, they are all being auctioned off HERE right now over on Paddle8! Some of these pieces are one-off customs, and others are long sold out "Grail" type figures! So, head on over and start bidding!!!

"Jangles the Pug-Wok" resin from Cesar Diaz!

Cesar Diaz has been on a tear lately, creating a ton of rad 3D printed figures and then taking them, molding and casting them in resin... and his latest creation "Jangles the Pug-Wok". He was digitally sculpted using Zbrush, 3D printed and then casted in resin for the final product. Each figure is hand painted using Citadel acrylic paints and then sprayed with a matte varnish for protection and stands approximately 3" tall. The figure is now available HERE right now for the sweet cost of just $15... so what are you waiting for??? Are you a pug fan, are you a Star Wars fan... how about a fan of both?!?! This is for you!!!

Monday, March 2, 2015

'P!Q: Grand Central Station' presents: "Twisted Mouse Show" group art exhibition!!!

In two weeks, on Saturday, March 14th, the folks over at 'P!Q: Grand Central Station' will be hosting a group art exhibit entitled "Twisted Mouse Show" and this will encompass all differnt types of mediums including custom toys, prints, and canvases... all of which are mouse-centric! Who's involved... a little bit of everyone from all around the world including: Carson Catlin, Jeremiah Ketner, Patrick Wong, Daniel Fleres, Crummy Gummy, Dolly Oblong, Erick Scarecrow, Vincent Scala, Juan Muniz, Zard, Eric Orr, Hungry Ghosts, Scott Tolleson, Sugar Fueled, Dillon Boy, Brandon Sopinsky, SRIL, JFury, Candie Bolton, Melodreama, Tasha, Hamfx, Betso, Leecifer, Downtimer, BURN353, CrashOne, MikeDie, kHayl, Task-One, Arkiv Vilmansa, Lou Pimentel, Lana Wharry, JC Rivera, Maximilian, ChrisRWK and Jay222. Kicking off at 4PM on March 14th... be sure to head on out to see these works in person!

"The Sucklord" - short video interview by Joey Garfield!!

Joey Garfield spends an afternoon with Morgan Phillips aka 'The Super Sucklord' himself a few months back in his old studio space as they chat about Star Wars, Gay Rights, and why Super Villains have the upper hand. This is a really well put together video showcasing the work that is done, behind the scenes, the day to day hustle that has to take place. Great video, and kudos to Sucklord... for always being real!

Silent Stage Gallery x Angry Woebots - Panda King 2 "Black Marauder" edition announced!!!

The folks over at Silent Stage Gallery have teamed up with Aaron Martin aka Angry Woebots once again to release a brand new colorway of Woes vicious "Panda King 2" figure dubbed the "Black Marauder" edition! Limited to just 10 pieces, these black tinted clear resin pieces are slated to drop on Wednesday, March 4th via the Silent Stage webshop HERE... that being said, if you want to reserve on before they release to the public, you can email sales@silentstagegallery.com right now - get on it!!!

“Anticipation Sketchup” 8-inch Custom Dunny from SketOne!

With our last post HERE a few days ago, we finally have the full scoop on the brand new custom Dunny release from SketOne... introducing the “Anticipation Sketchup”!!! 5 Years later the 2nd inception of Sket's 8" Sketchup is born... these customs are hand made to order, and just like every custom, they take a while to produce. Featuring an all vinyl body... each one will be different because of how the splattered ketchup effect is applied to the resin... making them all the more unique. Each one comes signed along with 8.25"x5.5" Metal condiment holder, a 2.25oz Mini bottle of ketchup, a 4”x4” Custom display card... but there is a catch! These will be available for just 24hours... so start deciding right now! They will be up for grabs HERE on March 6th, 2015 at 12AM EST and they will be available till 11:59PM PST --- 1 day ONLY! After this date, there will be no more orders taken, and this custom will be gone, like the first Sketchup!

SPONGE BOB SQUARE PANTS custom Dunny series from Blazon Brikhaus!!!

Liz SanQuiche, the driving force behind Blazon Brikhaus, has just announced an awesome custom Dunny release... and it's everyones favorite character "who lives in a pineapple under the sea" SPONGE BOB SQUARE PANTS!!! Limited to 5 pieces, all of which have different facial expressions, these will be releasing HERE this Saturday, the 7th of March at 12Noon EST! They will retail for just $50 a pop... SCORE!!!

Rotofugi presents: "Tamper" New Works by Amanda Visell & "Ships and Kitties" New Works by Michelle Valigura!!!

Amanda Visell returns to Rotofugi and brings a dose of awesome to the gallery with a new exhibit of paintings and papier maché works entitled "Tamper"! The opening is slated for Friday, March 6... and the best part, if you are planning on attending, Amanda will be on hand to chat with all her fans! Interested in her work?!?! Well... first availability of exhibit pieces will be at the gallery when they open at 11am on Friday. Gallery Previews email list members will be able to make purchases via email starting at 2pm Friday (the day of the opening)... so sign up HERE if you haven't yet! Exhibit continues through April 5, 2015

Joining Amanda Visell in the gallery this March is her longtime partner in crime, Michelle Valigura. Michelle's amazing ceramics will be on full display, and yes, there will be both ships and kitties... in a show entitled "Ships and Kitties", go figure :-) Join the crew over at Rotofugi as well as Michelle for the opening! Both opening receptions are on Friday, March 6, 2015, from 7-10pm... be there or be square!

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Retroband Kids's, "Creepy Kevin!"... released!!!

As previously announced, and teased, Aaron Moreno's Retroband Kids line is surging forward with a fourth release: "Creepy Kevin!"... and he's up for grabs HERE right now!!! Using a roughly 2-inch tall figurative form inspired by Garbage Pail Kids, the piece itself is derived from the creeping zombies from Night of the Creeps, complete with sculpting crawlies under the character's formal Prom attire. Each piece comes with a Retroband Kids trading card, completely hand made from scratch, and a rad backing card that features art from his frequent collaborator, Gabriel Hernandez (Worthy Enemies). Limited to an edition of 50 pieces... go snag one right now! Keep updated by following Moreno's Instagram feed, where further details of future releases will be announced.

"Satan's Aces" video teaser from Sam Fout & Dubose Art!!!

A little sneak peek... indeed!!! Sam Fout just passed along a little info and the video you see above for an upcoming designer toy line launching in the spring. It's called "Satan's Aces" and all the figures in this series have been designed as well as hand-painted by Sam, and sculpted and cast by Jonathan Dubose. The series will feature multiple characters and will be limited to just 50 pieces of each figure... other than that, and the preview of the first character we posted HERE, all is still very hush-hush! For up to date info, you can follow both Sam (@samfout) and Dubose (@duboseart) via their instagram accounts! Oh... and if you watch that video with a keen eye, you might just see all the characters in this series :-)

"No Love City" custom Mega Munny by DrilOne!!!

Josh Hammond, the founder/owner of clothing company No Love City, has been collecting designer toys and art for some time now, and most recently he and his wife decided it was time to commission one of their favorite artists to create a Mega Munny for their company... and above is what they got, a fantastic custom from DrilOne! Josh mentions "I've spent quite a bit of time admiring every detail of it up close and keep coming across new things I missed. He not only made it represent our brand, but really gave it the look of a tagged wall slapped on to a toy. He did this by taking the time to add personal touches, homage to past crews, lost friends, etc. Beneath the layers is really a powerful piece of art that we're honored to have in collection." Shoot... anyone would be stoked to have this in their collection, Dril did an amazing job!!! Congrats on a boss custom, Josh!

Super7 opens up shop... in SAN DIEGO!!!

We kinda had a feeling this was going to happen at one point or another... and sure enough it has, Brian Flynn of Super7 just announced that they are expanding store locations once again... and this time, it's in our neck of the woods, Sunny San Diego! Brian would always have solo shows down here, had a pop up shop at 5&A Dime (downtown SD), and always had a HUGE presence at SDCC, well now... they have a permanent location! This will be your one stop shop for apparel, designer toys, sofubi, kaiju, and every bit of ReAction you could ever want! Oh... and speaking of 5&A Dime, the new Super7 location is where their shop used to be (they are moving)... so it's right in the heart of downtown San Diego! Do you live near or around these parts... well, head on out to the grand opening on Friday, March 13th... expect tons of surprises! Follow their new Instagram account @super7sandiego for up to date info!
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