Thursday, October 8, 2015

MyPlasticHeart x Instinct Toy - NYCC 2015 releases!

Instinct Toy will have a HUGE presence at the MyPlasticHeart booth during NYCC 2015 this year and those of you attending can snag up a whole bunch of rad figures including: "Bat Liquid" - Comes in three colors and includes 2 sets of wings for multiple posing options as well as a stand for $45 each • "Halloween Inc 2015" - Available in 2 colors with light up action as well as Bat Liquid accessory for $210 each • "Snowy" - The first U.S. release of their newest figure, comes with 2 ice liquid glow accessories as well as removable hat and scarf. This is one you need to see in person! Limited edition for $180 each • "Baby Inc 10th Phantom Rainbow" - The smaller version of the popular Inc figure, This guy comes solo or with it's storage box these are $85 for the Baby Inc 10th and $165 for Baby Inc 10th plus Liquid Box 3rd! Swing by the MPH booth #113 during to convention to pick these up!

"Prize Hippo" & "Jump-Mandalorian" NYCC 2015 exclusives from Alpha Godz Ent.!!!

Save the hippos of Hippo Island!!! Some one is hunting them down and selling their stuffed heads as prizes! Nah just kidding... these are resin sculpts entitled “Prize Hippo” from Alpha Godz Ent. Available during NYCC 2015 at booth #111. These sculpts are priced at $50 a pop and are limited to 3 (8-bit, Regular, and Captain N blue) the head sculpt is resin and stands at 6” tall and is mounted on a wooden plaque that makes in 9” tall. All include box and wall mounting hardware on the back of each plaque. Also... the King Hippo custom of Toby HK's Holy MD Action Figure! This beast stands 13" tall and is for sale at NYCC at booth #111!

Also up for grabs is the all new "Jump-Mandalorian"!!! This is Alpha Godz Ent. first resin bootleg of a custom statue of a certain bounty hunter ready to dunk on the basketball court!!!He comes equipped with his fancy size 11 space shoes. Worn by a certain famous MJ. This figure stands at 9" without base and on the wooden base it's 13" tall. Priced at a $100, limited to 3 (white and concord, black and red, and glow-n-the-dark jedi spirit) stand and base included .

Jason Limon × Martian Toys - NYCC 2015 exclusive “Abominable Snow Cone” vinyl figure!!!

Based on the “Cryptid POW No. 3” painting by Jason Limon from 2014, the “Abominable Snow Cone” vinyl sculpture will be the Texas-based painter’s first production piece. Think about that… You've surely at least heard Limon’s name, and probably you’ve seen his exquisitely complex work, and you mostly likely already associate him with the art toy movement, but this is his first vinyl sculptural figure to be announced. Produced by Martian Toys, The Abominable Snowcone is a 3 piece set: a 7 1/4 inch tall Snowcone Monster, a 2 inch ice cream truck and a handy spoon ready to serve up some icy menace. Comes packed in a blister pack inside a box that Jason designed... and after our numerous posts HERE, HERE, and our video review HERE... it's finally time to be released!

Jason will be at New York Comic Con this week, starting TODAY, spending most of his time working in Martian Toys booth (#203). He will also be doing a signing there on Thursday from 10am to Noon. The Abominable Snow Cone will be available in the Cherry flavor and the Blueberry flavor is an NYCC exclusive in an edition size of 150. Both will retail for $125 each (or both for $200 at the convention only). After NYCC, you can pre-order your Cherry Abominable Snow Cone on October 12th or pick one up on the general release date of October 30th at martiantoys.com or various designer toy retailers.

Plastic Culture x Toykultur x Brotherhood of Toys - "SPOOKTOBER" Indonesian based custom Munny exhibition!

It’s the month of scare. The month of ghost stories where the wind blows and the dark cloud thickens. You hear the sound of the howling, something is lingering. You know it’s that time of the year. It’s SPOOKTOBER... and the folks over at Plastic Culture are hosting a huge custom Munny exhibition hosted by Brotherhood of Toys and curated by Toykultur! On display will be custom figures customized by artists from the islands of Indonesia. This exhibition will be held on October 31st, 2015 – November 8th, 2015 at Plastic Culture, at the Grand Indonesia Shopping Town. Featuring custom 4″ Munny's by Indonesia artists and illustrators, including: Alympu, Andi Martin, Arvi Oman, Bedlam, Bowo Baghaskara, Brian Harsanto, Burhan Bros, Castella Natalia, Celline, Chubby Monster, David The Killer, Dewi Sastra, Dunnylicious, Eric Noah, Freewilliy, Guerrel, Gunawan Lo, Kendy Tan, Kong Andri, Loredanzo, Margaret Yap, MIAO, Mr. Kum Kum, SEN Customs, The Good Habit, The Space Wanderer, ToyKultur, Ugagoo, WHOP, and Wijaya Santoso. It's going to be a great show!

Mr. Munk's custom from NYCC 2015!!!

Mr. Munk has been busy customizing up a storm for NYCC 2015, and although he will not be attending this year, Tenacious Toys will have all these custom Androids and Dunny's up for grabs at their booth in 'The Block'. Featuring a weathered grungy style, this urban-camo has hints of Munk's roots... really cool! Be sure to swing by the TT booth to pick these up!

MyPlasticHEart x Kyle Kirwan - NYCC 2015 exclusive Willo "Greed" edition!

MyPlasticHeart has teamed up with Kyle Kirwan on an special release of his Willo character from the Mudcat world: “Willo is a type of creature found throughout the world of Dor. They are found in a variety of colors from pale white to black. There are many legends and superstitions surrounding the different types of Willos. For instance glimpsing an all black Willo means someone will die, but a pink Willo brings good luck! Willos are docile creatures ranging from five to six feet tall with curly fur and antlers. They live in every corner of Dor but are timid and shy and uncommonly seen. The black and gold color signifies good fortunes, but with a catch.” The Willo "Greed" edition will retail for $125 and is limited to an edition of 5 figures. Exclusively available at the myplasticheart booth #113 during New York Comic Con while supplies last.

Shawnimals x MyPlasticHeart - NYCC 2015 exclusive "Pork and Bones"!!!

Continuing a Halloween tradition, this year’s holiday Pocket Pork Dumpling is aptly called "Pork and Bones". Designed by Shawnimals and painted by Joe Sommers of Squibblesink, each "Pork and Bones" is packaged blind boxed so you can get either the deep red or glow version. Available at myplasticheart booth #113 during New York Comic Con for $12 each... get one while the getting is good! Oh, and Shawnimals will be signing at the booth on Saturday at 4pm. Don’t miss it!

Kidrobot x Amanda Visell - "Ferals" Mini Series now available!

Have you been waiting to get your hands on the new Amanda Visell designed Kidrobot "Ferals" Mini Series??!?! Well, the wait is over... these are now up for grabs via Kidrobot.com and at select retailers! This is the first ever mixed platform blind box mini series from Kidrobot, and Visell created the series using various platforms including MUNNY, Trikky, Raffy and Dunny... all done up in her very recognizable style! Retailing for $11.99 per blind box, pick up a few, or buy a case!

Mark Nagata of Max Toy Co. CUSTOMS at NYCC 2015!!!

Mark Nagata of Max Toy Co. will have a bunch of customs up for grabs at NYCC 2015 this year... and above is what you can find! Some amazing custom sofubi creations, hand painted by the master himself, and the majority of them can be found at the Suburban Vinyl Toys booth including: "Ultimate ‪‎kaiju‬ SaiKobi ‪‎Mecha‬Dino‬, Galaxy ‎Negora‬, and Glow in Dark ‪kaiju‬ TriPus! Also, a custom Galaxy Spiki that will be up for grabs at the Martian Toys booth!!!

Jon Walsh's "Stormies" are back and releasing at NYCC 2015!

Stormies are back!! 4 years in the making (we originally posted about them HERE) and now for the first time you can get your hands on the DIY version at NYCC. Jon Walsh has teamed up with CashCannon and 4theLuvofToyzNY to cast these 3" resin pieces. You can be part of the "First Order" and get these at booth #208 (Tenacious Toys Collective) for $20 a piece. There will also be artist stopping by the booth to paint up some customs during the convention so make sure to stop by daily to see what new pieces are for sale.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Andrew Bell x MyPlasticHeart - "Karoshi San: Black Death" convention exclusive!

Did you miss out on Andrew Bell's CONVENTION exclusive "Karoshi San: Black Death" at SDCC??? Well, now is your chance to snag one up at NYCC 2015 as Karoshi returns in limited quantities for this convention release exclusive via myplasticheart, booth #113. Each figure includes a signed and numbered death certificate. Black Death is limited to 120 pieces... and is a rad figure that showcases the classic contrast of gloss and matte black vinyl!

Toy Art Gallery announces new Lifesize Fiberglass Figure Series!!!

Toy Art Gallery is proud to announce that the next generation of our Lifesize Fiberglass Figure Series is now available for purchase! Featuring an eclectic mix of artists from around the pop, toy and fine art world including: Brian Flynn’s "Doku Rocker" - KMNDZ’s "Wall Bomb" - Mutant Vinyl Hardcore’s "Sludge Demon DX" - Ron English’s "Little Big Foot" - Splurrt’s "Cadaver Twin" - Hiroshi of Three Tides Tattoo’s "Karakasa Obake"! The Lifesize Fiberglass Figure Series offers incredibly affordable renditions of familiar works at an enlarged scale. Each Lifesize Fiberglass Figure is crafted by hand and made to order, and each edition is comprised of only ten pieces or less. Head on over HERE now to pick one up!

Hunzter (JPX x Fools Paradise x IPH Team)... announced!

A brand new collaborative release, “Hunzter (Panda Version)” is reminiscent of the classic “Keiko” design though obviously masculine. Standing 12" tall, he wears an oversized mask, gloves, and shoes, this musclebound character transforms himself into the animal — or thing — he wears a costume of. Pre-order for this fantastic looking piece will begin on October 14th, 2015 at 9 pm Pacific time, limited to a maximum of 100 pieces made and available physically from playhouse shop (3rd FI, Winter Zone, Siam Square One, Pathum Wan, Pathum Wan, Bangkok, Thailand 10330) as well as online at JPToys and the Fools Paradise websites. Bearing a retail price of ฿7900 (approx. $215), these will most likely sell out quite quickly.

Bwana Spoons gets groovy with his 'Gravy Toys' during NYCC!

Bwana Spoons is geared up to go "Radabonzical" during NYCC 2015 as he announced that him and the 'Gravy Toys' crew will be posted up at the Clutter Toys booth #603 with a tons of toys... don't believe us? Check out that mess of vinyl above... AWESOME! There will be: Suns of Brodarr in a special "NYCC blind Bags" edition, Radabonzical Eybora, Cloudboy, Hobo Gravy Shogun, and Paulo Silk Screen prints. On top of that expect even more customs and a plethora of miscellaneous bits and bites!

'Broke Piggy' launching at Dcon 2015?!?!

Spotted over on Instagram just a few hours ago, a very intriguing logo for a new company/collective calling themselves 'Broke Piggy'! After investigating a bit, it appears that they have launched not only an Instagram account, but they have a Facebook and Twitter account as well... and in their description it says "Toys. Prints. Secrets." - very intriguing! We are definitely following all their feeds to hopefully find out more. That being said, if their product is as professional looking as that logo, we can't wait to see it!
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