Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Dunny-a-day "Monster" custom series from Zombiemonkie... 22 figures revealed so far!!!

Mikie Graham aka Zombiemonkie has just released a whopping 22 figures in his new Dunny Monster custom figure series via his store HERE - it has been a one figure a day, every day release so far... for the entire month of October... and there are some awesome designs already released! On top of the DIY version of each character releasing for $15, the next day, Mikie releases a fully painted version of the same design for $45... so cool!!! So are you keeping track??? That's 15 characters x 2 variations = 30 days of monster madness, and above are the designs up for grabs HERE right now!
To top it all off, on October 31st Mikie will reveal his largest and most in depth custom to date - a massive 20" Dunny Haunted House playset that all 15 mini monsters can be displayed in. As an added bonus, for every 3 figures purchased customers will receive a free "Jack O Lantern Dunny" that is only available through multiple purchases. Buy 3 get 1 FREE, buy 6 get a 2nd, buy 9 and receive another... and so on. There are 5 total special edition pumpkin styles to collect. Collect all 15 monster customs to uncover what the Mystery pumpkin design will be! So... be sure to follow Mikie on Facebook HERE to see which design is releasing and on what day... better yet, just bookmark his online store HERE and check it daily... some amazing figures, that's for sure!

The Masked Diggler rides again... Halloween release from Splurrt & Devils Head Productions!!!

Splurrt and Devils Head Productions are teaming up for what is becoming a Halloween tradition... and above are a couple teaser pics and the header card for an upcoming "Masked Diggler" release. Orange and Black... Mmmmmmmm, delicious!!! More info soon... stay tuned...

Time to take a PAUSE for chainsaws!!!

Every once in a while, we get clever with our headlines... and figured, what better time than now seeing as this post if for Pause Designs!!! Straying away from his normal custom figure steeeze, Pause took the more traditional route with a brand new series of paintings... that feature... animals and chainsaws! Titled "Can't lose / Can't gain", it's a continuation on his "Chainsaw Panda" character, consisting of 10 paintings which are all vinyl acrylic on various sized canvas... and hot damn do they look good! Interested in snaggin these up??? Well, they are going to be up for grabs via his online store HERE this Thursday, October 23rd! Hopefully he does prints of these... they are all so great!

8" custom "True Skully" Dunny by WuzOne!!!

Check out the latest custom from WuzOne... it's a custom 8" Dunny created for a group exhibition, “The truth of Pinocchio. A different way of storytelling” which launches the 22nd of November and runs till the 29th at GKO Gallery, Tolosa (Spain). Titled "True Skully", Wuz mentions that he tried to highlight elements of the classic design of the Pinocchio character he found most representative... especially the colors, not so much serious forms such as his famous nose. Just like all his customs, this is 100% hand painted using spray paint, acrylics, markers and finished off with a matte varnish. Stunning work, as always!

Kool51Designs xUrban Vinyl Daily - DCon 2014 exclusive "Blue Guardians" custom Dunny series!!!

For Urban Vinyl Daily's first 2014 Designer Con exclusive reveal, they are teaming up with the customizer Kool51Designs to release a custom Dunny series. Entitled "Blue Guardians", this is a series of 5 customs that each feature sculpted eyebrows, horns, and lips to create a very original sculpt. ... not to mention the unique eye paint applications!!! Each of these monsters were created with a mix of airbrush and hand paint work and finished off with three layers of automotive clear for one heck of a shine. These will be available at the Urban Vinyl Daily booth #921 for $50 during the convention. Make sure to stop by to pick one up!

Source [UVD Press]

The Disarticulators’ OG “Ooze-It Green” sofubi Oozeball preorder & Post NYCC 2014 sale!!!

Debuting at the Rampage Toys x Tru:Tek NYCC booth in prototype form a couple of weeks back, The Disarticulators are proud to reveal that their sofubi Oozeball will finally be available to preorder this week as part of our HUGE post-NYCC sale! A follow-up to last years hugely popular keshi-ball release, the DA’s Tru:Tek has completely redesigned the figure from the ground up. Beautifully sculpted by none other than Zectron, the 2-part design has been upscaled from the original 2″ diameter to little over 3″- making it both more in-keeping with the classic Madball scale! Currently undergoing wax prototyping over in Japan, the figure is set to be produced in a super-squishy soft vinyl mirroring the original Ooze-It doll, with this first "OG" release coming in an unpainted, pantone perfect deep green (artist interpretation subject to change). Up for preorder in the Man-E-Toys store HERE for a month starting this Friday, October 24th at 9pm GMT until Monday, November 24th, the OG sofubi Oozeball has been priced at just $50 shipped worldwide. ETA for the figure has been set for late January/early February 2015... but they are not done with just that news, there is MORE!!!

The Disarticulators, Disart ToyLabs and Gory Hole post-NYCC sale!!! They also have the aforementioned post-NYCC sale dropping at the same time. Check out that group image of everything above... and all of that'll be up for grabs - including the Oozeball proto, Rotten proto w/SHB head, Bootleg Black bartholio and the debut of the Leucotomy ball - detailed info on each figure including pricing and edition size can be found HERE in their extensive post on Man-E-Toys.

Source [Man-E-Toys PRESS]

Suburban Vinyl presents: "Masked Show" a custom group art exhibition!

Fall is here and that means the ghouls are out and will be bringing their tricks AND treats!!! So to get into the spirit, the folks over at Suburban Vinyl are having a Halloween custom mask group show... simply titled "Masked Show", and look at that artist roster!!! Featuring work from: John Grayson, Nati513, NemO, Playful Gorilla, CatAtomic, MattA*, JFury, BlazonBrikhaus, George Gaspar, Ayleen Gaspar, Chip Soup, and Wasted Talent... expect everything from creepy to cute and all things in between. This event will be held on October, 25th 2014 from 6pm-9pm... so if you are in the New Jersey area, be sure to swing by to see the pieces in this show in person!

Cameron Tiede's new "Crispy" figure from his "Scrambled Wood" series releasing at DCon 2014!!!

NEXT!!! Today we are showing off the third new figure from artist Cameron Tiede as his 'Wood Candy Workshop' company gears up for a special figure release at this years Designer Con 2014!!! Introducing "Crispy"... comprised of 4 different hard wood species: Walnut Cherry Maple and Padauk, all wood is naturally colored no dyes or stains, just oil and wax, and all the details are all inlayed. This 3" tall figure features 4 points of articulation (arms, head, and waist) and will be released during DCon via booth #110... but what you don't see, and what we can't share just yet, are what makes this figure VERY special! Stay tuned...

Mondo x Mike Mitchell - "Lil Mikey" vinyl figure up for pre-order NOW!!!

Mondo has been known for their excellence in poster art... releasing some of the most highly sought after pieces on the market by world class artists. That being said, they just announced that they are getting into the toy game, and talk about coming out the gates strong with their first release of "Lil Mikey" vinyl figure from Mike Mitchell! Spotted as a prototype at SDCC 2014 for the first time, this toy is based on one of Mike's designs in that series for Michelangelo, the free spirited Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle... and yes, he comes with a TMNT ice cream on a popsicle stick. Based on a series of pop culture characters called "Just Like Us", it's up for pre-order HERE right now!!! Standing 9" tall and retailing for $105 a pop (which includes FREE worldwide shipping), this is the perfect collectible for art toy fans. Although, the price tag is a bit high (in our honest opinion) , we feel like it won't diminish the sales of this piece, the first of hopefully many figures from Mike! No word on a quantity... so hop on this opportunity while they are still available!

JUNGLE's "Baby Skeleton Gaikochu Soldier," "Moguming" & "Moguring" sofubi releases!

For those that haven't had luck scoring these fantastic figures in the past, Japanese toy maker JUNGLE will be re-releasing the above pictured pieces this week. And yes, that means that Skulltula's "Baby Skeleton Gaikochu Soldier" (pictured very top) will be getting new colors! As will 10B-Factory's "Moguming" and "Moguring" pieces! All three pieces will be available Friday, October 24th, 2014 at 9PM Pacific time in the Jungle online shop.

Toy Break Episode 329: Speaking Of A Lot

George and Ayleen of Toy Break are back for another awesome episode as they are joined by ben of 3DRetro to talk about... well... TOYS!!! In this episode they touch on: Revoltech Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Big Hero 6 Fred, Rivet Wars The Mountaineer, Bella DelaMere, Arts Unknown, Eon Quest, FUNGUS, Andre The Giant, Designer Con, and sooooo much more! So kick back, carve an hour outta your day, and enjoy Toy Break!

VARIANT REVEALED: Ferg's 8-inch tall GID "Misfortune Cat 'Black and Blue'" Retailer Edition!

For the recently revealed "Black and Blue" retailed edition of Ferg's "Misfortune Cat," there will be a randomly inserted variant edition: the pictured blue glow-in-the-dark one. This 8-inch tall GID figure, cast in vinyl and ABS plastic with painted accents, will comprise roughly 10% of the entire run. Available soon from your favorite designer toy shop, these will retail for $85 apiece… though you won't know if you got the regular or variant edition until you open it!

Jeff Lamm × Unbox Industries's "SMD5" & "Otrovno" Figure(s) Coming Soon!

Unbox Industries have revealed the newest Jeff Lamm's cute-kaiju creation, "SMD5," which they will be releasing in vinyl. Pictured above from the backside, this test pull lacks the character's piping, as they are currently making sure all the parts simply fit together well. Probably around 6½-inches tall, to be inline with the other Lamm designed releases by Unbox, this character might have a counterpart… or, as I'm guessing, it has cast guts for innards. Pictured below, Lamm revealed what he's calling "Otrovno," the "disintegrating guts monster," which appears to share many design elements with "SMD5." So either this is the 'battle-damaged' version of the figure or it is the guts to the piece, I think. On a side note, Otrovno is Serbo-Croatian for poisonous or venomous; don't know if that indicates anything, but it certainly can't hurt to know!

COMING SOON: threeA's "Irimi Fuyu" & "Irimi Natsu" are TKLUB Number Five!

Ashley Wood's Tomorrow Queens line continues with TKLUB Number Five, "Irimi." Produced by threeA, this 12-inch tall (1/6th scale) figure will be available in either the "Fuyu" (冬, Winter) or "Natsu" (夏, Summer) versions, both packaged in an old school whitebox with sticker illustrated by Wood. Available on October 24th, 2014 in the Bambaland online shop, these will set you back $120 apiece.

HealeyMade's "Coven Witch" in Halloween Marbled Resin Edition Releases TOMORROW!

While holding aloft a razorblade laden apple would've been more appropriate to our Halloween fears, resin maestro David "HealeyMade" Healey's "Coven Witch" is quite frightening, holding forth miniature versions of her own head instead. This stunning Halloween-inspired marbled resin version will be available tomorrow (Thursday, October 23rd, 2014) in HealeyMade's online shop for the special low price of $25 apiece. While the time of release hasn't been announced, we're assuming 12 NOON Pacific time based on past experience.
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