Friday, August 22, 2014

"UFO Robot Grendizer" custom Qee from Rotobox!!!

Um... WOW!!! Check out the above recently completed custom 8" Qee by the super talented duo from Rotobox Vinyl Anatomica... I am floored, once gain, by the production like quality of their work... AMAZING!!! This 1of1 custom is part of their ongoing 'Suparobo Series' and this one in particular is based on the "UFO Robot Grendizer" from the Super Robot TV anime and manga created by manga artist Go Nagai. It is the third entry in the Mazinger trilogy, and these guys knocked it outta the park! Not only is the figure amazing, but it also comes with the added weapon and 'Spacer' vehicle that the figure fits inside... crazy!!!

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kOmega is the ninth artist revealed in the upcoming dopevinyl Dunny artist series!!!

How about we reveal the ninth artist involved in the previously announced dopevinyl Dunny artist series... it's San Diego based artist kOmega, and he has these 3 custom Dunny's with the signature "fosl" style added to them! This trio of 3" tall beautifully painted/sculpted Dunny's are what we come to expect from him, a noticeable style the moment you lay eyes on it - we just love the grittiness of these, almost as if they crawled out of a dark cave... and when this series actually goes up for sale, you would be stoked to get one of these! More info on the release of this series very soon... only 2 more reveals to go!!!

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Shadoe Delgado's "The Sluggish Shadow Thing" custom Android for his Commission Project!

As we previously announced, sculptural customizer Shadoe Delgado has begun a Commission Project, aiming to do at least one commissioned custom each and every week for the next year. Pictured herein are the piece he created most recently: a 3-inch tall Android figure that has been sculpturally transformed into "The Sluggish Shadow Thing." A bit reminiscent of some nightmarish creature from Lovecraft's fervent imagination, Delgado took longer than normal to plan out how to approach this piece, but — now that he's done it — he has the method down and is able to make similar pieces more quickly. Those interested in becoming part of Delgado's Commission Project and commissioning an Android (or other platform) can simply place their order for the appropriate sized beast in Delgado's online shop, or you can contact the artist at ShadoeDelgado [at] gmail [dot] com to work out your commissioned piece with Delgado directly.

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Silent Stage Gallery x Angry Woebots - Panda King 2 "Nightmare" edition announced!!!

The folks over at Silent Stage Gallery have teamed up with Aaron Martin aka Angry Woebots once again to release a brand new colorway of Woes vicious "Panda King 2" figure dubbed the "Nightmare" edition! Limited to just 30 pieces, these satin finished black solid resin pieces have been hand painted by Woes and are slated to drop on Tuesday, August 26th at 11am PST via the Silent Stage webshop HERE... that being said, if you want to reserve on before they release to the public, you can email sales@silentstagegallery.com right now - get on it!!!

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ATAMA Presents: "Realm" a new solo show featuring the works of RXSeven!

"Realm" is a different perspective on life and death and the brilliant dance between the two. Both life and death can depict beauty and are able to take on many forms. Most people often see death as a darker and cruel end to this life though. RXSeven has chosen to embrace this inevitable doom and show the side of beauty that it also bestows. The idea that every life contributes to the next within a cycle that ever continues moving forward. The folks over at ATAMA are stoked to be bringing together under one roof a full body of work by Texas based artist RXSeven... and based on his previous work, those attending this show are all in for a serious treat! That being said, if you are in or around the Dallas area, be sure to swing by ATAMA on Saturday, August 23rd from 7PM-9PM.

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Remaining pieces from the "Modified Wool" Chima Group Custom Show are available online NOW!

From everything we've heard, the previously announced "Modified Wool" custom toy show was a smash success! Raygun Comics's newest location — in Hackney — had quite the successful grand opening while exhibition curators Dan Perry of fugi.me & Penny Taylor of Taylored Curiosities had "a fabulous time hosting the show." Ten of the customized Chima Group "Wool" figures sold on the opening night, as did all the exclusive red colorway of the figure. Attendees were treated to a raffle with some prizes, lots of freebies, dinosaur shaped cookies, and even some hidden resin toys out and about the store to find. The handful of remaining custom "Wool" pieces from the show are available online HERE now!

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"Watson Leverton" the UME Toys hotdog!!!

Rich over at UME Toys has just released a brand new resin figure, and he's looking for a new home... meet "Watson Leverton" the UME hotdog - standing just under 3" tall, this little guy is served ready to display. This one off 'Skull Face' custom sports a glossy red sauce finish on his back along with a cheeky smile on his front! If he is still available, you can grab him HERE!

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SubUrban Vinyl x JC Rivera - "Dead as F#ck" group custom show announced for NYCC 2014!!!

News is starting to trickle in for NYCC 2014... and starting things off is the announcement of what appears to be quite an amazing custom show! Hosted by the folks over at SubUrban Vinyl, and in conjunction with artist JC Rivera, they are proud to present the "Dead as F#ck" group custom show... featuring JC's resin DEAD Bear Champ figure! This will be on display at the SubUrban Vinyl Toys booth #208 during the convention and will feature a ton of custom DEAD Bear Champ figures from artists around the world! More on this in the coming weeks as well as teasers of customs from artists involved!

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You heard the man, PAINT HIM! Emilio Subirá's "Johnny paint me motherf***er" DIY resin figures!

Quite possibly the best D.I.Y. platform idea that I've ever seen, Emilio Subirá's "Johnny paint me motherf***er" has a Renaissance sculpture style meets junk toy aesthetic on the body, while the head is shear genius, being nothing more than a mini stretched canvas. Sold in a variety of colors, these articulated polyurethane resin pieces come ready to be painted and/or customized. Handmade to order by the artist at his studio in Seville, Spain, these "Johnny paint me motherf***er" figures come in either the full-sized 17cm (~6¾-inch) version and the mini 12cm (~4¾-inch) tall rendition, with prices ranging from €25 to €50 (approx. $33 to $66) depending on color and limitation. Available now in Subirá's online shop!

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Ian Ziobrowski's custom "FP-420" Death'sHead figure... is stunning!!!

Ian Ziobrowski shares with us today his latest, and greatest, commission... the "FP-420", WOAH!!!! "In 2028, WWIII devastated planet Earth. Populations were decimated, factories stopped production, food shortages were rampant, and very few survived the slaughter. Humankind was set back thousands of years. The limited few that were left moved North or South, anywhere to escape the war madness surrounding them. Generations of families did what they could to survive. Many created small communities from the rubble of war - old factories, the remains of corporate technology, 21st century waste, etc. Today is 2420, and one small mystical hamlet, 'Nugglife', sits high above all others in the territory formerly known as the Smokey Mountains. This plush and close-knit community is one of the last green growing regions on Earth. Its leader, Nuggs, is the most infamous grower in the world and he is about to unleash his most recent creation the "FP-420". The FP-420 was created in an old gun factory responsible for the development of the miserable WWII failure, the FP-45 Liberator. With the 2 story factory fully converted based on Nugg’s mastermind schematics, this facility can yield up to 10 bushels every 65 days. Climate controlled via a two part diversion system, Nugg’s can keep the perfect temperature and humidity levels for his philanthropic operations." Talk about a backstory... but I guess a piece as EPIC as this deserves a little thought :-)

Created from a 10" tall Death'sHead figure from David Flores and Blackbok Toys, this piece has been worked from the inside out, added to, modified, crafted and painted 100% by Ian... oh, and if you turn of the lights, this bad boy is powered by a 9 volt battery, and is fitted with multiple LED's! Seriously amazing work! Can't get enough Ian??? Head on over to his website HERE and check out all his amazing work!

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TRU:TEK's Gory Hole t-shirt, toy & 'zine brand to debut at NYCC 2013 with… "Ooze-ball" metal rings!

Master maker of weirdness TRU:TEK, known for his countless Disarticulators projects, will be expanding out and launching a new brand: Gory Hole! Focused on being a 'zine, toy and t-shirt place, Gory Hole are actually launching with some jewelry. Set to debut at the 2013 New York Comic Con, these pewter Ooze-it inspired metal rings — actually depicting The Disarticulators's "Ooze-ball," one can assume — were sculpted by baindots and will be part of the brand launch at TRU:TEK & Rampage Toys's NYCC Booth.

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Designer Toy Awards finalist for World's Shittest Toy: Schmucklord's "Super Crooked Art Moves" (S.C.A.M) Raffle #2!

Self-announced as "the Designer Toy Awards finalist for World's Shittest Toy," the Super Sucklord parody artist Schmucklord finally reveals "Shit Brick," which is another "pathetic attempt at an art toy, a piece of Schmucklord Plop Art," and the next prize for the "Super Crooked Art Moves," or S.C.A.M, raffle series! All you need to do is post, tweet, or whatever #schmucklord for the chance to be a loser; you can find him on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Today (Friday, August 22nd, 2014) is the first — and possibly last — day to enter this raffle, so get on it!

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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Resin "Hoodie Panda" collectors set by Cacooca for STGCC 2014!

Cacooca recently posted up via his Instagram a sweet little promo for his "HOODIE PANDA" resin figure set release. Up for grabs for the first time at STGCC via booth #AA80 in Artist Alley, you can get the 5.4" tall "Panda" and his little "Pug" buddy along with a special limited edition wooden box, COA, and prints!!! The sculpt and the distressed details on this piece are really amazing, and they are all 100% handmade by Cacooca, which is super impressive considering there are 100 total sets... that's a TON of work!!! Snag one up for $288, and look for them to release online shortly thereafter!

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Let the Prohibition Era, old timey fashion shine! Crux's "H. Gurdy Fancycrasher" custom 7-inch tall Munny!

Relatively new customizer Crux shows off that he has some serious chops with "H. Gurdy Fancycrasher," a 7-inch tall Munny that has been modified with Sculpey and hand-painted. This sculptural work in real fabric clothing — provided by Claraphi — is "inspired by the old timey fashion of the prohibition era," a character that is "destined to celebrate" and "always up to crash a good shindig!" Available now from Crux's online shop, this tightly constructed one-of-a-kind piece will cost you only $200.

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"Gooey Baby" and a "Ballerina" - What is Psycho Scimitar up to?!?!

Alex over at Psycho Scimitar has got a couple of things going up in his online shop tomorrow (8/22/14) at 9am... and above is a little taste of what you can expect! First up is a brand new edition of the "Gooey Baby" wooden figures (Bubblegum edition), they'll be $30 each, and they are limited to an edition of 12 pieces! Sold blind and 6 of the 12 have mixed parts. The figures are just over 10" tall, 6" wide and about an 1" thick. Besides that, there will be his first tank-top release. Two different colors of tank, one with a black print, and the other with a pink to blue gradient print entitled "Ballerina". They're screen printed by hand and the edition size for both colors is VERY small... and if you can get over how flashy they are, hit the link HERE to snag them up :-)

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