Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Kidrobot x Seriously - "Best Fiends" vinyl SLUG figures for SDCC 2015!

We had previously touched on the partnership between Kidrobot and 'Seriously' about a month ago, talking about the upcoming line of figures based of the "Best Fiends" mobile app... and today, we have the official word that these will release at SDCC 2015 for the first time! The Best Fiends X Kidrobot "Slug" vinyl figures aka the male “Devourer” and female “Lola” Slugs, will be available in both black and glow-in-the-dark editions. The Slug vinyl figures will also launch for order on Amazon.com and shop.bestfiends.com simultaneous to their release at SDCC. These limited edition Slug vinyl figures will retail for $50 and will be up for grabs via the Kidrobot booth #5645!

"Superman", "Batman", "Doomsday", "Robin" & "Joker"!!! MAD offers up MAD*L "Characters" print series batch #8!!!

Jeremy "MAD" Madl just put up for grabs a whole new batch of prints into his online store... and this is a brand new series all based on his MADL character/figure! Based on a bunch of influences that MAD grew up with, these all look awesome and fit right into the MAD*L universe! Right now... MAD is offering up limited edition 6" x 6" prints of the various artwork in "Batches", with each batch contain 4-6 different designs. Each print is sold individually and is signed and numbered (edition of 25) prints are on heavy watercolor paper, with backer card and sleeve for protection. This eigth batch features a slew of DC Comic Book characters including:"Superman", "Batman", "Doomsday", "Robin" & "Joker"... for just $20 a pop! Head on over HERE right now to grab these!

Super7 × Funko's "Nightmare Before Christmas" Exclusive ReAction Figures for SDCC 2015!

The ReAction Figure partnership between Super7 and Funko have plenty of goodness coming your way for this year's San Diego Comic-Con, such as these orange-tinged “Pumpkin King” versions of Jack Skellington and Sally from Tim Burton’s cult classic, The Nightmare Before Christmas. Each of these 3¾-inch tall action figures is housed in a blow-molded “Pumpkin King Ornament” that's ready to trim your tree, even if its a bit early to be thinking about it. Exclusively available at Super7's SDCC Booth #4945, these are a mere $20 apiece and are limited to one of each design per person.

Rotofugi x Squibbles Ink x Chris Ryniak - SDCC 2015 exclusive "Silver Mist" Snybora announced!

While the folks over at Rotofugi and Squibbles Ink haven't been super active with their 'Lake Monsters' series of figures, they couldn't resist painting up one of the Chris Ryniak designed Snybora figures for SDCC 2015... and this one is a beaut!!! Featuring vibrant green vinyl with silver and teal sprays, this Snybora will be priced at $35 a pop and will be up for grabs at their booth #5248 during the convention!

AVAILABLE NOW: Coarse Toys’s “Permanent Guest - Delusion” vinyl sculpture!

The artist duo of Mark Landwehr & Sven Waschk, better known as Coarse, follow-up their quickly sold out two “Permanent Guest” editions with a third one… “Delusion,” which is the most similar in colors to the piece first shown at the December 2014 solo exhibition Prisoners Beside Me at Rotofugi Gallery in Chicago. This vinyl sculpture measures 20 × 8 × 5 inches and is limited to 345 pieces, available exclusively through Coarse retailers. Find the nearest store to you HERE and ensure you'll receive one of these $199 sets when they ship in the Fall of this year.

3DRetro x Plasticgod - SDCC 2015 exclusive Nick Cave designer toys!!!

Have you ever wanted Nick Cave designer toys.... well, Plasticgod and the folks over at 3DRetro are going to make that happen! Releasing this year at SDCC 2015 via the 3DRetro booth #5045, there will be 6 figures designed by Plasticgod based on some of Nick's classic song titles. Some are obvious, some are not... "Red Right Hand", "Tupelo", "You Turn Me On - white version", "Ship Song", and "Into My Arms"! Standing 6" tall, and retailing for $40... there will be 250 of each design except for the GID "You Turn Me On" edition of which here will only be 50 made! 1050 total pieces, and ONLY ten of them will be signed by Nick. That being said... Plasticgod will be signing the Nick Cave figures for fans on Friday at the convention from 1pm-2pm PST.

VIDEO REVIEW: Junko Mizuno × Kidrobot - “Berry Chocolate Lady” 8-inch Dunny!

Thanks for our good friends over at Kidrobot, we've been able to hold in our hands the upcoming Junko Mizuno designed “Berry Chocolate Lady” 8-inch Dunny! This San Diego Comic-Con exclusive colorway of the “Violet Soda Girl,” an upscaled rendition of the highly sought after 2012 Dunny Series “Purple Soda Girl” design, is a “brown that looks like chocolate,” according to Mizuno, who “really like[s] her because she kind of looks like my very first toy that came out in Japan over ten years ago.” You might notice an added element to the chest for this version, which was conceived by Mizuno “when I heard from Kidrobot about making 8-inch version of Soda Girl. I didn’t want it to be just an enlarged same thing, I wanted to change and add something new so it wouldn’t be boring. So I changed the colors a bit and added my favorite elements that often appear in my drawings, heart & skulls.”

Berry Chocolate Lady” will be available at Kidrobot’s SDCC Booth #5645 for $100 apiece, which can be signed by Mizuno during her appearances there on Thursday, July 9th and on Friday, July 10th, 2015, at 1-3PM Pacific time each day.

This year, Kidrobot is generously extending a tiny portion of their SDCC Booth to both Kidrobot San Francisco and Kidrobot Las Vegas, allowing them to share a very limited quantity of their San Diego Comic-Con exclusives. This includes copies of “Berry Chocolate Girl,” which will be available beginning Thursday, July 9th at both locations. For those not lucky enough to attend the convention or visit either store, it seems unlikely that any copies of the piece will remain unsold by the end of the convention and thus not available from Kidrobot.com, but bear in mind that the proper “Violet Soda Lady” colorway will release in stores and online this July.

DKE Toys x Manly Art - SDCC 2015 exclusive "Pimp2-D2’s Pimp Speeder"!!!

Feeling a bit Manly??? Well... after this bit of information, you should because we just got word from DKE Toys that they have teamed up with Jason Chalker aka 'Manly Art' once again to release a brand new figure... the "Pimp2-D2’s Pimp Speeder"!!! This exclusive DKE Toys release features a slick purple paint job with custom orange tinted wind screen, custom seats, and 3 different hood design decals for you to choose from. Now Pimp2-D2 can float along in style with his personal chauffeur on the Pimp Speeder’s Pimp-Glide Suspension on his never-ending quest to make the galaxy fly as can be! There’s even a compartment for storing pimp canes, pimp hat, weapons and anything else a pimpin’ droid might need. R2 figure not included but it does come with exclusive chauffeur figure. If you got the c3pHO figure or Pimp2D2 then you gotta have this one. The catch is, there are only 30 of them, and they each use a vintage star wars landspeeder from 1977... so be sure to head on over to the DKE Toys booth #5045 to secure one before they fly away for good!

Scott Wilkowski × Luke Chueh × Munky King’s “Infected Target” for SDCC!

Wisconsin-based artist and sculptor Scott Wilkowski’s true calling is elevating an art toy into true art, casting released pieces in resin around a skeletal system he's created for each. These fantastical inner workings are what make the classic concepts that Wilkowski tackles all the more memorable and, as sculptural works, they are in a league of their own. Teased by Munky King as a San Diego Comic-Con release, Wilkowski has partnered with contemporary artist Luke Chueh to “infected” — as Wilkowski calls his process — Chueh’s massive “Target” bear. The original figure is known for holding a paint brush which its freshly used to paint a target upon itself, a target — that in Wilkowski’s complex inner sculpt — will be directly over the bear’s heart… And a truer target there couldn't be, as it seems the bears skeletal system even mimics the look of a target around the heart. A wonderful interpretation, this limited edition release will be available from Munky King's SDCC Booth #4851 for an unannounced amount.

Super7’s “Masters of the Universe: Stage 01 Prototype Action Figure Collection!”

In the most thrilling game of ‘what if?’ since their release of the Alien action figure line, which launched the ReAction Figure phenomenon, Super7 have re-imagined if He-Man and the Masters of the Universe were sculpted in the 3¾-inch tall style of the 1970's Star Wars line from Kenner. Titled “Masters of the Universe: Stage 01 Prototype Action Figure Collection,” the four unpainted figures in this set each come with their uniquely appropriate accessories: He-Man and the Power Sword, Skeletor and his Havoc Staff, Mer-Man and his sword, and Beastman with his whip. Available exclusively previously announced “Skeletor’s Lair” pop-up at Super7’s San Diego store (701 8th Avenue, Corner of 8th & G), taking place solely during the days of San Diego Comic-Con, each set will be $60 apiece and be limited to a mere one per person.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Patrick Wong's "MPC 2000XL: Air Jordans 3" resin figure GIVEAWAY!

Patrick Wong has just announced an Instagram promotion to support his latest resin edition from the 'Beats Series' MPC 2000XL... and this is a special colorway based on the iconic Air Jordans 3 basketball shoe, just for the giveaway! The 3" resin collectible is not for sale and only available through the promotion. You can enter by following @patrickwongart on Instagram, repost the contest ad, and include the hashtag #patrickwongart. One winner will be announced on July 13, 2015 and no private Instagram accounts are allowed. Do you dig this figure?!?! Well, the Beats Series Part 4 MPC 2000XL in beige or blue colorways are available for preorder through July 12, 2015 right now HERE for just $35 each... go grab one, or two!

"Children of the Other" custom Bub by 'The Other Guy'!!!

Trevor aka 'The Other Guy' finished up a boss looking custom Kidrobot Bub recently, and we just had to share it! In what he is calling the "Children of the Other" style, he utilizes a mess of colors all of which are brushed on in a uniform yet chaotic method to create a fun mythical looking character... which, by the way, is up for grabs HERE right now with FREE shipping in Canada and the USA!!!

Buff Monster's "Mister Melty" rides again... this time as a vinyl/resin hybrid!!!

Buff Monster's "Mister Melty" is back, and for the first time, the 2-faced head comes complete with body!!! The head is white Japanese vinyl and the body is white hand-poured resin (making this the first vinyl/resin hybrid figure Buff has released). Available painted and unpainted; The painted version features a variety of bright colors and a nice shiny gloss coat. Both come with a brand new sticker, bagged with a header. The painted version is $35 (+S/H); the unpainted version is $30 (S/H). Want one??? Well, both will be available HERE this Friday, July 3rd at 10am EST... grab both before they melt away!

Color Ink Book SDCC 2015 exclusive cover variants!

The guys over at Color Ink Book are hitting SDCC 2015 hard and heavy once again this year with a ton of exclusive artist covers for DIY Art Periodical... and WOW are these great! With covers from: Claw, Huck Gee, KMNDZ, Bob Dob, Lola, SketOne, Ragnar, Nychos as well a a cool blank cover for artist signings/sketchings, their booth will be full of awesomeness. Be sure to stay tuned for their full signing schedule, and don't forget to swing by their booth to pick up all of these rad cover variants!

DKE Toys x Alex Pardee - SDCC exclusive B.U.N.N.Y.W.I.T.H. "Clear Pink" set!!!

This is a set of the original 5 Series 1 "B.U.N.N.Y.W.I.T.H." figures and the exclusive "B.U.N.N.Y.W.I.T.H. Affinity for Slave Women"... all of which are created in a beautiful "clear pink" pvc for this SDCC 2015 release! Bagged with header card, only 100 sets made... and these can be yours via the DKE Toys booth #5045 for just $20 bucks a set... that's right, all 6 figures!!! Created by Alex Pardee and sculpted by George Gaspar (October Toys), these are a must if you are attending the convention!
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