Thursday, March 26, 2015

Tesselate's "Elok twins and their overgrown orange dispensing machine"... phewwww, that was a mouthful!!!

Tesselate has a brand new creation ready to post up in his online shop, and unlike the previous releases from him, this little guy, entitled "The Elok twins and their overgrown orange dispensing machine" is quite the complicated build! Standing 9.5" tall, this is a one off handmade creation that includes a collection of mixed media, including resin, super sculpey, foamex, and all kinds of paint locked down with acrylic sealer."The Elok Twins found this abandoned military mech deep within the woods whilst out foraging one day. Weeks later, they had given it a lick of paint, invited along some friends and are about to get busy dispensing some orange. Because who doesn't like orange?" I like orange... how about you?!? If so, this will be up for grabs HERE on Monday, March 30th at 12Noon PST for around $130!

Blackbook Toy's new “Cherry 1.0” edition S“K“UM-kun!!!!

S“K“UM-kun is back for a new release!! Originally released in 2011 as a mascot of toy shop ZacPac, which no longer exists... the folks over at BlackBook Toy, brought him back to life! Needless to say, this is the official collaboraiton with legendary SK8 punk rock band, Suicidal Tendencies. His bandana, the way he wears the shirts, it’s so Mike Muir. There are also some changes to him... like handsigning “ST” on his back, the Suicidal Tendencies logo on his back and embroidery on the cap which is an official New Era 59FIFTY cap, 4 1/4! This “Cherry 1.0” edition features a striking purple, pink, and white colorway...so great!!! Limited in quantity, this 9.5" tall figure will be up for grabs HERE at 11pm on March 27th, 2015 for around $100 a pop!!!

Medicom Toy x Skinner - Exclusive “Morgogg” and “Ogos” figures!

Can't get enough “Morgogg” and “Ogos” from Skinner?!?! Well, that's a good thing because the folks over at Medicom Toy have an exclusive colorway of these two brutes! Standing over 12" tall with multiple points of articulation, this colorway features some icy cool blues along with some contrasting reds and blacks along with hand painted details! If you are in Japan, snag one up HERE for 22,680yen($191) each, and for those of us in the states... well, it looks like we might just be getting what's left over as they are offering up a lottery for each figure HERE for “Morgogg” and HERE for “Ogos”.

Clutter Magazine: Issue 24 - March 2015 - OUT NOW!!!

As you might've already heard, Clutter Magazine has gone mini-sized and monthly, while remaining a completely FREE print publication... and their first issue under this format — issue #24 — is available now right HERE!!! Clutter continues to bring you amazing content related to the Designer Toy industry and in this new issue #24 — the March 2015 issue — they feature cover art and an interview with Luke Chueh! Also included in the pages of this issue are the following: Grimsheep interview, Grizlli Atom interview, Joe Scarano interview, Mab Graves interview, Mutant Vinyl Hardcore's Mutantology spotlight, Collective's Judge Dredd spotlight & interview! Not near any free outlet? Now worries as you can treat yourself to one of their new subscriptions to the magazine HERE right now!

Wallace & Gromit's mute mutt is unleashed by JamFactory as "GRMT!"

JamFactory introduces a fantastic rendition of his "GRMT" design on the 6.5-inch tall "Gromit Unleashed" resin figurine. This special batch of pieces are all signed & numbered, limited to an edition of 10, with every penny from the sales being donated to the Bristol Children's Hospital. Coming with a matching numbered postcard, these will be available tomorrow (March 27th, 2015) at 2AM Pacific time in the JamFactory online store for only £50 (approx. $75) each.

Robotoki x Squid Kids Ink – "Oki" vinyl figure announced for WonderCon 2015!!!

Artist and game designer, Robert Bowling, is an avid fan of vinyl toys... in fact, he formed a close relationship with Nate Mitchell over at Squid Kids Ink from the get-go and most recently asked Nate to help produce his very own vinyl figure... and above is the result. Introducing "Oki", the mascot of Robotoki Games. Standing 3.75" tall, this little orb of a figure is simplistic in nature, nice and clean, but still has some attitude as the majority of it looks like an eye. Nate of Squid Kids Ink mentions that this is the very first figure that he's produced that wasn't his own design... he modeled it, designed the packaging, and handled the production... and it turned out great! Want one?!?! Well... you can be one of the first to own this little guy if you plan on attending WonderCon 2015 as Nate will have some available via his booth #1548 for just $15 a pop! Oh, and if you want to learn more about the entire process... check out Nate's blog post HERE.

Joshua Ben Longo's "Monster Skin Rugs" are live on Kickstarter now!

It's alive! Or, I mean, the Kickstarter campaign is live… Yes, the previously announced crowd funding for Joshua Ben Longo's "Monster Skin Rug" is now up for your pledging pleasure. Born from a love of all things monstrous as well as a passion for design, Longo's rugs are currently all handmade, which leads to an unfortunately high cost to the consumer. Through this Kickstarter, Longo hopes to raise enough funds to produce 300 rugs in a quality factory (the minimum order)… Let's help him do it, folks!

Amanda Visell x Kidrobot - Production Raffy in the works?!?!

One thing we are starting to notice under the helm of Kozik as CD for Kidrobot is that he is taking already established platforms, normally ones that have just been used in the DIY capacity, and is turning them into artist canvases for production pieces. Case in point, the 'Tricky Cats' blind box series (posted HERE) and now this little teaser showing off an Amanda Visell "Raffy" figure. Now... this could be a custom piece... but why would Kidrobot be teasing this if it was?!?! That being said, will Raffy, Trikky, and the other Munnyworld platform figures be turned into production pieces?!?! If that's the case, this could really ope the door for Kidrobot and the creatives involved with the company. No real word on wha't happening, but time will tell. What are your thoughts?!?!

BLObPUS × Paul Kaiju's "Vertebrata (Raspberry Monster)" Lottery!

As beautiful as she is deadly, the collaborative creation from BLObPUS and Paul Kaiju known as "Vertebrata" was produced by Toy Art Gallery in soft vinyl and now is available in the "Raspberry Monster" hand-painted version by BLObPUS. Standing roughly 9-inches tall, hose interested in buying one of these should email shopping [at] blobpus [dot] jp with the following information:
  • Name: 
  • Country: 
  • Address: 
  • Telephone number: 
  • PayPal address: 
The deadline is not specified, so enter as soon as you can… Those chosen as winners only will be notified, at which point they must pay ¥16500 (approx. $140), shipping not included.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles × Masters of the Universe = "Cowabunga He-Man!"

Using the iconic body from a Masters of the Universe action figure and a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles inspired head, which reminds me of Mondo Gecko being mashed with one of the boys, this "Cowabunga He-Man" resin figure from Bacee of Panda Propaganda SLC is now available. Standing 5¾-inches tall, this strange mash-up is available now in the artist's online shop for $29.99 apiece.

Ryan Lee Fitness's "Rumbbell Exercise Gummi Figures" from Unbox Industries!

Yes, the Hong Kong sensation of Ryan Lee Fitness's "Rumbbell Exercise Gummi Figures" are going to be available online from Unbox Industries. Yes, these keshi style pieces depict the fittest toy hero in a variety of poses, with each 2-inch tall figure being sold in a blind box. There are nine different figures in the mystery box set, including the three shown below, which will be available to purchase today (March 26th, 2015) from Unbox Industries's online shop for $9 apiece.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Argonaut Resins gets "YingYang" with their new release!!!

Argonaut Resins will be opening up a pre-order for the all new 8" tall "YinYang" Tuttz cat custom this Thursday, March 26th at 9pm EST. These customs will feature the Extreme black and white theme and will be limited to only 10 pieces world wide, retailing for $165 shipped in the USA. Also included in the release will be a matching YinYang Tuttz resin magnet, a full set of the Muertos die-cut vinyl stickers, three all new Yin Yang Tuttz stickers and a blind bagged signed 2.5" x 3" original art sketch card from artist creator Eric Nocella Diaz. All orders will ship in two weeks from the date purchased and the pre-order option will close on March 31st. All customs will be numbered and signed and come with a custom signed box and will be one per buyer. Also going into the store will be a one-of-a-kind Extreme "YinYang" Kings of Atlantis custom skull painted by creator/sculptor/artist Eric Nocella Diaz. This skull was made to match the 8" Tuttz in the black and white colorway and only one will be available and will retail at $175 shipped in the USA.

Buff Monster to release some "GID" vinyl figures and will host an 'Open Studio'!!!

Wooooo, some great stuff coming to us from the land of Buff Monster... first up is the announcement of a brand new batch of vinyl figures... but these are no regular figures, these GLOW IN THE DARK!!! Launching this Friday, March 27th... Mister Melty is back in Glow in the Dark vinyl, and he glows really well! He’s available both unpainted and painted (by hand in a variety of colors, with a glossy finish). He stands about 3” tall and comes in a bag and header. Unpainted: $30 each (+S/H); painted: $35 each (+S/H). Order both of the painted figures (Original and Zombie) and get a free unpainted GID 2-faced head. Sweet! Available HERE this Friday at 10am EST!
Oh... and there is even more news... if you’re in NYC this Saturday, March 28th and want to stop by Buff's 'Melty Manor' studio, the doors will be open 12Noon-4pm! All you need to do is send an email to info@buffmonster.com to give them a heads up and get all the pertinant information. Buff mentions that he'll have the new GID toys there, as well as other rare toys and original paintings.

TONITE's "King of Kink Series: Taro The Immortal" sofvi re-issue!

The very first sofvi (soft Japanese vinyl) piece from TONITE has been announced, and it also launches the new King of King Series: "Taro The Immortal!" Originally titled "Kaita No Ossan" when it was created for the "well‐known Kaiju Toy shop Kaiju-Taro," but the piece "was unpopular except [for] few sofvi buffs" and disappeared from memory. About 3 or 4 years after Kaiju-Taro closed their doors, former employee Terrible Whore "found the mold of it by chance." Or, so the story of how this 3½-inch tall figure was released goes. Cast in beige vinyl with green sprays and several detail colors applied, this ¥2000 (approx. $17) can be ordered now by emailing info [at] tonite [dot] jp.

UME Toys x H.U.S.T.L.E. - "KinTiki" keshi mini figures announced!

Niall over at Man-E-Toys is very proud to reveal that UME Toys’ long lost “KinTiki” H.U.S.T.L.E mini figure will finally be receiving it’s first release next week! Originally created alongside fellow H.U.S.T.L.E design Martin Hairybottom for ToyCon ’13, the custom bootleg M.U.S.C.L.E – kit-bashed and re-sculpted by UME’s Richard Page based on his classic Tiki designs – recently resurfaced at the Disart ToyLabs studio amongst a few other neglected figures that’ll be seeing the light of day later in the year. Produced by H.U.S.T.L.E-creator Tru:Tek in a multitude of different colored UV resistant rubber, KinTiki will be touching down in the Man-E-Toys store HERE next Thursday, March 26th at 1pm PST time alongside a few other soon-to-be-revealed surprises for just $12 a pop!!!
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