Monday, August 29, 2016

"Decade-Dent: BanaNa ViruS 10th Anniversary Exhibition" Announced!

Believe it or not, BanaNa ViruS has been working in the designer toy scene for a decade now. The artist, best known for his iconic "LOIC" bear figure, is having his career celebrated at FLABSLAB, who will be showcasing Decade-Dent: BanaNa ViruS 10th Anniversary Exhibition at their Singapore location. Hosted in cooperation with Concreate Goods, a multitude of talented artists in this scene will be working upon the "LOIC" figure to create unique pieces of art. Opening on September 12th, 2016 at 5pm local time, BanaNa ViruS himself will be in attendance. But if you can't make the opening night, the show will be on display until September 22nd at 1 Commonwealth Lane, #06-11 One Commonwealth, Singapore 149544.

Greg "Craola" Simkins × Silent Stage's Stunning "Beyond the Sea" Resin Sculpture!

A perfect example of Greg "Craola" Simkins's pop surrealism paintings converted into sculptural form, the new "Beyond the Sea" — inspired by the 2D work of the same name — is a masterful resin construction. Filled with playful elements that delight and inspire, this 21-inch tall, 19-inch deep, and 13-inch wide work was handcast, painted, and assembled. Producted by Silent Stage, the pictured "Antique White" debut version mimics the coloration of marble, giving even more gravatas to the form. Limited to a mere 25 pieces worldwide, this edition will be available for purchase shortly from Silent Stage's website, though we strongly recommend following their Instagram for announcement for availability.

PHOTO RECAP: Bo Braden & Grizlli Atom's "Black Drove" Exhibition in Brooklyn!

I wasn't familiar with Brooklyn's The Rosemont prior to the announcement of the Black Drove exhibition, a gathering which promised works by 40 designer toy artists. The Rosemont itself was a stylish and artistically minded bar, their lovely interior space leading the way to a small courtyard in the rear, which is where the swap meet-styled exhibition was displayed.

With pieces crammed tight upon the black covered tables, I wish it was easier to view individual works, especially those still dwelling within their packaging, but that didn't detract from the talent. As you can see in the pictures below, the works ranged from the abstract and expressionist to the psychedelic and surreal. A wonderful gathering of what we call "kaiju" works, or of adjacent interest, it was certainly a promising first curatorial outing for Bo Braden & Grizlli Atom.

Featuring works by Carlos Enriquez-Gonzalez, Secret Demon Services, Unbox Industries, Barely Human Art, Retroband Toys, Deathcat Toys, Choke Hazard, Bog x Squad, Grizlli Atom, Purple Toys, Suckadelic, Leo Sofubi, Skullmark, Yokai Yu, Kear Jun, EPSW, Zectron, Obsessed Panda, Lab Monkey Number 9, Forces of Dorkness, Miscreation Toys, Shirahama Toys, Blood Guts Toys, Awesome Toys, Violence Toy, Erik Jacobus, Solo is Toys, Leeeeeetoy, Renone Lab, Ghost Cave, Luke Reich, Slave One, Etc Toys, Restless, Splurrt, and Trutek. Remaining pieces are available online now in Grizlli Atom's online shop.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

UAMOU exclusives at STGCC!

I saw this and knew I had to stop my Hokkaido holiday for it. Seriously, I don't know how everyone is going to fit into the booth. As it is, there's 5 guests (and all their goodies!) and I really should not be complaining! Ayako Takagi will be dropping some sweet Singapore exclusives even though she will not be attending. We certainly hope to see her on our friendly shores one day but for now, I am more than happy to settle for this.

According to the mastermind, there's only 5 Bastards in the metallic mash colourway at USD$40 each. I managed to bribe the head honcho into giving me more information and I'll let the pictures do the talking.

There's going to be Uamou, Real Uamou and the super special masked ones. Word is out that there will be 6 of those, and they are high coveted among fans and collectors, so all the more reason to get that VIP ticket. These are brought in by hornest.sg and Flabslab, people who have no compunctions about filling your life with consumerism.

You read it here first on Spanky!

Friday, August 26, 2016

Jon-Paul Kaiser x Jason Freeny - Lego Anatomy custom... is rad!

We just posted up HERE this past Wednesday about a much larger version of Jason Freeny's 'Micro Anatomic'... well, Jon-Paul Kaiser decided to take the smaller version, the one released last year, and customize it the way we have become so fond of over the years... and above is the result! Created as a private commission and the photos were taken by Craig Alchin, we really dig the detail added to such a small piece... and check out those shoes, so fancy! Another fantastic custom by JPK... who always wows us!

CurioCon 2017... another toy'centric convention!!!

Just last week, the folks over at Clutter announced a new convention called 'FIVE POINTS FESTIVAL' (posted HERE) and now... we got word of yet another, that's right, CurioCon is here! CurioCon is a unique weekend full of toys, art, events, and much more in Pasadena, CA! Join the toy makers, artists, designers, and producers of unique and interesting goods from around the world for two days of exclusive goodies and distinctive fun! This is going down at the Pasadena Convention Center on May 13th & 14th, 2017 - and if you are keeping track, this is 1-week before 'FIVE POINTS FESTIVAL'! Registration is going on right now... so head on over HERE to get signed up for what some are calling springtime Designer-Con!

Kathie Olivas "Pink GID Swirl" Calliope Jackalope... the Tomenosuke 10th anniversary edition!!!

The folks over at Tomenosuke-gallery are stoked to announce a brand new colorway of the 'Calliope Jackalope' designed by Kathie Olivas... the "Pink GID Swirl" edition! Ahhh yes, this will soon be released as part of the Tomenosuke 10th anniversary celebration! Being produced by T+CP which is a Tomenosuke and Circus Posterus group venture, there is no word on how many, how much and or when these will drop, but enjoy the eye candy above until we find out more info!

Rato Kim's "Beautiful Pink Peach Breadcat" depicts felines as baked goods!