Friday, July 31, 2015

Mark Nagata of Max Toy Company’s “Kibunadon the Fish Kaiju” custom for Kaiju Girls!

Pictured above is Mark Nagata of Max Toy Company’s hand-modified and painted “Kibunadon the Fish Kaiju,” a figure released through his company and designed by Teresa Chiba. Created for the upcoming Kaiju Girls: HAPPY Birthday Parade exhibition — on display in One Up, meee Gallery Tokyo, and Monster Salon, all in Tokyo, Japan — this group showcase celebrates the creations of Chiba, Hikari Bambi, and hinatique. Opening on August 7th and remaining on display until August 12th, 2015, you can find out more information about this showcase at the website dedicated to it.

Cop A Squat Toys’s “The Fumetsu: Erewhon” figure series revealed!

Here it is, the Alpha… “Erewhon” from the previously announced “The Fumetsu” line. Evolved out of Adam Saul of Cop A Squat Toys’s mind, these homage to the concept of The Singularity, the precise character teased above is named after the book by Samuel Butler where the concept that machines might develop consciousness by Darwinian Selection was first hypothesized. I love the arachnid-esque eyes littering his head and the vertical mouth slit that seems to go all the way around! As for his weird appendage, only time will tell what that is for…

CURE TOYS’s New “King Devil” Sofubi Figure Coming Soon!

Using a color of vinyl that mimics the classic look of ‘M.U.S.C.L.E. pink,’ the time is finally right for the previously announced “King Devil” figure from Cure Toys to be released! These “Keshi-Gom Flesh Color” pieces are especially appropriate since the character design debuted with the “Scary Horror sticker” series and the kinkeshi inspired lottery that followed. This release will be available in two versions: the “Perfect ver.” and the “Shed Stage ver.,” the latter of which features a slightly less involved head sculpt, simpler club weapon, and comes sans flowing cape. This Japanese vinyl figures will be released in August 2015, available to the U.S. marketplace through Lulubell Toy Bodega and Toy Art Gallery.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Huck Gee's "DAME #11" announced!!!

Just yesterday we posted up a teaser for a brand new massive resin art multiple that Huck Gee was so diligently working on... and today, the official announcement is here! Introducing "DAME #11"... a massive 'Diesel Armored Mobile Emplacement' mech that comes with a "Dapper Little Scoundrel" as the pilot... and if you notice, this Pilot is one of Hucks very own "The Blank" platform figure... the very first time he has utilized this new figure! Standing a whopping 15" tall, the pilot does fit inside but, just like the real thing, it's a tight fit. Limited to only 10 pieces, each one comes signed and numbered and will set you back $1800 + S&H. Anyone interested in adding this beauty to your collection please email sales@huckgee.com ASAP before they're gone.... so rad, and another reason why Huck is still at the forefront of the designer toy scene!

Martian Toys x ShadowWorkArt - A trio of customs up for grabs!!!

"Trjegul", "Martian Kitty", and "Huggly Bear"... all 3 customs by ShadowWorkArt will be up for grabs this coming Saturday, August 1st at 3pm EST exclusively through the MartianToys webstore HERE! Imagined, sculpted on, and painted, these 3 pieces are ready to invade your collection and will surly stick out with their bright colors and unique style! Be sure to head on over a the above date and time to secure your one of a kind custom figure from this great new artist!

NemO taps into his 'Inner child' for his most recent custom!!!

Mike "NemO" Mendez recently customized one of Nerviswrek's new 'Inner Child' figure (produced by Suburban Vinyl)... and the finished piece is insane - just like most of NemO's work!!! Maintaining the shape of the figure while adding horns, ears, massive teeth and a face coming out the mouth... this rad looking custom is top notch... and , if you dig it, it's up for grabs for $150! Hit him up via his Facebook HERE if interested!

Ian Ziobrowski’s “Being John Malkovich” Custom Dunny Set!

The film Being John Malkovich was as a truly existential and surreal experience, asking the viewer to consider what they would do after discovering a small door hidden behind a filing cabinet on the low-ceilinged Floor 7½ offices of the Mertin-Flemmer Building in New York City, a door that once enter allows you to find yourself in the mind of actor John Malkovich, able to observe and sense whatever Malkovich does for fifteen minutes. While I don’t know what Ian Ziobrowski would do given access to a portal like that, we can see that how he’d use the film itself as inspiration for a three 3-inch tall Dunny set for a collector. Perfectly rendering the John Cusack portrayed character of failed puppeteer “Craig Schwartz,” Ziobrowski also depicted “The Door” itself and the “Sad Monkey” as well. Immaculately conceiver and, moveover, executed, these perfectly complex pieces were created as part of a private commission, though interested parties can contact the artist about acquiring a commissioned piece of custom painted vinyl art for yourself!

TkoM’s “Gamaotoko” debut horror sofubi figure release!

Stunning fiberglass sculptural artist Takahiro Komuro / TkoM has been exploring sofubi as a medium lately, a trend he continues with the “Gamaotoko” creature. Inspired by classic kaiju like Hedorah, this beast is not meant to be composed of industrial waste but rather biological waste… that is to say, feces. Yes, this crap creature is a stunning vinyl sculpture, standing 8½-inches tall and having five points of articulation. Limited to an edition of 20 pieces for this debut color scheme, “Gamaotoko #1” will be available beginning Friday, July 31st, 2015 at 8 am Pacific time for a 48 hour period, at the end of which — if there are more applicants than the 20 piece count, a drawing will be done to determine who can buy the works for $130 apiece. Please visit the artist’s online presence to place your request to purchase during the proper timeframe!

Bad Teeth Comics x Kenth Toy Works x Double Haunt - Medicom Toy exclusive "Qi stroke Year" Cheestroyer!

Want to get in on an exclusive colorway of the Medicom Toy Mini Cheestroyer handpainted by Kenth Toy Works?!?! Well your chance is slowly fading as these rad figures from Double Haunt and Bad Teeth Comics are coming to a close, and the last day to get them is July 31st! Want some, head on over HERE now!

Galaxxor × BigManToys’s “Fugg the Slayer” Resin Bootleg Figure!

Conceived as an opponent for the “Lucha Sharks” figures, “Fugg the Slayer” is the brainchild of Galaxxor and Bigmantoys. Created through a mixture of sculpting and mashing up from both artists, this 5½-inch tall scale figure is a mixture of resin — used for the head and hands — and a softer polyurethane rubber — used for the body and removable championship belt. Cast by Bigmantoys, the finished piece was hand-painted by Ben Spencer of Galaxxor. Limited to an edition of 5 pieces, these will be available on Friday, July 30th, 2015 at 10 am Pacific time in Galaxxor’s online shop for $75 apiece.

Watch out world… YOii × Wetworks’s “Kidzilla” Figure Coming Soon!

Designed by New Zealand-based artist YOii, the pictured “Kidzilla” piece is a perfect representation of her style as rendered by Singapore based sculptor, Carlo Cacho, also known as Wetworks. The nonchalant pose is perfectly executed, as are YOii’s staple eyes. With more news and release information on this piece on the horizon, follow Wetworks’s Instagram account for further updates.

Kenth Toy Works × GEEK LIFE’s “The Human Centipede” Keshi Figure Set?!?

If you haven’t seen the 2009 Dutch shock-horror film The Human Centipede, then I’m not sure whether to advise you to look into or turn back immediately? Perhaps it depends on how cast iron your stomach is… Regardless, investigate if you dare, for it does help to know the premise when you see the above pictured keshi figure set sculpted by Kenth Toy Works for Japanese lifestyle brand Geek Life. A wonderfully stylized yet accurate depiction of the shocking revelation moment in the film, we know very little about this release… but will be keeping our eyes upon the Geek Life Facebook page

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Jeff Soto x Blackbook Toy - "NekoFukurou" sofubi "Shibuya" edition!

The folks over at Blackbook Toy are proud to announce a brand new colorway of Jeff Soto's "NekoFukurou" sofubi toy! We saw the fist debut at San Diego Comic Con in July of 2014, which by the way instantly sold out... now, this new colorway entitled "Shibuya", is upon the horizon. With gloomy tones of black, gray, and violet this edition looks awesome! Standing 6” each, these sofubi figures are stackable (yup... 12" tall if you get both) and will be released as either the the "Cat" or "Owl" for 8,100 yen ($75) a pop! Head on over HERE starting July 31st at 8am PST to secure your set!

Martian Toys x SoKo Cat - "Tootsie Roll" Fenton micro series!!!

This Friday, July 31st at 7PM EST sees the release of Soko Cat’s "Tootsie Roll" Fenton micro series designed and painted exclusively for MartianToys.com! The original custom series is limited to just 2 pieces, but there remains a possibility to make more depending on the demand. Highly detailed, this Fenton - originally designed by Brian Flynn for Super7 - stands 3" tall and pays homage to American’s favorite candy chew roll up... shoot, if you have never had a Tootsie Roll, then you probably are from another planet! This figure is made from high quality Japanese vinyl and comes beautifully customized... we love this little figure! Great concept, and amazing execution!

Kidrobot x Capcom - Mega Man blind box mini-series announced!!!

Here we go!!! The mini series that has been eluding us for a long time is finally here... the Kidrobot and Capcom team are stoked to announce the Mega Man blind box mini series! Releasing on Tuesday, August 4th 2015... at Kidrobot.com and most all vinyl retail locations. Standing 3" tall, you have the chance of snagging the following possible characters: Mega Man, Mega Man (without Helmet), Roll, Green Mega Man, Salmon Mega Man, Dr. Light, Dr. Wily, Cut Man, Burn Man, Guts Man, Ice Man, Elec Man, Bomb Man or Yellow Devil... a nice cast of characters, and from what we can tell, look pretty cool... and at $12 a pop, you can't help but grab more then one!
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