Thursday, November 20, 2014

New releases from Bwana Spoons announced!!!!

Bwana Spoons just announced that he will have a few new releases this Friday, and both will come with prints... sweet!!! First up is the "Neon Bluetoed" Sloth, which is a blank brilliant blue vinyl, and he comes with a shlurp print... such a package and retailing for only $40.

Next is "Terry, King Bootlegger"... a resin and vinyl hybrid with sprays and handpaints on olive vinyl, and he comes with with a print as well. Terry will be $50!!! These along with some new originals and surprises will be up tomorrow on bwanaspoons.com and gravytoys.com respectively... don't miss out!!!

Super7 × Funko's "Alien ReAction Figures, Series 2" AVAILABLE NOW!

At last, after being teased with unpainted figures at SDCC, the second series of Alien ReAction Figures is here! Produced under the Super7 and Funko collaborative ReAction Figure line, the Alien ReAction Figure series continues with the above pictured Metallic Alien as well as the below pictured (left to right) Kane with Facehugger, Ripley in Spacesuit, and Kane with Chestburster figures. These 3¾-inch tall action figures are available now in the Super7 online shop for $9.99 apiece.

Renewed Creations's "Mandalorinator" mash-up of Masters of the Universe & Star Wars!

Renewed Kreations brings back his popular "Mandalorinator" action figures, with this second version being a completely new color scheme from the previously released one. Roughly 5½-inches tall, these resin cast Masters of the Universe bootlegs have kit-bashed elements including Battle Armor Skeletor's body (with the damaged chest plate), Trapjaw's arm, and — of course — the head of Boba Fett from Star Wars! Limited to only three pieces in this colorway, these figures have four points of magnetic articulation and will be available tomorrow (Friday, November 21st, 2014) at 12 NOON Pacific time in his online store!

REVEALED: Skinner's "Morgogg, The Whispering Prince" & "Ogos, The Eye of the World" figures!

First spotted at this year's Designer Con, artist of the gloriously grotesque Skinner reveals his two new figures, both based on the same body type with different heads and club weapons. Sculpted by David Arshawsky and pulled in Japanese vinyl by Velocitron, these 13-inch tall beauts appears to have six points of articulation, not counting the joints in the clubs. Titled "Morgogg, The Whispering Prince" & "Ogos, The Eye of the World," respectively, these pieces will be available to order soon and are set to retail at $300 per set or $175 per figure. To stay up-to-date on these being released, please follow Skinner on Instagram for further announcements.

BEING GIVEN AWAY: Brutherford Industries's "Stay Gold Floating Spray Paint" resin sculpture!

Brutherford Industries have opened their treasure vaults and pulled forth some gold to giveaway… or, at least, one of their "Stay Gold Floating Spray Paint" resin sculptures! This contest is being held through Instagram and all you have to do to enter is:
  1. Follow Brutherford Industries's Instagram feed (@BryanBrutherford)
  2. Repost THIS IMAGE (same as the one above) with the hashtag #GoldCanGiveaway
Anyone with a non-private profile can enter once per day until November 23rd, 2014 at 9PM Pacific time, with the winner being announced the following day. Any shipping costs over $25 are the responsibility of the winner.

Splurrt's new Secretoy, "Cinema Monster," dropping in painted edition next week!

Splurrt's Joe Merrill finally teases the first release of his Secretoy kaiju titled "Cinema Monster"… and this debut edition is cast in green soft vinyl with some nice sprays atop! Standing roughly 10½-inches tall, this mammoth monster is inspired by the two-headed giant Galligantua from the 1962 film Jack the Giant Killer, which was also what BEMON's "Two-Headed Giant" was based on in a round about way (the "Two-Headed Giant" was based on Ron Cobb's Famous Monsters of Filmland 1968 Yearbook cover painting which interprets Galligantua). This version, "Cinema Monster Alpha," will be dropping this upcoming weekend (November 22nd or 23rd, 2014) in the Secretoy online shop.

UPDATE: These will be available on Saturday, November 22nd, 2014 at 9AM Pacific time in Splurrt's online shop for $150 apiece.

What happens when you merge an ape with a spray paint can? Abell Octovan wants to find out!

Abell Octovan has been working on the above pictured prototype, "Modern Primate," for his My Royal Ego brand. This work-in-progress piece adds elements of an ape's body to a stylized spray paint can base, which seems to be modern urban art toy body of choice! Follow Octovan on Instagram to keep up-to-date on this resin release, which should be available soon.

The RE-MOLED Round-up shows an array of wonderful work-in-progress teasers for the upcoming show!

In a quick refresher to the previously announced "RE-MOLED" art show, organized by Kerry Dyer, takes her own "Mole XL" resin figures and has a great assortment of talent customize them. Opening on December 6th, 2014 at Loading Bar, London's insanely awesome video game bar, with any remaining pieces available online starting Sunday, December 7th, 2014 at 2AM Pacific time in Dyer's online shop. Participating artists, most of which have sneak peak teasers revealed below, are: A Little Stranger, Dr Barbados, Zukaty Toyz, ibreaktoys (Lisa Rae Hansen), David Stevenson, UME Toys, Kerry Dyer, DMS, Okkle, FarkFk, Lunartik (Matt JOnes), Mr Lister, Zombiekel, Pocket Wookie, Uncle Absinthe, Sneaky Raccoon, Zro Toys, RunDMB, Robotic Industries, Mark Treharne, Mike Strick, Jenn & Tony Bot, Hoakser, Emily Bee, Triclops, Luke Hyde, Dani Abram, Ian Mathews, Flatties, Lex Luthor, STAE, MAp-MAp, Mimic, Jam Factory, Nicola Welbourne, iNKBOTz, Sam Horton, Octopus Jam, Bianca Ansems, Oduarpa, Nicola Robertson, Lize Meddings, Leemo626, and A4man!

Street artist Benzilla × Pobber Toys's "3Balls" release coming VERY soon… like, this weekend!

Finally fully revealed is the previously teased amazing figure designed by Thai street artist Benzilla and released by Pobber Toys. Standing roughly 8-inches tall, this resin piece — shown in glossy black — is titled "3Balls" and it looks like it will be released… this weekend! With both the artist and the brand in attendance at the Indonesia Toy, Game, Comic Convention (ITGCC), it would be silly for this piece not to debut there…

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Le Merde × Super7's tennis playing vampire — "Hollis Turd" — returns!

Le Merde's legendary professional tennis playing vampire, "Hollis Turd," returns! Produced by Super7, the 4-inch soft Japanese vinyl figure comes cast in spooky glow-in-the-dark vinyl skin with a soft green spray, and red, white, black, olive, and blue details, attiring him like his buddy Lee Turd. Available on Thursday, November 20th, 2014 at 12 NOON Pacific time in the Super7 online store for $35 apiece.

"Chatterbot" & "Beepbot" robots from UK based 'Just Robots'... are JUST too cute!!!

Onorio Depiro just sent over some info about a brand new batch of robots that he and the folks over at 'Just Robots' created! Meet "Chatterbot" and "Beepbot"... standing just over 2.5" tall, both of these cute little robos are up for grabs HERE and priced at £35($55) and they come in a cool custom made box! Oh, and if you are interested in seeing how these are made, follow them via their Instagram account... some sweet robos!!!

"Puck" figure from Uncanny Critters... up for pre-oder TODAY!!!

Matthew Dennall, an artist based in South Yorkshire in the UK, shares with us today a new designer toy product that he has been working on and is up for grabs in his store... called Uncanny Critters. This toy is the first toy made by Matthew and this line of figures will be based on British folklore. This particular figure is called "Puck" which is an old word for a forest goblin. Matthew goes onto mention "I was inspired by the Shakespeare character of the same name (also known as Robin Goodfellow) who looked more like a faun but rather then having the wild hair all over, I covered my puck with strange wooden growth that protects him like a crab shell because he is the roughest of the characters I will be creating." A very strange looking creature indeed... standing 4" tall, Puck has articulation in the head and shoulders and is hand painted. This figure is in the classic "goblin green" colorway for his skin and reddish brown for his barky bits.... but look for other versions in the near future! If you dig this as much as we do, head on over HERE right now to pre-order this beast for just $49 a pop!

Dragon Age "Inquisitor" resin art multiple from Darthasterisk!!!

Did you get the new "Dragon Age: Inquisition" video game yet??? Well... if you are a fan of that franchise, then this is for you as artist Fiona Ng aka Darthasterisk, sculpted up an awesome "Inquisitor" figure which is up for pre-order HERE right now! Standing 3.25" tall, its head and arms are articulated and it comes with a sword accessory... rad! Oh, and for only $40... how can you pass that up! Go grab one!

Tomenosuke x Munky King x Joe Ledbetter - "Snow Monkey" exclusive colorway!!!

We showed off a few new versions HERE and HERE of artist Joe Ledbetter's Good Morning Sunshine figure... and today, we are getting word about a brand new version... introducing "Snow Monkey", an exclusive vinyl figure release from Japan based designer toy shop and producer, Tomenosuke! Produced by Munky King, this particular colorway is an edition of 100 pieces and features a fun cool blue and silver colorscheme! Holding a cup of joe (get it??) with the words "Life's A beach" across it, this figure also comes with the companion bird spouting off about an oncoming storm... love this version! These will be released HERE in the very near future for around $120 a pop... stay tuned for official release details!

Google Android Art Show "Android and Me" at Googleplex by Martin Hsu!

Martin Hsu has been busy working on a brand new body of work for the folks over at Google as they asked him to take on their Android character... and that he did! The show opened on November 13th at Slice Gallery and featured a whole slew of emo robots and their animal friends! What hasn't sold is up for grabs HERE right now... head on over. If you are a fan of Martin's work, a fan of Android... or better yet, a fan of both, this is for you!
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