Friday, December 19, 2014

Resin Mini-MAD*L's are back... well, kinda!!!

Remember back almost a few years ago when Jeremy "MAD" Madl released a series of mini resin MAD*l figures... and stopped at number 10?!?! Well... he's picking up where he left off and is about to release another wave of these mini's, and we can't wait! What versions will we see? What can we expect? Time will tell... and if the last 10 that released were any indication of how these are going to do... let's just say, you best be on the ball, these sell out fast!

Aya Kakeda's absolutely adorable "Microbus: To The Yeti Mountain" edition from Tomenosuke!

The absolutely adorable artwork of Aya Kakeda has been transformed into toy form once again for the second colorway of her sofubi figure: the "Microbus." Reminiscent of a children's pull toy, this 6½-inch tall piece is massive! The little characters riding the back of the bus are all removable, doubling as finger puppets even! This second edition is an unpainted clear blue vinyl version, limited to an undisclosed number for the time being, which has been dubbed the "To The Yeti Mountain" version, will be available soon from the Tomenosuke online shop! No word on a price for this edition, but the first retailed for ¥11,500 (approx. $97) apiece.

Patrulla-X's "Frostbite" resin figure, the first in the Gronks artist series!

The newest resin creation from Manny Romero, a.k.a. Patrulla-X, is the 3-inch tall "Frostbite" figure. The first release in Romero's new "Gronks" series, these come packaged in a resealable clamshell with blistercard. Available for order in an open edition until December 20th, 2014, these are a mere $35 apiece in the Patrulla-X online shop.

PHOTO RECAP: Coarse Toys's "Prisoners Beside Me" solo exhibition at Rotofugi Gallery!

Mark Landwehr and Sven Waschk of Coarse bring their newest array of sculptural magic to the Rotofugi Gallery in the form of "Prisoners Beside Me," a solo exhibition currently running through January 4th, 2015. Below is a photographic recap of many of these stunning works, all of which will hopefully transition into production pieces in the years to come, though those in Chicago can see the exhibition in-person at 2780 N. Lincoln Avenue. All works are available for purchase from HERE now.

Original Art from the Harley Quinn Holiday Special #1 illustrated by Brandt Peters!

Brandt Peters's stunning original "finished pencil" art for his short comic book tale in Harley Quinn Holiday Special #1 is now available online. These graphite on paper (DC Comics stock) pieces are illustrations by Peters based on breakdowns by co-writer Amanda Conner. You can snag one of the eight 11"×17" pages in the story right now HERE.

COMING TODAY! Mondo's poster print for Tim Burton's "Big Eyes!"

Screen print powerhouse Mondo is releasing an illustrated poster for Tim Burton's film Big Eyes, starring Amy Adams and Christoph Waltz. In a truly wise decision, Mondo enlisted the talented Anne Benjamin to create the mesmerizing illustration, which reflects perfectly the art style of Margaret Keene (the artist portrayed in the film). These 24"×36" screen prints are hand-numbered in an edition of 225 copies, which will be a mere $45 apiece. Bearing in mind that most Mondo prints sell out within minutes, the only way you'll have a chance to snag one of these will be by following Mondo's Twitter feed, as that is where they will announce when the piece is available in their web shop today (December 19th, 2014)!

Awesome Toy's official "Fake Baron" Japanese vinyl toys in glow-in-the-dark!

Awesome Toy's "Fake Baron" figure, inspired by the classic '70s "Pachi Red Baron" menko illustration, is being released Christmas Glow-in-the-Dark unpainted vinyl! These 9½-inch tall Japanese vinyl (sofubi) pieces are ultra-limited and is the first unpainted version of the figure you can purchase. Want to paint one up? Just plain ol' prefer letting the vinyl itself shine? Hurry, as these are available now in the Toy Underground online shop for $70 apiece.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

New UGLYDOLL Chucks & Vans!

Do you love Uglydoll's so much that you just want to put them all over your body... well, you can rock them on your feet thanks to a brand new line of Chucks and Vans! Available through 'The Ave.', head on over HERE right now to pick out the perfect fit... just love those slip-on's!

Brent Nolasco's "Bun Bun" is ready for production!!!

Brent Nolasco just finished sculpting a brand new figure... and "Bun Bun" is ready for his introduction!!! Standing 6" tall, Brent tells us that he was sculpted out of Aves Epoxie sculpt and will be a 2 part resin figure with inset custom made eyes! Wearenottoys is going to produce the figures in the very near future so you can expect painted versions to be popping up soon!!! Want more info... hit up Brent's brand new website HERE, and we will do our bbest to keep you updated on the progress of this figure!

"Harr Hanchor, the Nuclear Anchor" resin figure from Goodleg Toys!!!

Yarrrrrr!!!! 5.5" big, straight from the heart of Pressure Pot City and Goodleg Toys comes "Harr Hanchor, the Nuclear Anchor"!!! This figure is hand sculpted, hand casted, and hand painted. 100% non-bootleg. Featuring 4 points of articulation, and a plutonium anchor, he comes bagged with header and is up for pre-order HERE right now! "Blackweird and his crew had entered URUNGATUNGA. A mystical island located deep in the Oceans of Eternity. The place that was said to be Captain Blackweird’s ultimate destiny. But something didn’t want them to enter. A certain force, incarnated in a gigantic pile of muscle meat. Muskolator! Mutated, neoplasmatic monster, guardian of Urungatunga! It was a long, bloody battle. Many lost their lives. But in the end, nothing could stand against Harr’s radioactive anchor!" Ya dig... we do!!! So go get your pirate on with the newest creation from Goodleg Toys!

Pimp2-D2 & Boba Fink Limited Edition Tees from Manly Art x Outsmart Originals!!!

Keep on Hustlin'! Whether you're a rebel or a hunter, the game never ends. Keep your style fresh with some new gear for the new year! Presenting two new limited edition t-shirts from Manly Art x Outsmart Originals. Digitally printed, full color graphics on ultra cotton tees for men and soft style tees for the ladies for a long lasting durable and comfortable shirt. First up is one cool player, "PIMP2-D2", a design based on the sold out customized action figure released by Manly Art in 2013. Following the droid with the duds is "BOBA FINK", the high speed hunter hot on the trail of his next bounty. These galactic graphic t-shirts are available for preorder HERE through December 31st and will ship by January 15th - guaranteed!

The "HELL RAISER: NIGHT GAMER #1” from Plaseebo

Talk about creepy!!! The first in a new series of Night Gamers inspired by the Hell Raiser movies from Bob Conge of Plaseebo is here... and this one of a kind custom vinyl with mangey white hair, inset teeth and an internal motion activated color-changing LED unit with replaceable batteries will be up for grabs HERE on Monday, December 22nd for $550.

Gargamel × Мишка × Super7's "Mishka Boy" soft Japanese vinyl figure coming soon!

Hand-painted by Kioka Ikeda from Gargamel, this classic camo scheme version of the classic Super7 mascot "Mummy Boy" with the iconic Мишка "Keep Watch" eye is known as "Mishka Boy." This version will be the first proper release of the figure by Мишка, available from Мишка L.A. (128 S. La Brea Ave., Los Angeles, California) as well as in a very small quantity online. While this is coming soon, it is still unclear if the entire run is hand-painted or if the above version was used as a paint master for a production run… though I assume it is the latter.

WIN SOME ART: One-Eyed Girl's custom Mini Munny giveaway on Instagram!

We've coveted the fantastically stylized art of Kasey "One-Eyed Girl" Tararuj for a while now, so it's brilliant that we can get the above pictured piece… for free! Yes, Tararuj is giving away this custom 4-inch Mini Munny on her Instagram! To enter, all you need to do is:
  1. Follow One-Eyed Girl's Instagram feed (@kctararuj)
  2. Repost THIS IMAGE (same as the one above) with the hashtag #gimmethatsnail
A winner will be chosen by random on Christmas Eve, so make sure to enter before then!

More teasers for Ferg & Playge's pocket-sized "Squadt .50" figure sets!

Following up from our initial announcement, Ferg has been taking pictures of the final prototype samples for his long awaited "Squadt .50" figure set as they arrive. This s001 of the .50 line — which implies further sets are already planned — will include the above pictured "gassed" (featuring a different parka colorway than the original), the directly below pictured "nozzel" (sans parka), and the far below pictured "chipp" and "jack" figures. Mainly produced in injection vinyl molding, the removable helmets and lenses will be ABS plastic. These roughly 3½-inches tall pieces will be available as a set from retailers in, fingers crossed, January 2015!
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