Thursday, August 27, 2015

"KRAK" wooden figure from OBOSS!!!

Artist Bagus Pramutya Kuswidyanto aka 'Oboss' from Indonesia - now living in the Netherlands - has reached out to us about his brand new figure that he is very proud of titled "KRAK", a fun looking one-horned monster made from wood - Alstonia Scholaris, an herbal wood to be exact! Standing 5.2" tall, KRAK is 100% hand made and carved,and the painted version that you see above is finished off with acrylics. These are not up for grabs just yet as Oboss is still working out the details, but when we find out more, we will pass along the info to all of you! Follow Oboss via his Facebook HERE for up to date info!

Splurrt x Devils Head Productions - "Bi-Polar Cadaver Twins" one-off HP's!!!

We gave you all a nice teaser HERE last week, and today we are getting the full reveal and details of the Splurrt and Devils Head Productions collaboration run of HP sofubi 'Cadaver Twins' they are calling the  "Bi-Polar Cadaver Twins"!!! Up for grabs HERE starting September 5th, each hand-painted figure is unique and will be up for grabs for $175 a pop! You dig super-creepy stuff... these are for you!

New "Pastel" resin figure release from Daniel Yu!!!

Daniel Yu has just sent over info about his latest batch or awesome resin figures... and this "Pastel" release will feature new editions of his "Plague Oracle", "Wilbur", and "Jiangshi Acolyte"... all of which look really nice! The Plague Oracle (pastel pink) includes 3 interchangeable accessories, cast in a washed out skin tone and limited to an edition of 10 pieces, each 3" tall figure will retail for $22! Wilbur (pastel green) is an edition of 10 pieces and each 4" tall figure will release for $30. Lastly, the Jiangshi Acolyte (pastel purple) is an edition of 10 pieces and each 3" tall figure will retail for $20 a pop! All of these will be up for grabs HERE this coming Saturday the 29th of August at 7am PST!

"The creatures of Belton" custom Kidrobot 'Dunny' and 'Foomi' mini series from MAp-MAp... is fantastic!!!

Look who's back in action, and in a big way... UK based artist MAp-MAp with a fantastic mini-series of 5 custom figures in what he is calling "The creatures of Belton"! Releasing this Friday, August 28th at 6am PST HERE in his online store will be the amazing custom Dunny's and Foomi that you see above. MAp-MAp mentions “I tried to work them all around a village I called ‘Belton’. Some have family that have lived there for generations, maintaining traditions that go back generations. Others are just passing though. But all have some effect on making this town what it is, so I thought they deserved to be seen by the world in custom Dunny and Foomi form.“ All 5 have been masterfully finished, and look super legit... and we just love the detail put into each one... they all seem alive! We can only image that these will not last long, so hit up MM's online store HERE at the above date and time!

Huck Gee talks on 'Adventures in Design' podcast... and it's rad!!!

Want to listen to a rad interview with Huck Gee... well, Mark Brickey from 'Adventures in Design' talks with the man behind so many iconic designs in the designer toy world... and actually gets Huck to open up about alot of things! Huck mentions "I've done a lot of interviews in my time but this guy turned it on it's head. He has the temperament of a great interviewer. I had a truly great effortless conversation and we delved into areas I don't normally talk about publicly." - some really great insight here, folks! Do yourself a favor, carve some time out of your day and click the link HERE and give it a listen!

Scott Tolleson x Pobber Toys - STGCC exclusive "Paco Taco" teased!!!

We revealed the 3DSculpt of Scott Tolleson "Paco Taco" figure soon to be released by Pobber Toys HERE just last week, and now, Pobber is teasing us with the image that you see above saying "This meme, of course, has absolutely nothing to do with anything, and especially nothing to do with the our exclusive release for the upcoming STGCC. We can neither confirm nor deny that we did this for fun, and for no other reason at all." An obvious hint at what is coming out, or is it? We are unsure of this... maybe the first colorway? A nice taco shell orange with a red shirt, white bandera, and heaps or taco meat! We still don't really know what's going on here... or do we?

Falcontoys’s “Pop-Art: Frosted Han Solo” Resin Action Figures!

Taking the iconic image of Han Solo frozen in carbonite and transforming it into something slightly askew has become a standard within our little section of the contemporary art world, but Falcontoys’s interpretation of the concept feels wholly unique. Embedding the Han Solo relief into the resemblance of a pop tart, we're introduced to “Pop-Art: Frosted Han Solo.” Cast in resin and hand-painted by the artist, this piece comes in a re-sealable clamshell case and is limited to 15 pieces worldwide. Available on Friday, August 28th, 2015 at 3 pm Pacific time in the Falcontoys online shop for $30 apiece.

Kenth Toy Work × Toy Art Gallery’s “No Future” metal figure & ring combo!

Toy Art Gallery have produced amazing metal collectable figures for artists in the past, but this one might take the cake… Designed by Kenth Toy Works, this figure is titled “No Future” and in its post-apocalyptic appearance is hidden a special treat… As you can see below, the bull head can be removed and worn as a ring, revealing the secret head underneath. Made in limited quantities, these will be available from Toy Art Gallery’s online shop in the near future.

Jason Freeny × Mighty Jaxx’s “Micro Anatomic” Lego Figure!

While we've mentioned the “Giant Lego Man Dissection” piece, it now appears that there is a second iteration of this design: “Micro Anatomic!” Created by Jason Freeny and produced by Mighty Jaxx, this version seems to be actual Lego figure sized! Not much is known right now, but these will be available in Mighty Jaxx’s online shop in September 2015.

Kyle Kirwan’s “Songbird Willo” & “Pink Willo” Available Now!

People have been hounding artist Kyle Kirwan to make more of his astounding 11-inch tall “Willo” rotocast resin pieces available, so he’s kindly obliged. Available in both the new “Songbird” colorway (above left) and the original “Pink” version (above right & below), the quantities are “pretty limited for now.” Both versions are available now in Kirwan’s store for $100 apiece.

Bwana Spoons × StrangeCo’s “Forest Island Folly” Prototypes for Sale!

In an alternate world, Bwana Spoons’s “Forest Island Folly” mini figure series was a smash success from StrangeCo, who never went out of business. In this world, unfortunately, these were never released… though the prototypes were made. Bwana himself is selling his complete set of prototypes for the line, some of which have been repaired over the years and all of which have some loose parts, scratches, and scrapes. But this is it… there is no other way you'll ever get these unless someone magically swoops in and produces them! You can bid on the auctions HERE now, with them all ending in the next few days.

A Charity Auction for a child with cancer… Special Ed Toys’s “Protestrooper” one-off!

Last week Peter Goral of Killer Bootlegs made it known that his little nephew Noah was currently battling cancer; malignant, stage 4 Rhabdomyosarcoma to be precise. It is inoperable and, in the hopes to treat it, Noah will be going through an aggressive, fierce, and expensive treatment regiment. To help the family afford all this, a GoFundMe campaign was started, and Special Ed Toys, half of the Good For You Toys team, is running an auction right now for a one-off custom weathered “Protestrooper” to help donate to it. Sporting a pauldron in Noah’s favorite color, green, this figure is carded on a ½-inch thick, ready to hang wood printed backing board! Stamped, signed, and numbered on the reverse, the winner will also receive a mini protest sign or two. Ending on Saturday, August 29th, 2015 at 11:59 pm Pacific time, the auction to win this is currently happening HERE, with all money raised going directly to Noah’s GoFundMe.

Threezero's official "Fallout 4" 1/6th Collectable Figure Announced!

Are you looking forward to returning to the post-apocalyptic world of the 22nd and 23rd centuries? While Fallout 4 might only be coming out in November, Threezero is proud to announce that they've already licensed a line from Bethesda Game Studios, bringing the atompunk retrofuturistic characters to three-dimensional life. Capturing the feel of post-war 1950s America mixed with sci-fi futurism, we can't wait to see the 1/6th scale collectable figures in this line… Look for more information to be revealed in the coming months!

AVAILABLE NOW: The Super Sucklord's “Gay Empire: Transformations" Figure!

As announced yesterday, neo-pop artist The Super Sucklord once again plunders the cultural landscape by introducing the first transgender addition to his Gay Empire series, known for championing gay and lesbian rights through action figure inspired art. Titled “Gay Empire: Transformations,” this 3¾-inch tall figure has a classically feminine form with a Storm Trooper’s helmet atop and a 6½ × 8½ in. backer card that manipulates the Vanity Fair cover photographed by Annie Leibovitz, showing Bruce Jenner’s transformation into Caitlyn Jenner. Limited to 20 pieces, these hand-cast resin figures are available now in the Suckadelic online store for $75 apiece.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

It's time to get "Tranimated" with Tony Tran's 'TRANIMATED' DIY KickStarter!!!

Artist Tony Tran, a member of the Arsenal of Artists, has just launched a rad Kickstarter campaign to hopefully get his new 'Tranimated' series of 3 DIY resin figures up and off the group and into your hands! You can draw, paint, sculpt over, drill, pretty much you can do anything to this figure... the ideas for your creation are endless! Your help, in any way, can and will go a long way, and the figures looks pretty rad! There are some great tiers you can contribute to right now, so if you dig what you see, head on over HERE to help make Tony's dream a reality!
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