Friday, July 29, 2016

Rotten Studio's Rambo Rendition of LeeeeeeToy’s Amazing "Earthly" Figure!

Transforming LeeeeeeToy's "Earthly" vinyl figure into the likeness of troubled Vietnam veteran Rambo, the titular star from the film franchise, is the seventh customized rendition of the character to be released. This time hand-painted by Mexican artist Jorge Fortiz Mendieta, also known as Rotten Studio, the 8½-inch tall has a flesh-toned body, metallic butterfly-shaped hands, and camouflage fatigues topped with the character's leafy protection over its privates. Even the iconic red bandana, a real cloth accent, is present on the piece's cherub-faced, removeable head, covering a military-colored military hood. Our understanding is that two works have been created in this likeness but that only one is available for sale, which is currently being offered from the Rotten Studio online shop for $120.

DeKorner x Scott Tolleson - SDCC 2016 "Pistachio" Kookie No Good... online release!!!

DELICIOUS!!! We you unable to attend SDCC but wanted to pick up that new "Pistachio" Kookie No Good by Scott Tolleson!??! Well, the folks over at DeKorner have you covered as they will be releasing a super limited number of these starting tomorrow at 10am PST! Cast in light green vinyl, this kookie features a metallic pink shirt, metallic red tie, and sprays of dark green to compliment that pouty face. Limited to 40 pieces and retailing for $40 a pop, be sure to snag one up before they are gone!

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Chauskoskis’s kaiju bird “Huexólotl” - vinyl test pull revealed!!!

Lookie here... we are getting a sweet little glimpse of an upcoming sofubi figure that has been in the works since 2014, the “Huexólotl” from Walter "Chauskoskis" Jacott!!! Pictured above is the first vinyl test pull of this 9" tall bird kaiju creature! Featuring five points of articulation — neck, shoulders, and legs “Huexólotl,” name is in ancient nahuatl, the tongue of the Aztecs, and translates roughly to “Big Monster.” And that it is... details are still emerging, and once we find out more, we will put up a new post to update you all! Gobble Gobble... and it's not even Thanksgiving yet....

Obsessed Panda x Rocky Chan - Hand painted "PASTHELL" Cucumi micro run!!!

Ohhhhh, check out this release!!! The creepy/awesome "Cucumi" figure from Rocky Chan gets the Obsessed Panda treatment in this special hand painted microrun! Made from sofubi and standing 10" tall, this piece features an array of vibrant pastel colors spread around the entire body... giving it an impressive "POP"! Limited to just 5 pieces, this “Pasthell” edition will be up for grabs via 24hour lottery. All you need to do is email your name, Instagram ID, Address, Country, Telephone number, and PayPal address to opcustomslottery@yahoo.com before July 29th at 12Noon PST! If picked, you will be contacted and sent an invoice for $120... BOOM! Good luck to everyone trying for this beast!

Brent Nolasco wears his heart on his sleeve...

Brent Nolasco shares with us today a brand new project that he has been working on titled "Do not fade away". According to Brent, this is a open-ended project as he decided to make his own DIY platform to work on... and above is the first iteration. Brent mentions that he has multiple ideas for this project but in the meantime, the first release will be resin blanks slated for an August release! Less figure based and more anatomical, "Do not fade away" stands 6" tall and will be up for grabs HERE in the next few weeks.

Dez Einswell's "Tone Collector" resin art toy teased...

It's been a long time in the making, and it looks like the "Tone Collector" from artist Dez Einswell will soon be seeing the light of day as a resin art toy multiple! Digitally sculpted by Luis Zuleta, this piece, as described by Dez, is "our vessel to channel emotion through sound vision, shielding us from the Ultra Silence. A piece dedicated to the preservation of good music, for all of us that create, collect, listen, play and value sound."... something we can all relate to as music is a universal language.

This will be produced by Silent Stage Gallery and although details are scarce at the moment, when we find out more info, a new post will be soon to follow! Be sure to follow Dez on Instagram HERE for up to date peeks into his art world!

Android Series 6 "Lithuanian" design revealed by Nathan Jurevicius!!!

As we continue to draw closer to the actual official release of Android Series 6, we get little peeks at some of the designs, and thanks to the folks over at Kidrobot San Francisco, we have the above design by Nathan Jurevicius to drool over! This design named "Lithuanian" features a clear body with beautiful pink to yellow gradients along with some great designs and a brand new set of sculpted wings/arms that play off the previously released 'Nightriders' Nathan J. Kidrobot mini figure series! Oh... and it looks like Woot Bear will debut this figure on 8/6 in a full artist signing event with Nathan Jurevicius. More details soon!

Robotic Industries x Sergey Safonov x Fugi.me -"Pirate Cosmonaut" Moon Foxes

The final batches of Moon Patrols have been completed by Sergey Safonov and Robotic Industries and will be hitting the Fugi.me store on the 1st of August at 6pm London time. Joining the Far Side colorway (by Sergey Safonov) and the Near Side colorway (by Robotic Industries) will be the extra limited "Space Pirate" versions (again by Robotic Industries)... and only 2 of which have been produced (Limited to 30 pieces total • 13 Near side version, Silver and Red • 15 Far side version, Black and Gold • 2 Space Pirate version). This expands the story of the brothers that patrol both sides of the moon in their 50’s inspired ships by introducing a villain to the story! The set includes the ship with separate dome, moon base with acrylic stand and of course a removable Moon Fox pilot. Priced at £60($78) plus shipping for all colorways. Beautiful crafted and expertly executed, don't miss out on this release.

Cuteness overload... TobyArt Toys to release his "Kulfas" resin art toys!!!

"In late summer, the festival of Lithablot, (July31st - Aug1st) or The Harvest Festival, the Nordic people came together to make food offerings to Ertha for her bounty. Within days of these food offerings, out from the rocky caves come a unique creature called Kulfas (roughly translated to bunny wolfs). These playful, brightly colored; furry creatures, wake from hibernation to feed on the offerings in a seasonal glutonfest. Once believed to be magical creatures, sent to carry the offerings to the gods, these creatures are now known as scavengers with hibernation and feeding cycles, based off the Paganistic holidays. After a brief two week, feed and breed season, once they have eaten their fill they return to their homes