Friday, October 24, 2014

A plethora of releases from Daniel Yu!!!

Looking to score some seriously amazing resin creations from none other than Daniel Yu... well, you are in luck because up for grabs in his online store HERE right now is a whole plethora of creations... and we are talking a TON of stuff. All shapes, sizes, colors, and prices... there is literally something for everyone!!! So what are you waiting for, head on over HERE right now to start shopping!

DKE Toys x MOC Joes - DCon 2014 exclusive "Tusken Jones" resin figure release!!!

Look what we have here... the next DKE Toys offering for Designer Con 2014!!! Long ago, in a temple far far away... a run of resin figures from MOC Joes entitled "Tusken Jones". These 3.75" tall figures are limited to just 20 pieces, all hand cast and hand painted by MOC and come packaged on a special backer card. These will be at the DKE Toys booth #126 for $65 a pop!

Super7 x DKE x Scott Wilkowski - Infected "Halloween" Dokuwashi resin figure!

Super7 has teamed up Scott Wilkowski and DKE Toys to release an awesome Infected "Halloween" Dokuwashi resin figure! The 4″ tall spooky spirit totem with ghoulish glowing skeleton insides is going trick-or-treating this halloween! His glow-in-the-Dark resin skeleton is cast suspended in translucent orange resin, creating a uniquely creepy and cute Halloween horror. Available as a made-to-order edition during the week of Halloween, the Infected Halloween Dokuwashi will be offered for pre-sale HERE this coming Monday, October 27th at 12Noon PST through Midnight on Halloween Night, Friday October 31st for $85 a pop!

Nanan1's resin recycled "Urban Lights" robotic lamps... are back!

Last time we saw the work of French artist Gaël Nanan Brienne aka Nanan1, he had created some really amazing new creations for his show "Between Three Universes" at the Annie Wable Gallery, in Lille, France. Now, he is sharing with us his latest figures dubbed "Urban Lights" which are a hybrid of a lamp and a toy... where the body is made of resin and the head is a recycled retro headlight, giving each one it's own personality... and as you can see, they are all super unique! The pieces stand about 13" tall, comes fully handpainted, and work as a lamp... SWEET! I really dig the concept of using a recycled/found object as well as creating a resin body to house that said object... it's genius and the results are fantastic! His latest series is up for grabs HERE right now, so if you dig what you see, go grab one!

Cesar Diaz's custom creations for Dcon 2014!!!

Cesar Diaz of MyCustomations has been working on a ton of new projects as of late, and recently he got his hands on a 3D printer and started to make his own character creations... and in this post you can see a few of his offerings that will be up for grabs at Designer Con 2014! He's calling the series above "ZED". These are resin figures cast from a 3D print and series one consists of 10 2.5" one-of-a-kind figures and will be available at Designer Con booth #706.

Up next is a figure Cesar is calling "The Vampire Milo". It’s a 2.2" resin figure and cast from a 3D print he created. Limited to 10 pieces only, this cheeky little fella will also be up for grabs at Dcon... and we can only assume so many more surprises await!

'FUN GUS' Kickstarter update... with new incentives added!!!

How about a little 'FUN GUS' update... Travis Cain just put up 3 new incentives to his Kickstarter campaign where backers can now get both color ways of each artist edition for $80 per artist set... WHAT?!?! That includes designs from Buff Monster, Frank Kozik, and Jeremyville which means you save $10 over getting both color ways separately... not to mention all the other tier levels available for you to back... so many rewards... and if this gets funded, this figure will be in collectors hands around the world!!! So what are you waiting for... head on over HERE and help make this happen!

JC Rivera x Urban Vinyl Daily x We Are Not Toys - "Dead as Fck: Round 2" custom show during DCon 2014!!!

Urban Vinyl Daily and We Are Not Toys presents the JC Rivera "Dead as Fck: Round 2" custom show at Designer Con 2014. The "Dead as Fck: Round 2" show opens on Saturday, November 8th inside DCon where dozens of beautiful one-of-a-kind customized "Dead as Fck" figures will be available exclusively through Urban Vinyl Daily at their booth #921. The Dead as Fck Champ resin figure was designed by Chicago artist JC Rivera and produced in the USA by We Are Not Toys. Pieces will be for sale on a first-come, first-served basis... and as you can see from some of the image above, these customs are top notch artists involved! Follow #deadasfck on Instagram to see many more images of the pieces in this show... I guess I better get to work on my piece! See you at the con!

"MONSTER MASH" group art show at Boulder Vapor House

Hey Boulder, whatchu got going on tonight??? Well... the Boulder Vapor House is playing host to a group show tonight -Friday, October 24th from 7pm-11pm CST entitled "Monster Mash"!!! This show will feature artwork by: Tru Slithers, Jfish Glass & Glassy Mermaid, Negatron Customs, Invictus IA, Corey M.. William Thompson, Chris Hull, L.E.P Productions, Kay Malouff, Vinni Alfonso, Michael McVoy, TO Designs, Evan Hedges, Gabriel Sanchez Art, Alarment, Labadanzky Unpoliteartmachine, and many more. Oh, and what's better than an art show??? A Halloween party thrown into the mix as well... so show up in your best costume, enjoy the art, and have a great time! If you plan on attending, RSVP via their Facebook event page HERE!

Help Huck Gee decide which "Battle Drone Z" custom Dunny colorway to make!

The previously revealed "Battle Drone Z" custom Dunny is obviously a go, as artist Huck Gee is seeking feedback as to which of the above pictured colorways he should produce. Or, at least, which he should make first. For those that wish to voice their opinion on this roughly 8-inches tall (when completely crouched) resin creation, head over HERE and comment. Those interested in purchasing when available should join Gee's mailing list (form at the bottom of the page), so that they are notified the second these go on sale.

Sanrio × Max Toy Company's "Hello Kitty Kaiju" for JapanLA's Hello Kitty Con Booth!

Part of an official deal with Sanrio, the "Hello Kitty Kaiju" has been made by Max Toy Company for JapanLA to sell only at their Hello Kitty Con Booth! Super limited to only 40 of the pink painted version and 25 of the hot pink unpainted colorway, these are cast in soft Japanese vinyl (sofubi) and will only be available at the convention, which takes place from October 30th until November 2nd, 2014 in Los Angeles. A handful of pieces will be sold each day, to give everyone a fair chance of getting one. And there will be a strict one per person limit!

Slave×one × Monster Worships's hand-painted sofubi "Altar Beast" for DCon!

Spectacular sofvi artist SLAVE×ONE has hand-painted a micro edition of Monster Worship's "Altar Beast" soft Japanese vinyl (sofubi) figure for Designer Con. Each of these 5½-inch tall pieces really embraces the wolfman look of the character, and will be exclusively available from DCon Booth #1130 for $45 apiece.

Art Whore × DLL CUSTOMS's Jesus & E.T. mash-up, "Enkki," rises! In GID Clear Resin!

Josh Griffiths of Art Whore created "Enkki," the "ETJesus," back in 2009 by taking an E.T., The Extra Terrestrial figure and mashing it with a Jesus head. Fast forward to today, when that initial kit-bash has finally been transformed into a resin cast art toy! Courtesy of DLL CUSTOMS, a.k.a. Derrick "LOGLOG" Lauglaug, an initial run of 10 pieces cast in glow-in-the-dark clear resin have been made. With header art by Giles (Fat Ankle), these pieces will be released before the end of 2014! Follow Art Whore on Instagram to be kept up-to-date on this fantastic release, though we imagine a second colorway will be in the offering soon after!

Don P's "Dopey" custom using Fuller Designs's "Lil' Jammie" resin figure!

"Dopey" is one of those damned dirty apes that you keep hearing about… Sitting around, taking a toke or two, lazying in his pajamas, wearing his Rastafari knit cap, you know the type! Perfectly executed by extreme sculptor and fantastic customizer Don P, this one-of-a-kind creation uses FullerDesigns's 2½-inch tall (and 2-inch wide) "Lil’ Jammie" resin figure as the base. While the availability of this piece is unclear, we do believe that Don P is currently accepting new commissioned custom requests; if you'd like one of his fantastic works, taylor made to your preferences, then please contact the artist directly HERE.

Mystery Solved! Street artist Benzilla × Pobber Toys's release coming VERY soon!

When we first revealed the above photo, I couldn't place who Pobber Toys was collaborating with and now — with the below picture — it's obviously street artist Benzilla! If you're familiar with his art then it's actually very obvious… how silly I feel for not recognizing it earlier. Pobber seem to be saying that this will debut in 2014, so keep your eyes open for more reveals and announcements!

The Super Sucklord's "Peanuts Panelz" has Peppermint Patty in Boba Fett's mask!

The Super Sucklord's "Gay Empire: Licorice Leslie" returns in her original pink colorway, though this time she is donning a silver Boba Fett mask. These mash-ups of the bounty hunter from George Lucas's Star Wars with Peppermint Patty from Charles "Sparky" Schultz's Peanuts will each be housed on an original Peanuts comic strip, cut out from aging newspapers and mounted on wooden boards. Calling them "Peanuts Panelz," in reference to his own "Suck Panels" releases, The Sucklord promises that "these are gonna be affordable as hell!" Expected to sell out quicker than you can say 'Good Grief,' these will be released today (Friday, October 24th, 2014) in The Suckhole Sweatshop "Storefront"; those interested should follow Sucklord's Instagram feed for announcement of release time.
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