Friday, November 28, 2014

Tomenosuke x Munky King x Joe Ledbetter - "Snow Monkey" exclusive colorway!!!

We showed off a few new versions HERE and HERE of artist Joe Ledbetter's Good Morning Sunshine figure... and today, we are getting word about a brand new version... introducing "Snow Monkey", an exclusive vinyl figure release from Japan based designer toy shop and producer, Tomenosuke! Produced by Munky King, this particular colorway is an edition of 100 pieces and features a fun cool blue and silver color scheme! Holding a cup of joe (get it??) with the words "Life's A Beach" across it, this figure also comes with the companion bird spouting off about an oncoming storm... love this version! These will be released HERE this coming Monday, December 1st at 11am JST for around $120 a pop. Will you be adding him to your collection?!?!

Ron English × BlackBook Toy - "Big Boner (MYTH Edition)" sofubi figure for Black Friday!!!

The Ron English designed and T9G sculpted "Big Boner" will be issued in the "MYTH" Japanese vinyl colorway... an exclusive release for Black Friday from Blackbook Toy!!! Standing 8.3-inches tall, these fantastic figures will be limited in quantity and are exclusively available from BlackBook Toy for around $82 a pop! Featuring clear sofubi with black painted insides along with a gold and gloss rub on the outter surface, these are super slick looking! Head on over HERE now to snag one up!

The Toy Mafia's "Hedorah Lepreskar" Black Friday release!!!

"What is the "Lepreskar?" While some say it was born in hellfire and left to rot in a field of disease, we do know that it is the perfect addition to any maggot infested collection of plastic joy! Mottled with patches of oozing flesh, the Toy Mafia name appears twisted into the back of the head!" At roughly 6.5" tall, 7" long, and 5" wide, the life-size "Lepreskar" skull will be available from Black Friday through Cyber Monday in a special, made-to-order "Hedorah" (or Smog Monster) edition from Clutter Magazine!!! Made of rotocast resin and inspired by the look of the classic kaiju, this piece is coated in black rubber and finished with a clear rubber film, creating a unique tactile and visual experience!m Limited to 15 pieces, these are up for grabs HERE for $80 apiece! Each one of these special edition pieces is completely hand-made and finished, coming bagged with a header card.

"Father Geekmas" & "Benjamin WinterBottom" figures from UME Toys!!!

Alongside the release of "Benjamin WinterBottom" (bottom photo) next Monday (1st Dec - 9:00pm London time) Richard Page of UME Toys has busy creating some one off UME customs to celebrate the season, and above is the first full reveal, "Father Geekmas" (top photo)! This gruff little fella rocking that classic red Christmas garb will be available HERE at the same time Benjamin is launched. So if you fancy owning a one of a kind GeekWok custom, here's your chance. Keep your eyes peeled for more customs coming soon from Rich... that guy doesn't sleep!

"Satin White" MASSIVE 18" CheTrooper resin bust... up for grabs NOW!!!

Posted HERE just a few months ago, we showed off the massive 18" - soon to be resin - "CheTrooper" bust from UrbanMedium... and now, the very first run of resin busts are up for grabs, just in time for the holidays!!! This classic figure from UM looks great on a larger scale, and will fit in perfectly with other larger busts that have been released from other artists in the designer toy art scene! Limited to 15 total pieces, each "Satin White" bust is signed and numbered by the artist, and includes UrbanMedium large-format stickers and is boxed securely for US or International shipping. Head on over HERE right now and snag one of these massive art sculptures for $650... oh, and did we mention... it weighs a whopping 9.2lbs?!?!? So BIG and so FANTASTIC!!!

"Blackout" Moneygrip micro-run from kaNO!!!

Moneygrip, the awesome vinyl figure designed by kaNO, is back in black on Black Friday! These custom "Blackout" hand painted pieces are a limited edition of just 10, and each piece is hand painted by the artist in flat black, and features glossy accents throughout the figure. All pieces come signed and numbered... and are up for grabs HERE right now for just $85... don't sleep ;-)

BLAMO TOYS holiday sale announced!!!

Looking for that SUPER unique gift or item for your own personal collection, well... the folks over at Blamo have just that, AND, they are having one heck of a sale to boot!!! Starting TODAY, Black Friday, they are offering up 20% off all onesies... then tomorrow for Small Business Saturday, you can get 20% off all jewelry and accessories, and then on Cyber Monday, you can score 20% off all toy art!!! Something for everyone... so head on over HERE right now to plan your attack, and happy shopping!

Thursday, November 27, 2014

HAPPY THANKSGIVING from all of us at SpankyStokes!!!

Today is a day that most Americans take time to reflect on what they are thankful for... me personally I am thankful for my wife and daughter, my friends, my family, for God, and for all of you who support what we do here on a daily basis. I feel truly blessed. Please take some time today to enjoy those around you, give out some hugs, and spread the love... oh and watch as much football as possible and eat copious amounts of food :-) Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

"Turkey, Cheetos, and Beer" Holiday Sale from Leecifer!!!

Have you ever wanted to pick up a custom by Leecifer but just didn't have the cash on hand... well, no more excuses as Lee put up for grabs in his online store a serious helping of custom figures, one-off hand paints, resin art multiples, and all around awesomeness for you to purchase. Oh, and did we mention they are all available for super discounted prices?!?! Yes... some fantastic items are up for grabs HERE right now, so stop eating mashed potatoes with your fingers and go snag up some rad art!

DeKorner's holiday weekend SUPER SALE!!!

DeKorner is having a holiday weekend SUPER SALE on their site and starting tomorrow, November 27th and running until Monday, December 1st you can snag up a whole slew of items store wide discounted up to 50%!!! Also, they have announced special "Mystery Boxes" where if purchases, you get double the value you pay, meaning a $50 box will have $100+ worth of items in it... ohhh yeah! Head on over HERE and get shopping!

Mystery Micro-MAD*L resin blind bags announced for Black Friday!!!

Jeremy "MAD" Madl just announced his own special Black Friday sale... and for it, a brand new run of ‪‎blindbag‬ resin ‎MicroMAD*L‬'s will be ripe for the picking! Limited to 30 pieces and available HERE at 12AM CST, be sure to snag one up... which one are you hoping to get??? Oh, and be on the lookout for even more Black Friday sales and exclusives from MAD!!!

Carson Catlin offers up an AWESOME sale for Black Friday!

Carson Catlin decided to have a little sale of his own this holiday season, and for it Carson opened the remainder of his 40 blind boxes and put up for grabs what's left... not to mention an awesome 35% off and a free gift goes to the first 10 customers!!! The sale starts HERE on 11.28 at 12am and will concluded on 12.2 at 12am... don't miss out!

Good For You Toys 1st Annual Black Friday sale announced!!!

Good For You Toys is stoked to announce their 1st Annual Black Friday sale... and it's a great one! $10 off all their bootlegs! So now people can bring home a creepy Predator with them for the Holidays for only $35, a Princess Hildy for only $45, or a custom Django Uncloned sticker packs with 4 hand colored and detailed Django Fetts and a collection of their promo stickers for only $10! Oh, and they're bringing back a handful of "Oh Man, I Shot Marvin in the Face" figures on the down low for only $35!!! These have stuffing stockers written all over them, and of course, the sale is for one day only... so don't sleep on these awesome deals! Hit up their store HERE this Friday!

ESC Toys BLACK FRIDAY sale announced!!!

Erick Scarecrow and his crew over at ESC Toys have just announced a whole slew of Black Friday exclusives... all of them will be available HERE at the ESC Shop on 11/28/14 at 12am EST. So what's there to be had??? Well... as you can see in the above photo, some new resin figures, customs and even some prints. All the pieces and more are already up in their online store HERE right now for you to go check out... just make sure to set your alarms for the golive time posted above!

"Mossy Kappa" & "Stegoforest Rider" need your help!!!

Jesse Narens has just announced that he has 2 new toys that he is adding to the 'Stegoforest' world that he has already created... the "Mossy Kappa" and "Stegoforest Rider". The new kappa is about 3.5" tall and 2" long... and as you can see, fit right into Jesse's already created 'Stegoforest' figure! Oh... and he is looking to all of YOU to get these made as he has launched a crowd funding campaign to raise funds for the production! Some of the rad perks include: Kappas, Stego Riders, Acorn Warriors and Stegoforests, painted and unpainted in exclusive colors... also up for grabs will be Stegoforest shirts just for this campaign. So head on over HERE right now to help get these figures made!
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