Mighty Jaxx presents: Takoyaki-San by Super Kaiju Corps!!!

"Once a renowned takoyaki master, Takoyaki-San hasn’t been the same since the incident. Now he spends most of his time sulking in the dingiest bars, surrounded by salarymen." What incident was that? Takoyaki-San does not wish to elaborate further, either because it was too traumatic, or he's a silent-drunk. Anyway, the folks over at Mighty Jaxx still love Takoyaki-San, and they proudly present him as the latest kaiju in the Super Kaiju Corps family.

This 6" sofubi art figure looks just like a regular takoyaki, a ball-shaped Japanese snack made of wheat-flour based batter and filled with diced octopus bits. The only difference is that he has a silly face, stumpy legs and unfortunately no arms. Featuring yummy burnt-bits, takoyaki sauce and even a handy toothpick, Takoyaki-San is almost delicious yet far from edible. We are not sure whether he's friends with Tempura-San. Releasing HERE this Saturday, June 30th at 7am PST for $99 a pop, this pre-order edition will be limited to 150 pieces and is set to ship Q4 of 2018!

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