Kidrobot Plush Guts 8" Dunny Review and Unboxing!

We can see your insides! Just to be clear, this Dunny isn't afraid to show you what its made of... You’ve seen his bones, now it’s time to see his guts! Kidrobot is ready to give you an inside look at what makes a Dunny tick with the new limited edition Plush Guts 8” Dunny Art Figure by Kidrobot. Designed by Johnny Draco in a post-pop style, this Dunny is ready to give your collection a bit of heart, brains and GUTS! Limited to 1000 pieces worldwide and retailing for $50... this now SOLD OUT Dunny is just what the doctor ordered.

We got an advanced copy of this and love how it turned out. The 8" clear ABS body is real cool... and although we can do without the seam-line and attachment points, we understand why this needs to happen and give it a pass. The super clever innards of plush are a very nice touch, one that we have never seen before and Johnny Draco really did a stellar job of conceptualizing this as well as Kidrobot on executing the production... really fantastic. Oh, and it's no surprise this sold out already, seeing as that $50 price tag was a HUGE selling point. Check out our video above... we give it a once over and give you all a great look at this from all angles and while you are at it, please LIKE and SUBSCRIBE to our channel.

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