Photo Recap: ToyCon UK 2019!!!

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Our friend and contributor to this site, Nick Andrews (Toy Art UK), was on hand at ToyCon UK 2019 this year and took a whole mess of amazing photos for us... and as you can see, there was no shortage of awesome! Although I was not able to attend, Nick mentions "It was a great show with a real positive vibe around all the artists. Attendance and sales seemed really good, with Sunday being surprisingly busy bearing in mind it was also Mothering Sunday... and there were many more customs available this year, which made it more of a makers show - truly impressive pieces at every booth" - and yes, just by looking at all the photos in the slideshow above, it appears to be that way for sure! Do yourself a favor, scroll through and enjoy all the snaps from Nick - ToyCon 2020 looks to be ready to roll, so start making arrangements today!