*ON SITE* Creepshow - Sofubi group art show Leeds, United Kingdom!!!

So I went to my first Sofubi show, and there was a LOT to take in. This show was in my hometown of Leeds which is in the county of Yorkshire in the U.K. - so it was a show I really had to go to for many reasons. The show took place at Art Official which is a great shop that sells artwork, magazines, books, paint, pens, markers, clothing and records so was a really perfect space to display any Art Toy exhibition.

The exhibition was put together by Secret Demon Services (a U.K. based artist) and the work they managed to pull together for this event was quite stunning. Please do bear in mind I know very little about the world of Sofubi and there is SO much to know. What I can tell you is the Sofubi I saw at the Creepshow was completely mind-blowing and the level of professionalism applied to the creation of these figures across the board is stunning.

The fact that these are produced in small numbers, often by artisan manufacturers, gives them an instant cachet that is reflected in the scarcity and often the pricing of the individual figures. This is me explaining a very VERY complex toy collecting world in simple terms that I can understand, so if you are one of the Sofubi denizens who are phenomenally passionate about your collections...please bear with me while I learn.

The paintwork alone had my head spinning as there are colours on the Sofubi figures at the Creepshow that you simply do not see on other art toys generally. From the simple one colour finishes to the most complex, I am seeing a lot of colours and use of colours which are simply breathtaking.

I am going to publicly congratulate Secret Demon Services for managing to get all of this incredible work from around the world into this space in Leeds. They have dealt with artists from all over the world (many of them at the very top of the Sofubi world) and have managed to bring together a collection which for a first event is extremely impressive. We can only hope that this is the first of many shows and that people continue to get behind Secret Demon Services in supporting their future efforts.

There was contributions from many artists, and we will let the photos do the talking so that you can see what we saw - here is a list of the artists whose work was at this stunner of a show: Paul Kaiju, Le Merde, Splurrt, Mutant Vinyl Hardcore, Secret Demon Service, Violence Toy, Awesome Toy, Leeeeeetoy, Krotpong, Mecha Virus Co, Trutek, Choke Hazard, STKL Toys, DRWGCO, Monster Foot Creation, Guumon, Terrible Whore, Grizzli Atom, Rotten Studio, Kearjun, Kaiju Tan and Slavexone. Check out the full photo album below!

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