Broke Piggy announces "Toy Within A Toy" Dunny release for Dcon 2016!!!

The folks over at Broke Piggy have just release another teaser for an upcoming Dcon release... and this one has us intrigued! Obviously, it's just a teaser flyer, the vector file will be released next week... but we have really good deduction skills and can probably guess it'll be similar to HYB (hold your breath) format, where The Bots work on submitted designs by other artists (Tolleson, Uamou, and Ketner). The Ketner design looks to be some sort of "tori gate" on top of an Asian themed design... and the fact that it's called "Toy within a toy" we can only assume that there will be a smaller toy inside the 8" Dunny... similar to the popular 3" submersible HYB design (pictured in last years interview HERE)! More reveals soon... but this is gonna be rad!

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