It might not be Laika, but it is… Han Ning's "Space Dog" (in three versions)!!!

Back in 1957, the Russian's sent a dog into space, named Laika, and while Chinese artist Han Ning might not be directly interpretating that canine it probably was a bit of an inspiration for "Space Dog." Previously seen as a companion to his "Space Boy" figure, the 2" × 1⅕" × 2" resin art toy returns in three very different versions:
  1. Qiu qiu: a blue colored interpretation with completely frosted space helmet, a cartoonish face painted on the exterior;
  2. Da wang: the yellow rendition features a simple, iconic representation of a toothy mouth on the helmet, the dog's otherwise benign appearance underneath; and
  3. Xiao tian: the iteration in pink with a multi-colored unicorn horn sprouting forth from his helmet!
Yes, it's another fantastic piece from this up-and-coming art toy creator! While not available in Ning's online shop at the time of this writing, those interested should contact him directly — hanning0564 [at] sina [dot] com — to inquire about pricing and availability.

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